This is what many define as an “invasion”: DHS released nearly 100,000 illegal immigrants into America in just one month


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US-MEXICO BORDER- Whether we like it or not, we are currently experiencing an invasion. And unfortunately for our country, the government is not only standing by and letting it happen, they are actually active participants. And no, we’re not talking about Vladimir Putin and Russia.

The invasion we are talking about is occurring at our southern border.

During a recent House Judiciary Committee hearing, the feckless, inept Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas admitted as much under questioning from Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), where he testified DHS has “operational control” over the border.

As David Horowitz writing in The Blaze notes, Mayorkas wasn’t lying. DHS is deliberately allowing an invasion at our southern border, so from that perspective, Mayorkas is 100% correct. They are “operationally controlling” a purposeful invasion of the United States of America by foreigners.

According to The Blaze, DHS is releasing in excess of 100,000 illegal aliens per month into the interior United States. And that is just the ones they know about…it doesn’t include the number of “got-aways” who sneak into the United States either undetected or who escape Customs and Border Patrol agents.

If we had a Congress that gave a crap about our country, they would have long ago impeached Mayorkas for his ineptitude. Then again, he is doing exactly as Congressional Democrats and the Biden administration want him to do.

Based on the numbers of known illegals entering the country, that would total over 1.2 million over a twelve month period. We all know the numbers are much higher than that. Simply put, this is not sustainable.

And it cannot wait until a hoped-for “red wave” takes over Congress in November, and it certainly cannot wait for Joe Biden to be sent off to an old-age home in 2025. As Horowitz urges, red states, including Arizona and Texas need to take action now.

According to one of the only reporters who has been showing the truth about our borders, Fox News Channel’s Bill Melugin, DHS recently acknowledged in a court document that CBP and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has released or paroled some 95,318 illegal aliens just last month alone.

Worse yet, this has been going on for the eighteen-plus months Biden has been in office so do the math. And they are being sent far and wide across the country, to big cities and small towns. They are likely coming to a town near you.

Clearly this is not sustainable. Two and one-half years more of this cannot be absorbed by our country, not in the midst of Biden’s economic meltdown. That is why it is vital for at least Arizona and Texas, both run by Republican governors, to secure their border now.

While the Biden administration attempts to make the case that these invaders are only from Mexico or one of the “triangle” countries, that is a complete lie. They are coming from dozens of countries around the globe, including countries that are state supporters of terrorism.

A number of individuals on terror watch lists have been apprehended at the border. It is easy to assume that there are an equal number (if not more) who weren’t caught. And that should scare the daylights out of all right-thinking Americans who don’t have a “D” after their political affiliation.

As far as the so-called “gotaways,” they typically pay Mexican cartels large sums of money because they likely have criminal records. Melugin said it is estimated some 445,837 gotaways snuck into the country during the first eight months of FY-2022, with over 800,000 sneaking into the country since the beginning of FY-2021.

As The Blaze notes, there have been over three million apprehensions of illegal aliens since Biden took office, with nearly half scattered about the United States, along with 800,000 known gotaways.

Horowitz noted that in just one weekend in just one border sector, CBP arrested a murderer, a rapist and nine gang members. It is fairly easy to make the connection that a majority of people such as this are not caught and find themselves among the 800,000 gotaways. It is not a stretch to estimate those numbers are in fact much higher.

So one might wonder, how does CBP account for the number of gotaways. It’s basically not an exact science, however they are counted from among a number of Aerostat blimps equipped with sensors and from agents counting footprints in the ground and adding them to hits they get on cameras and sensors. They are then compared against apprehension numbers.

One veteran agent told The Blaze that he knows for a fact that the number of gotaways is actually lowballed and all gotaways are not being counted.

“To begin with, the ‘cutting sign,’ which means counting the footprints on the gotaways, is often difficult because the guides will often brush out the signs, walk in hard-packed areas, or travel in thick brush, caliche [hard rock], or on hard-paved roads.”

In other words, those cases represent the number of unknown gotaways. The agent also told the outlet that there are gotaways who are simply not recorded.

“There are thousands that are known but are either NOT recorded or placed in a different category in order to lower the number of gotaways, i.e. non-violations,’ no arrest, and unresolved detection. This may be a surprise, however: Since the Trump administration, we have been fudging our numbers in the Rio Grande Valley and literally erasing foot sign.”

Add to all of this the extremely low morale among CBP agents and add to that the fact that despite zero evidence supporting the contention, Biden administration hacks are taking action against horseback agents who were falsely accused of “whipping” Haitians in the Del Rio sector last summer.

The agents were completely exonerated in an investigation, yet the Biden administration is still seeking to punish them. That has led to agents simply standing down and refusing to do their jobs, since the government does nothing about it.

According to a DHS Border Security Metrics Report from 2019:

“While USBP has reliable administrative data on apprehensions, the Department does not have an exact count of unlawful entry attempts since an unknown number of illegal border crossers evade detection. As a result of this so-called ‘denominator problem,’ the Department must estimate the apprehension rate.”

So basically, that means there are likely over 50,000 or so gotaways each month, a given since the cartels know the Biden administration has little if any interest in doing anything to control the chaos at the border. It is inconceivable the number of criminals who will infiltrate our cities and towns due to Biden’s malfeasance concerning the border.

Since the federal government refuses to do their job as outlined in the Constitution, it is therefore incumbent upon the states to do something, be it deport illegal aliens themselves or seek out and remove gotaways.

Arizona’s Republican Party chairperson Kelly Ward has suggested Arizona follow the lead of another red state, Florida, and create a state guard. Texas already has one, however Gov. Greg Abbott needs to grow a spine and direct them to the border, to actively interdict and deport criminal illegal aliens.

The state guard would be citizens who would sign up to protect their respective states and the country by defending US borders, not borders in foreign countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has called upon Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to send the invaders back to Mexico where they came from.

‘What Texas needs to do is just send them [illegal immigrants] back across the border,” DeSantis said at a recent press conference. “Who cares what the Feds are saying? They aren’t doing their job.

“Texas shouldn’t let them come across the border to begin with. They just walk right across the river,” DeSantis added. “No one is stopping them.”

America’s governor has also offered to send help to Texas, Arizona and other border states if they so request it.

Arizona’s constitution does indeed authorize the governor to establish a new state guard “for the safety and protection of the lives and property of the citizens of the state.” Clearly, Arizona, along with Texas is clearly under attack and Ducey appears to be well within his authority to establish a new state guard.

It’s clear as day that neither Mayorkas nor Biden are going to do anything to protect our country.

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