Georgia opens investigation into ballot harvesting claims – something that’s totally illegal in the state


ATLANTA, GA – Georgia’s Secretary of State, who had previously been praised by Democrats for withstanding pressure from former President Donald Trump to recalculate vote totals during the 2020 election, has opened an investigation into the state’s 2020 general election and subsequent U.S. Senate runoff amid claims of ballot harvesting.

Georgia law states that it is illegal for any third party to pick up and drop off ballots for voters.

According to a complaint filed with the Secretary of State by True the Vote on November 30, at least 242 people made over 5,000 ballot drop-offs during the Georgia Senate runoff elections.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said:

“Credible evidence was given to us that people were harvesting ballots. This information was provided to us, and they said there’s a witness, a ‘John Doe.’ And so, we’re looking at subpoenaing that person to get the information.”

On an episode of the John Solomon Reports podcast, Raffensperger added:

“We’ve actually prosecuted people for ballot harvesting. I’ve had several cases come before me on the state election board. So, we do have some information and we’re going to investigate that.”

True the Vote, a conservative vote-monitoring organization based in Houston, Texas, conducted an investigation and turned evidence over to Georgia officials.

The evidence reportedly includes phone data correlated with video that shows individuals dropping ballots at 5,662 ballot drops during the 2020 pandemic.

Breitbart News reported about the True the Vote evidence in August, but Gov. Brian Kemp (R) decided not to investigate the matter. Breitbart wrote:

“In other words, what the document says is that True the Vote was able to take cell phone ping data on a mass wide scale and piece together that several people—suspected ballot harvesters—were making multiple trips to multiple drop boxes, raising potential legal questions in a number of these states.”

Georgia opens investigation into ballot harvesting claims - something that's totally illegal in the state

Raffensperger, who is seeking reelection in 2022,  has now opened an investigation. He stated:

“We do have some information. And we are going to investigate that. We did deploy drop boxes that were under 24/7 surveillance, and because they were then that really, you know, can indicate who dropped that information off, and we’re really just going through that.

“If people give us, you know, credible allegations, we want to make sure that we do. And we have that right now as an ongoing investigation.”

Raffensperger faced intense pressure from the Trump administration to investigate reported election fraud during the 2020 presidential election.

Then-President Donald Trump, who lost the election in Georgia by just 12,000 votes, called the Secretary of State following the presidential election vote-counting demanding he look into fraud claims.

Trump pressured Raffensperger to conduct audits to prove his allegations, arguing they would show election fraud and swing the vote total, making him the winner in Georgia instead of now-President Joe Biden.

The secretary of state’s office did not review video footage from the drop boxes after the 2020 election, but a statistical analysis from the federally funded research center Mitre Labs found “no suspicious indicators of ballot harvesting,” Raffensperger said.

Raffensperger said his office is considering asking the State Elections Board to issue subpoenas to secure evidence such as the names of suspected ballot harvesters:

“That will be one of the processes we’re looking at if we have people that don’t want to come forward for whatever concern, because we really need to get to the bottom of it.

“We just can’t let it sit there and lie. So, if it comes to that, then that’s probably the next step that we’d be looking at.”

In August, former President Trump commented on the True to  Vote investigation and evidence:

“This is a big deal. This is a big deal. I know, I’ve been hearing about it. Voter ID is very important. Georgia’s new law is not strong. Texas’s new law is strong. Georgia’s new law is not strong because the governor of Georgia didn’t want it to be strong. It’s better than it was, but it’s not strong.

“Frankly, going to paper ballots is better than anything you can do — paper ballots. Going to paper ballots. You know, Canada uses paper ballots. I think going to paper ballots would be the best thing if you want to have accurate elections.”

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LET Unity

Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee hires radical pushing to abolish police and ICE

December 31, 2021


The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the author, a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

WASHINGTON, DC- Figured it out yet? The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is full of anti-American radicals. Law Enforcement Today has reported several times on the radicals who have been given high-level positions in the fundraising apparatus for House members. Another day, another radical.

Breitbart reports that RaeAnn Ensworth, an anti-police radical who has been hired by the DCCC as an “email strategist” has supported the abolition of police departments, while claiming her “life’s mission” is to abolish the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, according to a report from Fox News.

In a tweet which has been since deleted, Ensworth said:

“To clarify: I did originally support 8Can’tWaitbecause I didn’t do the research when I originally shared it,” she wrote last June 8, speaking of a police reform advocacy group called 8Can’tWait. “I assumed 8Can’tWait would divert funding from the police. It doesn’t, in fact it ADDS money to their budget.”

“I have always supported abolition,” she added.

Meanwhile in September 2020 she said that a Google search of her would include a query on how to “burn down a police station.” Sounds like a charmer.

“Google always does that video, ‘This year you asked…’ and then put top Google results,” she tweeted. “It’s going to be like ‘This year you asked ‘How to burn down a police station?’”

Continuing her unhinged, anti-police rants, Ensworth said in August 2020 claimed police don’t support the communities they serve, and used the anti-police acronym ACAB—“All Cops are Bastards”—when she referred to police in a post just this past October.

“ACAB but I call the cops if an establishment doesn’t sell Twin Snakes TM”

Ensworth has also called for the abolition of prisons, sharing a picture of a letter from a prisoner and tweeting:

“Impossible to read this and not have your heart break. Abolish prisons.”

Further back in 2019, Ensworth said she wanted to abolish ICE, saying it was her “life’s mission to abolish ICE,” coming after a VOX news story came out which stated, “ICE used fake universities to weed out student visa fraud.”

Last August, Ensworth responded to a tweet about garbage men “dress[ing] like a fake general” in New York City by tweeting:

“okay but they actually deserve this because they actually serve their community unlike the police.”

The hiring of Ensworth is just another in a long line of questionable hires by the DCCC, which is headed by Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY), a point not lost on the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), Mike Berg.

“It’s disgraceful that Sean Patrick Maloney continues to use his position as DCCC Chairman to push his anti-police agenda on our country.”

Fox reached out to the DCCC to ask if Ensworth’s social media was vetted, however received no response. Fox News said Ensworth has apparently set her Twitter account to private after Fox reached out for comment. In addition, Ensworth deleted “No one is illegal” from her Facebook intro.

As previously reported by Law Enforcement Today, in December noting the DCCC’s “digital strategist,” Nijeria Boone has previously favored “abolishing the police,” and referred to police officers as “terrorists.”

Another radical hired by the DCCC is a woman named Kristin Slevin, who previously worked for far-left Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) over the past few election cycles.

Hired as its new chief of staff, Slevin asked for people to continue “raising hell” after the Minneapolis City Council vowed to disband that city’s police department.

Finally, another radical, Dyjuan Tatro, a former street gang member, was hired early in 2021 as it’s “senior adviser for strategic outreach.” Tatro was convicted some ten years ago for shooting two rival gang members.

After the storming of the US Capitol last January, Tatro referred to police as “white supremacists” and had previously referred to looting as “protests against systemic racism” in 2020.

But hey, these radical loons fit right into the Democratic Party.



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