ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – An Albuquerque police officer sustained a gash on his head after an unidentified woman smashed him with her purse containing a rock. The police were concerned that she was released by a judge on her own recognizance without positively identifying her.

The incident happened in front of a Nob Hill business last week when police were called to check on her.

An officer noticed the woman lying prostrate on the sidewalk in front of a business with her hand down the front of her pants. He asked her to remove her hand from the clothing to determine if she was concealing anything.

The woman refused to obey and even threatened the officer at one point saying “…you’re gonna end up dead because you’re not APD and you keep harassing me…”

The officer patiently asked her one more time and she became hostile, grabbed her purse and bashed the officer in the head.

The attack left a gash on the officer’s scalp because the purse had a large rock in it.

The woman was arrested but she didn’t give her name. As the police couldn’t charge her without a name, the judge released her as ‘Jane Doe,’ a decision that police were concerned about.

“He could’ve sustained some serious injuries, more than just a gash in his head. We’re just concerned that she was released with little or no consequences at this point basically,” said Officer Tanner Tixier of the Albuquerque Police Department. There was no mention whether her fingerprints were run through a computer database for identification.

The officer is back on duty after being treated and having four staples to close the wound.

Police aren’t sure if the woman was drunk or mentally ill, but they have an idea who she is. Once they are certain, the woman will face felony charges for the crime.

Photo Albuquerque Police Department