‘Thin Blue Line’ Labeled ‘White Nationalist’ by Left Wing Extremist

I woke up yesterday and sat on the side of the bed for a few moments. I needed to feel the aches and pains that prove I’m still alive and kicking. Once the blood got flowing I made my way to the kitchen and put on my pot of coffee. I’m not human until the coffee kicks in. With a cup of dark roast, I sat at my desk and began my morning computer ritual. I check my email, log in and see how many books I sold over night, check my Facebook page and then I check a blog named Second City Cop.

I like to check it each morning because like a Marine, once a cop always a cop. It’s much like taking the temperature of the department. It lets me know the current issues with the officer on the street. This morning, the first item on the blog is a poster. It appears to be from a left-wing group. This poster warns the citizens of Boston to be on the lookout for Alt-Right groups bearing certain symbols. There in the middle of the page are two symbols near and dear to me.

They list the Thin Blue Line and Thin Blue Line Flag as White Nationalist / Neo-Nazi / Alt-Right. I don’t know the other groups so I can’t tell you whether they belong on the page or not.

I am outraged and insulted. The Thin Blue Line is a tribute to all police officers who have died in the line of duty. The Thin Blue Line flag is a symbol of the thin blue line of police officers protecting the citizens from the criminal element.

Blue symbolizes more than our uniforms. It’s the idea we’re not black or white or Hispanic or Asian. We’re police officers and we bleed blue. Look at photos of the officers killed or wounded in the line of duty this last year. There’s no racial preference. Every ethnicity wears our uniforms. We’re a cross section of the society we live in. We become the thin blue line holding back the criminals.


The creator of this poster wants you to look on this symbol and the people who wear it as racists and fascists.

I was raised to be constructive, not destructive. Build things, not tear them down. I was raised to follow the laws and to have a moral compass. I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the need for laws. I wasn’t taught to hate and destroy. I guess today I’m a dinosaur.

I write about tradition and honor. The Thin Blue Line is all about tradition and honor. Those who are part of it will stand up against those who seek to harm others. They’ll step in and protect those that can’t protect themselves. They’ll ensure the laws are followed and they’ll keep the peace.

Now if you are reading this article and you’re a police officer or family member then you understand and share my outrage. If you are not a part of the thin Blue Line this might be confusing. Please understand, the Thin Blue Line represents all that is good about this country’s police. It represents the officers who race to the sound of gunfire. It represents the officers who direct traffic in snowstorms and hurricanes. It represents the officers who catch the burglar coming out of your garage at night with an arm full of your power tools.

This poster, from violence-prone left-wing extremists, wants to group me and my fellow officers with violence-prone right-wing extremists. I’m hurt and insulted by the accusations. Sadly, in the last few days, I’ve been called a fascist and Neo-Nazi because I failed to support the Antifa ideology. That’s right I don’t feel I have the right to physically attack and tear down property that doesn’t belong to me. I always believed I should prevent that sort of behavior.

I admit this article isn’t up to my regular standards. It may be a little jumbled. I think that’s due to the emotions this poster stirred up. I’m mad and would love to lash out attacking the people responsible. I won’t because I know that not the right thing to do. I was raised better. Who raised these people and how did we get to this point? Where is their moral compass?

I took a break while writing this article. On Facebook, I found a post from a black gentleman who announced he retired today from the Milwaukee police department. There are over 100 LIKES and too many comments congratulating him to count. He ended his post with words that the Thin Blue Line needs to remember, “Brothers and sisters stay safe. And remember no matter what anyone says we are still the GOOD guys. Be proud of that. Be safe everyone. Watch your 6.”

Please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom. I want to hear your feedback on this. Additionally, please LIKE this and SHARE it on your Facebook timeline. Talk about it with your family and friends. Let your non-police friends know how you feel. Like the man said, “We are still the good guys.”

Robert Weisskopf is a retired Chicago police lieutenant. In thirty years, he rose from police officer to sergeant, to lieutenant, serving every role in patrol with 18 months detailed to the Department of Housing and Urban Development leading a team for narcotics enforcement. He became a member of the Lieutenants Union. He served as its’ president for six years negotiating two contracts. He also served as vice president of the Illinois Police Benevolent Protective Association. He’s a divorced father with three sons.