Thief steals phone from dying Air Force veteran, leaves her behind on the street. Find him.


ST LOUIS, MO – A 64-year-old Air Force veteran was out for a jog on October 18th when she suddenly collapsed. A passerby by, instead of rendering any aid or calling an ambulance, reportedly stole her cell phone and left her there to die after falling.

Now, those who are fond of and remember this veteran are still trying to come to terms with her passing and being left to die in such a cold manner.

Jacquelyn Olden had suffered what appears to be a heart attack when she was going for a jog on October 18th, which is what led to her collapsing and later dying in the Soulard area of St. Louis.

The Air Force veteran had previously served during Operation Desert Storm and was in the works of organizing a Veterans Day ceremony at her local church.

Sadly, she’s now unable to see her plans come to fruition.

Pastor Adam Medina said of Olden’s passing:

“We’re still kind of in shock over the whole thing…She was a firecracker. She had a lot of energy she used to give to everybody. She loved the idea of community.”

Video from the moments after Olden fell to the ground while out on her jog showcase the male suspect approaching her body to then only pilfer her cellphone and walk away from her as she died on that sidewalk.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department released the surveillance footage captured from the incident in hopes that someone may be able to help identify the at large suspect in the robbery. Pastor Medina, having witnessed the video himself, was all the more distraught over the suspect making it look as though he was going to help Olden before robbing her:

“The person had stopped to ya know, made it look like they were trying to help but didn’t and actually picked up her cellphone and stole it and didn’t offer to help… What happened to the good Samaritan?”

Commenting on how Olden would likely want those who miss and loved her, Pastor Medina stated:

“She would want everybody to keep persevering with a smile. She loved everybody.”

Prior to Olden’s passing, she’d once worked at the Rossman School and had retied in May of this year. In a statement released by the school remarking on her death, the following was written:

“For seven years, her bright smile and positive spirit were an encouragement to all who entered the Dining Room, and she modeled strength of character and bravery to our students when she shared stories of her service in the Air Force during last year’s Veterans Day assembly.”

“Mrs. Olden was a true role model, a dear friend and an esteemed colleague. We are heartbroken. She will be missed tremendously.”

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While this miscreant didn’t even bother to call 911 for this woman, we have amazing police officers in Aurora, Colorado that are going above and beyond for those who proudly served our country. 


AURORA, CO – In what could not only be coined as a violent crime, but also one involving immense loss, an Army veteran had his dog stolen from him at gunpoint.

While Aurora Police have been looking to track down the veteran’s missing dog – they also decided to help out this member of their community another way.

Oberoro Stinnett is the 61-year-old veteran who had his black and white boxer lab stolen from him at gunpoint on August 15th while he was in Spencer Garrett Park.

Aurora Police Detective Troy Raines had been working the case, but forged a deeper rapport with Stinnett in their mutual background of being Army veterans.

Detective Raines noted that among the sorts of crimes that he’s worked in the past, someone being robbed of their pet is something that is new territory:

“Over my career I’ve seen a lot of violent crime probably not so much with stealing someone’s pet.”

The police detective knows of the bond that forges between someone and their dog, and remarked on how he’d experienced the loss of his four-legged friend in the past:

“One of the hardest moments of my life is when I had to put my Rottweiler to sleep from the cancer that he had, you know hold him in my arms while the doctor administered medicine to put him down, was a very painstaking day.”

But during this rapport that Detective Raines had established with Stinnett, he’d learned that not all was well with this veteran – outside of having been the victim of a crime. Stinnett is said to be enduring medical issues, as well as some financial ones.

It was at that time when Detective Raines learned of this that he had an opportunity to help out a fellow veteran and community member:

“I felt like we needed to do something as a police department as a victim of a crime but as a member of our community.”

The detective managed to rally up some of his friends and co-workers to help donate some furniture to Stinnett and also collected $1,500 to help tide this veteran over. The 61-year-old veteran noted that it had been quite some time since someone extended a helping hand:

“I haven’t had anybody on my side in a long time.”

While police officers were dropping off a myriad of goods to this veteran, he was reportedly brought to tears. While acknowledging the shared background of both him and Detective Raines being Army veterans, Stinnett stated the following:

“You know we all stand together we all have one pride and that’s to take care of each other when we need.”

While there’s still no word on whether police have any leads on Stinnett’s stolen dog, he said that Detective Raines has already gone above and beyond in rendering assistance to him in his plight:

“He’s a blessing and I love him to death.”

This is beyond community policing – this is a remarkable example of community. And it’s amazing to see that in the process of investigating such a despicable crime as that of stealing a near-elderly person’s dog, a friendship such as this was spawned.


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