Thief Escapes By Breaking NYPD Officer’s Leg


What was almost a simple arrest of a thief turned into a broken leg for a police officer and a getaway for the crook.

Police said it happened Sunday morning in the Upper West Side.

The thief and his female accomplice were busted stealing cosmetics from a Duane Reade story on Broadway near E. 94th Street, according to police.  The call came in just before 5 a.m.

As the officer was talking to the two of them, police say the man kicked the cop and ran off.  The woman was immediately arrested.

Police say the officer ended up having to have surgery Sunday morning for a broken tibia.  They still have not found the thief who assaulted the officer.

The Duane Reade is open 24/7. Workers wouldn’t answer any questions about the incident and referred media outlets to their corporate offices.

On Sunday, a woman told the New York Post that she lives nearby and heard the police presence early in the morning.

“I was woken up from the helicopter overhead for two hours,” she said. “It was so loud and kept me up! So I called the precinct to ask how much longer it’ll happen it was so loud. It was annoying.”

Howard Pulitzer is a lifelong resident of the neighborhood.  He called the incident was “a little concerning.”

“Hopefully they catch the guy,” he said. “But It’s a safe neighborhood, it’s gotten better.”


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