They’re preparing for war on Americans: The left’s proposed muzzle on “hate speech” is an attack on the First Amendment


The following includes editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

A couple of weeks ago, the Biden administration announced the formation of a “disinformation board,” aka a “Ministry of Truth” that would be operating within a law enforcement arm of the federal government, the Department of Homeland Security.

As the face of that proposed board, the administration proposed an unhinged lunatic, Nina Jankowicz. When a number of videos were uncovered by Libs of Tik Tok, including a very disturbing Mary Poppins-like ditty, the administration backed down. On Tuesday, it was announced that the idea was being scuttled…for now.

One thing we’ve learned is that anything that liberals disagree with is characterized as misinformation or disinformation. For example, liberals claimed that when former President Trump characterized the Russia collusion narrative as a hit job on him, that was called “misinformation.”

When the New York Post revealed the existence of a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden, revealed only weeks before the November 2020 election, that was described as a Russian “disinformation campaign.”

Finally, when concerns were raised over the 2020 election, where an unprecedented number of state election laws and procedures were changed in primarily “swing” states, that too was deemed to be misinformation. Then, when “2000 Mules” was released a couple of weeks ago, which clearly showed illegal ballot harvesting occurring, the whole “misinformation” narrative seemed to disappear.

All of this shows that what is today’s “misinformation” or “disinformation” is tomorrow’s truth.

That is why the proposal of  a so-called “disinformation board” under the auspices of the federal government was so unnerving. Remember, this is the same federal government that last year unleashed the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies on school parents, whose only crime was loving their children and being concerned about what they were being indoctrinated into in school.

All of this was predicted in some fashion by one of our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin:

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freedom of speech.”

“Freedom of speech.” Such an important right, our framers proposed, that it was ordered first in the Bill of Rights.

Yet another famous saying tells us:

“Any government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.”

There are of course a number of variations of that quote, often attributed to another Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, although an official Jefferson website seems to debunk that.

Nonetheless, no matter who said it doesn’t really matter…it is true.

In a commentary written by John and Nisha Whitehead, appearing in a Rutherford Institute commentary, they address the quote made by Franklin while warning the importance of treading lightly around those who want to “monitor, muzzle, catalogue and censor speech.”

A crystal clear example of that was noted in Real Clear Politics. Former Fox News political correspondent Carl Cameron, who has gone to the dark side and now works for NBC News, was appearing with unhinged radical commentator Nicolle Wallace Tuesday. What Cameron suggested was chilling. What he suggested was putting people who engage in the leftist version of “misinformation” in jail. Seriously.

“It really is kind of horrible to think that journalists with national and international capacity are putting together this type of nonsense. I think the president did a great job. I wish he had done a lot of this a lot sooner, and we need a lot more from the left and the middle [because they NEVER lie], and we got to watch out because the Republicans have become the purveyors of misinformation, and when our two-party system is broken like that, democracy is seriously in in trouble. The president acknowledged that it’s time to actually start doing things and maybe taking some names and putting people in jail.”

You read that correctly. A member of the so-called “free press” calling for people who report contrary to the leftist narrative be put in jail.

All of this came in the wake of the mass shooting last weekend in Buffalo, where a crazed 18-year-old madman who allegedly bought into a form of the “replacement theory” opened fire inside a supermarket, killing ten people. Since that incident, there have been calls for social media to be censored, with so-called “dangerous” or “hateful” conduct flagged and limitations placed on free speech, the Whiteheads wrote.

Ironically, last December, when a black nationalist mowed down people marching in or attending a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, not one leftist made similar calls. It all depends on what fits the leftist narrative. In fact, the media generally ignored it.

Make no mistake about it, as the piece says. As if on cue, the usual suspects began calls for more gun control, as if the current plethora of gun laws already on the books shouldn’t have been enough to have prevented the Buffalo carnage. Perhaps if the laws already on the books were actually prosecuted, there wouldn’t be a need for more.

The Whiteheads address other proposals we might expect from the rabid left:

…widespread mental health screening of the general population and greater scrutiny of military veterans, more threat assessments and behavioral sensing warnings, more surveillance cameras with facial recognition capabilities, more ‘See Something, Say Something” programs aimed at turning Americans into snitches and spies, more metal detectors and whole-body imaging devices at soft targets, more roaming squads of militarized police empowered to do random bag searches, more fusion centers to centralize and disseminate information to law enforcement agencies, and more surveillance of what Americans say and do, where they go, what they buy and how they spend their time.”

All of this, they propose, all plays into the hands of government.

If there is one thing we have learned over the past two years is that trading freedom and liberty for safety and security isn’t always a fair exchange. We have seen across the country, primarily in blue states, power-mad political leaders dip their toes in the water to see how much their citizens were willing to take in order to “protect” themselves. Sadly, they were willing to take a lot.

“As we have learned the hard way, the phantom promise of safety in exchange for restricted or regulated liberty is a false, misguided doctrine that serves only to give the government greater authority to crack down, lock down, and institute even more totalitarian policies for the so-called sake of national security without many objections from the citizenry,” they wrote.

Now, add a “Ministry of Truth” to the equation. While that proposal has been kicked aside…for now, according to the new mouthpiece of the Biden administration…however she left the door pretty wide open for the idea to be reconstituted, perhaps with a less obnoxious face.

We’ve already seen a form of censorship, implemented by social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. Speech which doesn’t meet the desired narrative is deemed “misinformation” or “disinformation” and deleted from the respective platforms by so-called “fact-checkers.” They are not as much “fact” checkers as they are “ministries of truth”…their version of the truth.

Look what happened with the Hunter Biden laptop as a prime example of truth being suppressed. Contrast that with Russia collusion, which was allowed to be promoted and still is allowed to be promoted despite being debunked. It has been alleged that had the Biden laptop been allowed into the public domain prior to the 2020 election, a significant percentage of Biden voters—enough to have swayed the election to President Trump—would have voted differently.

The analogy between what is going on with social media and the government concerning censorship of speech and the George Orwell dystopian novel “1984”  have been beaten to death, but the comparison cannot be ignored.

The Whiteheads continue:

These internet censors are not acting in our best interests to protect us from dangerous, disinformation campaigns. They’re laying the groundwork now to preempt any “dangerous” ideas that might challenge the power elite’s stranglehold over our lives.

“The internet, hailed as a super-information highway, is increasingly becoming the police state’s secret weapon. This ‘policing of the mind’ is exactly the danger author Jim Keith warned about when he predicted that ‘information and communication sources are gradually being linked together into a single computerized network, providing an opportunity for unheralded control of what will be broadcast, what will be said, and ultimately what will be thought.”

In his book, Orwell spoke about “Oldspeak,” where words actually have meaning and ideas can hold some danger. Contrast that with “Newspeak” where only that which is safe and accepted by the majority is permitted. This is what we are currently seeing not only in the US but in other countries…Canada comes immediately to mind.

The problem we face is that a pretty significant percentage of our population, probably around 50% have bought into the farce that this is all about what you say, when in fact it is about what you think, the piece notes.

The coronavirus pandemic taught us a lot about ourselves, and sadly a lot of it isn’t good. You can still see that today merely by the amount of people who still wear masks in public (or in some cases in the privacy of their own cars), conditioned by the government to believe that somehow the masks will offer them protection. People have been browbeaten into taking a vaccine not once, not twice, but even three or four times. People were told that shots and then boosters would prevent one from catching the virus. Yes, prevent.

When it soon became apparent that even the vaccinated were still susceptible to the virus, the narrative changed to “it will prevent you from being hospitalized.” And people still bought it. The goalposts kept moving but people were conditioned into believing the government knows best. Push, push…nudge, nudge.

Americans have been conditioned and  the government knows it.

Look at the narrative about our elections. The Democrats have convinced a percentage of the population that asking for identification in order to vote is somehow racist and voter suppression. This despite the fact that photo IDs are widely available in every state in the union. Also despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans support it. Yet some have been conditioned into believing that it is Republicans who are trying to interfere with elections, not the Democrats.

The Whiteheads refer to this as “creeping normality” or a “death by a thousand cuts.”

We’ll let them explain it:

It is a concept invoked by Pulitzer Prize-winning scientist Jared Diamond to describe how major changes, if implemented slowly in small stages over time, can be accepted as normal without the shock and resistance that might greet sudden upheaval.

They then explain how Diamond spoke about Easter Island and its civilization, since disappeared.

As Diamond explains, “In just a few centuries, the people of Easter Island wiped out their forest, drove their plants and animals to extinction, and saw their complex society spiral into chaos and cannibalism. Why didn’t they look around, realize what they were doing, and stop before it was too late? What were they thinking when they cut down the last palm tree?”

His answer: “I suspect that the disaster happened not with a bang but with a whimper.”

The comparison between Easter Island and current day America cannot be overlooked. America is being reduced to a barren graveyard by a populace so focused on their immediate needs that they are failing to preserve freedom for future generations.

Diamond, speaking of Easter Island’s demise wrote:

“The forest…vanished slowly over decades. Perhaps war interrupted the moving teams; perhaps by the time the carvers had finished their work, the last rope snapped. In the meantime, any islander who tried to warn about the dangers of progressive deforestation would have been overridden by vested interests of carvers, bureaucrats, and chiefs, whose jobs depended on continued deforestation…The changes in forest cover from year to year would have been hard to detect…Only older people, recollecting their childhoods decades earlier, could have recognized a difference. Gradually trees became fewer, smaller, and less important. By the time the last fruit-bearing adult palm tree was cut, palms had long since ceased to be of economic significance. That left only smaller and smaller palm saplings to clear each year, along with other bushes and treelets. No one would have noticed the felling of the last small palm.”

Now, using a bit of symbolism, let’s say those forests on Easter Island are our American liberties. The liberties enshrined by the Founding Fathers in our Constitution have been slowly eroded over the years. Probably the most egregious example of that erosion is the fact that there are currently still people rotting in DC-area jails for the “crime” of “trespassing or parading” at the US Capitol on January 6.

The only reason this is being done is to send a message—go against the Democratic narrative and you will be destroyed. Punishment that is being perpetrated upon these American citizens is clearly “cruel and unusual” under the circumstances. Moreover, the constitutional right to due process has also been violated. In a country where we had a press that was supposed to be doing their job, this would be all over the news. Instead, only a few outlets are paying it any mind.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Public schools long ago stopped teaching true American history. Recently we have seen them embrace something called the 1619 Project, which teaches that the United States is a racist country founded by racists and based on racist principles. For the younger generation, they don’t know what things were like only 20 years ago, that is how quickly our history has been erased.

This is how tyranny rises and freedom falls; with a thousand cuts, each one justified or ignored or shrugged over as inconsequential enough by itself to bother, but they add up.

Each cut, each attempt to undermine our freedoms, each loss of some critical right—to think freely, to assemble, to speak without fear of being shamed or censored, to raise our children as we see fit, to worship or not worship as our conscience dictates, to eat what we want and love who we want, to live as we want—they add up to an immeasurable failure on the part of each and every one of us to stop the descent down that slippery slope

The Whiteheads summarize it as follows:

The contagion of fear that has been spread with the help of government agencies, corporations, and the power elite is poisoning the well, whitewashing our history, turning citizen against citizen, and stripping us of our rights.

Liberty vs. leftist fear-mongering. The choice yours America. This is a battle for the soul of our country.

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