They tried to carjack a Chicago woman. They weren’t expecting her to be armed and shoot one of them right in the head.


CHICAGO, IL – A report out of Chicago shows a woman whom four people attempted to carjack fought back and shot one of the men who attempted to carjack her. Another of the suspects shot back, striking her in the arm.

A group of four men in the area of 89th Street and Kenwood Avenue, in the Calumet Heights neighborhood, must have thought a young woman sitting in her car around 2 a.m. would be an easy target. However, when they attempted to allegedly carjack her, they found out quickly that she had no intention of being anyone’s victim.

The victim would inform officers with the Chicago Police Department that four men exited a black sedan and approached her. What the four men could not have possibly known was that the 23-year-old woman in that car happened to have a concealed carry permit and was armed.

One of the men showed the woman he had a gun and attempted to open her car door. When that suspect tried to open her door, the woman was placed in fear for her life and produced her own and fired, striking the suspect in the head.

One of the other attackers then fired into the car, striking the young woman in the arm. After shots were fired, she fled the scene in her car and called for help.

When officers arrived on the scene, they learned that the suspects had fled the scene and apparently taken the one whom the woman shot with them. The woman who was shot was transported to Advocate Trinity Hospital where she is listed in fair condition.

As Chicago Police were investigating this case, they received a report that a man had been found shot to death in a Kia that was listed as stolen. When they arrived in the area of 80th Street and King Drive, they discovered a man in the passenger seat of a stolen black Kia Rio.

The man, whom police have not identified, had a gunshot wound to the head and was transported to the University of Chicago Medical Center. All life-saving measures failed and the man was pronounced deceased shortly after his arrival.

While the easy assumption is the two cases are related, the Chicago Police Department reports it is too early in the investigation to determine if the two are connected. If it is determined the two cases are connected and the other three suspects are identified, they could potentially be criminally charged with his death.

The fact that the woman, in this case, was able to defend herself with a concealed firearm all but proves a point many conservative leaders and gun rights activists claim…the right to bear arms can save lives. In this case, a young woman was able to fight back against her attackers and not only was able to prevent someone from stealing her car but may well have saved her own life.

Incidents like these are discounted by the mainstream media and others who wish to ban firearm sales or legal gun ownership completely. For years, leaders from the left side of the aisle and other activists insist that stricter gun laws or outright bans will save lives, and yet, regardless of the laws anyone passes, bad guys still have access to guns.

Those who push to further restrict legal access to guns push stricter laws that do little, if anything, to prevent someone who has criminal intentions from obtaining a gun. The simple reason? Criminals do not abide by any law that is passed.

There are reports daily out of mainly large metropolitan areas of violent crimes being committed by those who are legally banned from possessing any firearms due to felony convictions. And yet, despite not being able to legally purchase a firearm, they have them.

Criminals look to other criminals to buy guns and do not go to legal gun retailers because they would be prevented and arrested for attempting to purchase a firearm. The criminals who sell the guns typically get them after someone has stolen them from lawful gun owners.

Those guns are then used by those criminals in most cases for…you guessed it…committing other crimes.

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