It’s true some things do get better with age

There’s wine, cheese, and me of course,

But something’s getting much worse with age

The brutal attacks on our loved police force.

Far too many flags have been draped

Over the bodies of brave women and men,

I’ve asked myself over and over

When did these horrible attacks begin?

You can research back to see years ago

Find which police officer died and how,

Their deaths back then were also bad

But look at how they’re being killed now!

So many brutal and hateful murders

Tho it should be stopping it’s on the rise,

Hearts are breaking across the country

Families suffering, tears in their eyes.

Our brave heroes are being exterminated

As if they don’t deserve to live,

How long in God’s name will this go on

The killers I just can’t forgive.

No matter when or where they go

Not knowing which breath may be their last,

They’re heroes, who keep pushing on

If it were me I’d quit, and FAST!

By Bert L Orris