‘They deliberately lied’: Glenn Greenwald torches top liberal media outlets over ‘Russiagate’ and ‘collusion’


Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald is an old-fashioned liberal…in other words, he leans left but he’s not a lunatic like the current breed. This weekend, Greenwald eviscerated the so-called “mainstream” media for continuing to push the narrative that former president Donald Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential election, BizPacReview reports.

Sunday morning, Greenwald made three primary points in a Twitter thread.

“The vast majority of disinformation, propaganda, and lies that flooded the country over the last 5 years did not come from MAGA boomers on Facebook or 4Chan teenagers but the largest and most influential liberal corporate media outlets,” Greenwald wrote.

He then took the mainstream media to task, accusing them of deliberately lying, then doubling don on that by refusing to acknowledge evidence they had lied.

“Remember they just *ignored* @SchreckReports’ book proving the Biden emails were real. Now this,” Greenwald continued, quoting a tweet from Washington Free Beacon investigative reporter Chuck Ross.


Greenwald posted a tweet from Ross in which he conducted a Google search for BuzzFeed to query if they had published any stories about Igor Danchenko, who was indicted last week by Special Counsel John Durham for his part in the Russia hoax where the search said: “Your search-site:buzzfeednews.com danchenko– did not match any documents.”

It should be noted that BuzzFeed is the website that released the bogus Steele dossier to the world.

“And still nothing about Danchenko from the website that released the Steele dossier to the world. This is journalistic arson,” Ross wrote. Danchenko was the principal researcher for the bogus dossier.

Reports at the time indicated that several media outlets were aware of the existence of the Steele dossier, compiled by disgraced former British spy Christopher Steele, who was working at the behest of the FBI.

However BuzzFeed is the only outlet that decided to publish the dossier in full, despite the fact none of the allegations contained therein were corroborated. As it turns out, none were.

“By far the best and most accurate reporting on all matters relating to Russiagate came not from the liberal corporate outlets that want to censor the internet in the name of disinformation or which shower themselves with Pulitzers for lies, but from the right-wing press,” Greenwald continued, then listed reporters including Ross and The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway, among others, who were among the first to debunk the Russia collusion story as President Trump’s term began.


“A few people objected to my statement yesterday that hatred of them is just,” Greenwald wrote, speaking to the utter contempt tens of millions of Americans feel about the mainstream media.

“Think about this: they spent weeks before the 2020 election spreading the CIA lie that the Biden emails were ‘Russian disinformation’ but when a POLITICO reporter disproved that, they ignored his book.”


“These are the world’s most pompous, smug, self-righteous people. They never stop telling they’re the guardians of democracy and truth,” he continued.

“But then when they get *caught lying*–when irrefutable evidence emerges debunking their lies—they ignore it. How is that not contemptible?”



Greenwald then included a screenshot of a Politico story entitled, “The Spies Who Came In To the TV Studio,” which showed a photo of former CIA Director John Brennan, a frequent critic of former President Trump who served under Obama, who sounded like a broken record in his repeated assertions that Trump was going to be convicted for his alleged role in ‘Russiagate.’

Greenwald continued:

“One key point I omitted: no discussion of the Russiagate fraud and the media’s role is complete without highlighting their key partners in all of this: the security state services (CIA/FBI/NSA/DOJ),” he said. “The most under-discussed media story of this decade is how they all but merged.”

“See here for a graphic illustration: the most popular liberal media figure and her literal colleague, the ex-CIA director, somehow employed by a major ‘news’ outlet without shame, muse on whether Trump is guilty of ‘treason’ because he serves Russia,” Greenwald finished, including a video of Brennan making the accusation during an MSNBC interview with far left idealogue Rachel Maddow.


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For more on Glenn Greenwald, one of the more thoughtful members of the media, we invite you to read our prior report on the Biden laptop coverup. 


We’ve always been aware that the Hunter Biden laptop story was buried deep in the weeks leading up to last year’s presidential election.

Originally, it was believed that it was a collaboration between the big tech tyrants and the mainstream media only.

Now, journalist Glenn Greenwald reports there is proof that it was a combination of the above two entities, plus the CIA that buried the story, or rather attempted to foment a false narrative.

Greenwald, writing in Substack tells much of what was already known.

For example, the tale of censorship where Big Tech conspired to silence upstart social media company Parler, which became an alternative for conservative-leaning Americans and where right-leaning narratives (or basically the truth) were welcome.

At the time it was banned by Google Play, the Apple app store and finally by Amazon Web Services, Parler was the most downloaded app in the U.S.

Not only that, but we also saw two of the largest social media companies—Twitter and Facebook—conspire to silence Donald Trump, then a sitting president.

And finally, Democrats threatened in rather explicit terms to issue legal and/or regulatory action if those tech companies didn’t play along and censor narratives which went against their narrative.

However as Greenwald notes, the most egregious of all actions taken was an apparent collaboration between the CIA, the tech tyrants, the liberal wing of mainstream media (honestly, is there any other wing?) and the Democrat party to “censor and suppress a series of major reports” about Democrat Joe Biden.

Cue the Hunter Biden laptop story. Over two days in October, the 14th and 15th, the New York Post published what at one time would have been considered blockbuster reports on Biden’s activities in Ukraine and China, incidents which should have raised questions among the mainstream media “about his integrity and ethics,” Greenwald wrote.

As the nation’s oldest newspapers, one might have thought the Post’s reporting may have raised some concerns about whether or not Biden and his family were engaged in malfeasance—a bit of quid pro quo—where they were trading off Biden’s name and influence in order to enrich themselves.

The outlet reported the documents they reviewed came from Hunter Biden’s laptop, abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop.

The Post’s information seemed unimpeachable. Among items posted were photos which were clearly of Hunter Biden that were taken from the laptop.

Greenwald noted that concurrent investigations from media found individuals who had received the emails in real-time, which were compared to those in their possession to the ones held by the Post. The emails were an exact match, word-for-word.

A former business associate of Hunter Biden’s, Tony Bobulinski who was involved in a number of the alleged deals with him confirmed publicly and in interviews that those emails were in fact genuine.

He also confirmed one of the deals which referenced Joe Biden, a deal which involved China. According to a forensics analyst, he concluded the archive “had all the earmarks of authenticity.”

In addition, neither Joe nor Hunter Biden denied the emails were real, which they certainly would have done if they were fake.

Greenwald noted that “as someone who has reported on numerous large archives similar to this one and was faced with the heavy burden on numerous large archives similar to this one and was faced with the heavy burden of ensuring the documents were genuine before risking one’s career and reputation by reporting them, it was clear early on that all the key metrics demonstrated that these documents were real.” [emphasis in original]

Former Obama national security hacks and anti-Trumpers such as John Brennan, Obama’s CIA director and former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper came up with a new tactic—blaming the information contained on the laptop as “Russian disinformation.”

That narrative contains a couple of assumptions, Greenwald notes. First that the documents came from Russia, and second, they are fake (“disinformation”).

Both of those officials actually admitted in the public statement that, “we do not know if the emails are genuine or not,” and also that “we do not have evidence of Russian involvement.” Yet despite that, they still repeatedly (probably to convince themselves) said that everyone should believe:

We want to emphasize that we do not know if the emails, provided to the New York Post by President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, are genuine or not and that we do not have evidence of Russian involvement—just our experience makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case. [emphasis in original]

If we are right, this is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote in this election, and we believe strongly that Americans need to be aware of this.

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As Greenwald notes, despite zero…none…nada…evidence for the Russian disinformation claims, which even Clapper and Brennan admitted they did not possess, it didn’t stop the mainstream media or the social media tech tyrants from repeating this assertion ad nauseum.

Greenwald noted one of the first “journalists” to spread the lie was a woman named Natasha Bertrand who was then with Politico. Her “stellar” journalism since had her a “promotion” to CNN. Bertrand’s headline proudly claimed, “Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say.”

After Bertrand’s story, Greenwald notes, outlets from CNN to NBC News to PBS, and a number of others started to trip over each other spreading the false narrative put forth by Clapper and Brennan, repeating the lie that the Post’s documents were the result of Russian disinformation.

Apparently feeling left out, one week after the first report surfaced from the Post, The Intercept published their own false story, breathlessly reporting under the headline “We’re Not a Democracy” by former New York Times reporter James Risen.

Risen’s piece is a treasure trove of falsehoods and Trump Delusion Syndrome disguised as “journalism,” in which he, as Greenwald noted, “mindlessly laundered the CIA’s lies about the laptop.” That report said:

Their latest falsehood once again involves Biden, Ukraine, and a laptop mysteriously discovered in a computer repair shop and passed to the New York Post…This week, a group of former intelligence officials issued a letter saying that the Giuliani laptop story has the classic trademarks of Russian disinformation.[emphasis in original]

So biased was The Intercept’s report that it actually omitted Clapper and Brennan’s admission that they had no evidence of Russian disinformation. B

y way of transparency, Greenwald noted that he had been one of the cofounders of The Intercept as a publication that was supposed to be “adversarial, not subservient to evidence-free assertions from the intelligence community,” and which he said was created as “an antidote to, rather than a clone of The New York Times.

Greenwald authored an article at the time about the Biden archive which The Intercept refused to publish, claiming it didn’t meet their “lofty and rigorous editorial standards: the same lofty and rigorous editorial standards that led to uncritical endorsement of the CIA’s lies just days earlier.”

That decision eventually led to Greenwald’s resignation and departure from The Intercept.

The only disinformation which was occurring—the media disinformation—wasn’t the worst thing that happened in order to protect Joe Biden in the lead up to the election. Greenwald noted that social media suppression of the laptop story was by far the most egregious thing that happened.

As was widely reported at the time, Twitter engaged in a suppression campaign designed “to prohibit any discussion of this reporting or posting of links to the story both publicly and privately on the platform.”

In addition, Greenwald noted, Facebook made the decision through its communications executive, a man named Andy Stone, “a life-long Democratic Party operative,” that the tech tyrant “would algorithmically suppress the story pending a ‘fact check’ by ‘Facebook’s third-party fact-check partners.’”

Greenwald noted that he made multiple requests to Facebook, along with other journalists for the results of their “fact checks” and has still refused to confirm that one was in fact ever conducted. The reason, Greenwald posits, is “because the documents they blocked millions of Americans from learning about were clearly true and authentic.”

This was basically a fool’s errand on behalf of Facebook because as Greenwald notes there was “ample proof from the start that these documents were genuine,” while the only disinformation that was occurring was occurring between “this axis of the CIA, corporate media and Big Tech.”

All of the malfeasance was uncovered this past week from an unlikely source…Politico.

Greenwald noted that a reporter from Politico, Ben Schreckinger has published a new book titled “The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power.”  In his research for the book, Schreckinger spent time looking at key documents published last October by the Post and “found definitive proof that these emails and related documents are indisputably authentic.”

And, while Politico was the first news organization to publish Brennan and Clapper’s tale of “Russian disinformation,” however this week summarized Shreckinger’s reporting as follows:

“…the book ‘finds evidence that some of the purported Hunter Biden laptop material is genuine, including two emails at the center of last October’s controversy.’” Of course Politico didn’t include the fact that they had helped perpetrate the “Russian disinformation” hoax to begin with.

Schreckinger talked about his work and how he was able to obtain proof:

“A person who corresponded with Hunter in late 2018 confirmed to me the authenticity of an email in the cache. Another person who corresponded with Hunter in January 2019 confirmed the authenticity of a different email exchange with Hunter in the cache. Both of these people spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing fears of being embroiled in a global controversy.

“A third person who had independent access to Hunter’s emails confirmed to me that the emails published by the New York Post related to Burisma and the CEFC [China Energy] venture matched the substance of emails Hunter had in fact received. (This person was not in a position to compare the published emails word-for-word to the originals.)

“The National Property Board of Sweden, part of the Swedish Finance Ministry, has released correspondence between Hunter and House of Sweden employees to ne and to a Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, under the country’s freedom of information law. Emails released by the property board match emails in the cache.

In light of what Greenwald was able to uncover—“widespread media deceit toward millions of American voters in the weeks before a presidential election based on a CIA lie, along with brute censorship of the story by Big Tech—and given that so much of what was done here too place on television,” he produced a video of the scandal in what he calls “the definitive video report of this scandal.”

 Greenwald has posted the video on his Rumble page. It may also be found below.



Greenwald is apoplectic about the malfeasance put forth by social media, the mainstream news media and the CIA to “shape the outcome of what was a close election,” as we all should be, through the use of “massive lies and disinformation, using censorship and other manipulative techniques.” We are now all paying a steep price for the manipulation committed to sway last November’s election.

Editor note: In 2020, we saw a nationwide push to “defund the police”.  While we all stood here shaking our heads wondering if these people were serious… they cut billions of dollars in funding for police officers.  And as a result, crime has skyrocketed – all while the same politicians who said “you don’t need guns, the government will protect you” continued their attacks on both our police officers and our Second Amendment rights.

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