(Op-ed) The ultimate voter suppression: they are stabbing, shooting and killing Trump supporters.


On July 24, a black Trump supporter that goes by the name “Black Rebel” online was stabbed by convicted pedophile and Antifa activist Blake David Hampe. The next day, black Trump supporter Bernell Trammell was shot and killed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

On June 30, 2020, 33-year old white Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporter Jesse Taggart shot a driver during a so-called “protest” in Provo, Utah. Democrats don’t have to worry about Bernell Trammell any more. He can’t vote to re-elect President Trump because he’s dead.

Black Rebel survived his attack, but only because his attacker failed in his attempt to kill him. The same goes for the driver shot by Jesse Taggart.

Black Trump supporters are particularly dangerous to the left because if even a small percentage, some say as little as 8%, switch their vote to President Trump, they will lose the presidential election.

According to a recent poll, President Trump is expected to receive no less than 14% of the black vote in comparison to the 8% he received in 2016. Nine percent of the voters in that poll said they were undecided. If Trump is able to get the votes of just 2% of those voters, his re-election may be certain.

This is dangerous territory for Democrats, who have enjoyed uncontested control of black votes for decades.

Is it any wonder that presumed Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said the following to black radio host Charlemagne tha God:

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Biden clearly felt that the black vote belonged to the Democrat party, and by extension, to him. Any black voter who thought otherwise, that maybe their votes belonged to themselves, weren’t really “black.” It was a crass thing to say that exposed the racist ideology driving Democrat politics.

The concern among Democrats is that their hold on black voters may be slipping, and it is. Their rhetoric and proposals reflect their fear that a once docile constituency is no longer theirs to lead or control. An example of this is found in the literature of “voter suppression.”

According to Democrats, voter suppression occurs when voters are discouraged from voting, or from voting for the candidate of their choice. This is accomplished by purging voters rolls of inactive voters (who are often deceased), closing polling locations, and halting voter registration four weeks before an election.

Most insidious of all are voter ID laws, which in North Carolina were struck down because they were “intentionally designed to prevent African-Americans from voting.

The claim that voter ID suppresses the black vote is not new, but the evidence to support the claim is thin to non-existent.

Voter ID laws are designed to prevent fraudulent voting, not to suppress legal votes. The question shouldn’t be whether voter ID laws might suppress votes, but whether we want to allow fraud, which definitely affects final vote counts. The question asks whether a hypothetical possibility should have more weight than something known to be true: fraudulent votes affect final vote counts.

A related question could be, “should we allow voter fraud so that we can encourage more people to vote?” If so, how does voter fraud affect the new votes that would hypothetically be cast? Would fraudulent votes cancel them out?

Would the increased number of votes also increase the number of fraudulent votes? This is like allowing bank robberies to occur so that people who would otherwise be reluctant to withdraw money from their bank account are not discouraged from doing so.

While the conversation about unproven voter suppression due to voter ID laws continues, real voter suppression is happening everywhere. Even worse, it is clearly designed to suppress black and minority votes. How else can we interpret acts of intimidation, deplatforming, and violence against prominent black conservatives?

Black political commentator Candace Owens is regularly harassed by leftist agitators. She was even assaulted in a restaurant and forced to leave after activists inspired by Democrat Maxine Waters threatened her while eating breakfast with a friend.

Black university professor Jason D. Hill felt compelled to sue DePaul university for harassment connected to his conservative-themed articles. Black conservative Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson was kicked out of his gym due to his support of President Trump. Black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas describes modern liberals as a bigger threat to his career than the Ku Klux Klan. Their goal, according to Thomas, is to “undermine” his authority.

These examples of over the top harassment of black conservatives are not the exceptions, but the rule. The goal, as Thomas and others have said, is clearly to undermine black conservative voices to suppress their influence on black voters.

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A secondary tactic is to demonize conservatives in general by associating them with white supremacy. One way this is accomplished is to hoax white supremacist attacks on traditional black institutions.

For instance, black arsonist Andrew McClinton sprayed “Vote Trump” on the side of a Mississippi church and then set it on fire.

Actor Jussie Smollet allegedly paid two friends in an elaborate hoax designed to simultaneously smear President Trump and his supporters. It also had the effect of enhancing distrust of conservatives.

Both tactics, undermining black conservatives and demonizing white conservatives, are clearly designed to suppress conservative votes among black and minority communities.

This is accomplished by attacking the messengers of conservative ideas. However, it is worse. The intimidation and harassment suffered by Candace Owens and other black Americans are direct threats to their ability to vote as they wish.

The Marxist group Black Lives Matter (BLM), the anarchist Nazi-like group Antifa, and other affiliated organizations use threats of violence and actual violence to send this clear message to members of black and minority communities: don’t vote or you will be hurt.

They have shown that they are not only willing to follow through on this threat, they already have. Many black businesses have been destroyed in riots over the past fifty-nine days across America. Many black Americans, from children to the elderly, have been assaulted and killed.

If anyone is trying to suppress black votes, it is liberals, Marxists, and anarchists who are doing it. They do it under the banner of “Black Lives Matter,” thus indelibly linking their violence with black identity politics.

Leftist agitators undermine leading black conservatives, they manufacture evidence of racism in hoaxed events, and then they physically threaten black voters. To ensure we get the message, we have the example of elderly black Trump supporter Bernell Trammell, shot while standing on a sidewalk, harming no one.

That is the ultimate in voter suppression: murder the voter.

Who among us can say which has the greater effect: a law requiring some form of ID at the polls, or a much-loved fixture of the black community, left to bleed on the sidewalk as his murderers drive off into the sunset? Which of those is more likely to intimidate or suppress a vote?

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