The ultimate gaslighting: Collapsing NBC News now claims that voter ID laws unfairly target trans people


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It’s easy to see why MSNBC is getting smoked in the ratings by Fox News. Their parent company, NBC News is populated by a gaggle of unhinged lunatics.

Why else would they double down on the claim voter identification laws, widely supported by a majority of Americans, are somehow discriminatory?

The song and dance up until recently was that such requirements were racist because they allegedly “overwhelmingly impact people of color.”

Now, they’ve added to the list of the aggrieved, claiming that transgender voters are also victims of those rascally Republicans seeking to secure our elections.

Fox News reports that on last Wednesday’s morning “news” program on NBC News Digital, the two “news” anchors—Joe Fryer and Savannah Sellers—claimed that the so-called “trans” voter ID issue is something that should be of concern to “Gen Z” voters.

“As Gen Z gears up to hit the polls, transgender voters are concerned they might be blocked from casting their ballots,” Fryer said.

“That’s because a growing number of states are enforcing strict voter identification laws that disproportionately impact the community,” Sellers added.

Forbes reported in a June 2021 poll that 81% of Americans supported voter ID requirements. In addition, 62% of Democrats supported voter ID laws. Seventy-seven percent of black voters, who leftists claim are disenfranchised by voter ID laws, actually support the measure, CNS News reported in August 2021.

Now they’ve “circled around” to claiming that transgender voters are the new victim group. The two anchors spoke to a reporter from NBC OUT, the LGBTQ section at NBC News Digital (yes, there is such a thing) to discuss “obstacles for transgender people.”

“Voter ID laws disproportionately impact trans people, because trans people are more likely to have IDs without the name they go by and the gender marker that reflects how they present,” said the reporter, Jo Yurcaba.

“And recent research shows that just over 200,000 eligible trans voters in 31 states that conduct the elections mostly in person and require or request ID at the polls don’t have IDs that reflect their gender identities and the names they go by.

In the states that have the strictest voter ID laws are mostly concentrated in the South and Midwest. You know, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Kansas, the voters there are going to be most affected,” Yurcaba continued.

Then, to make the problem dramatic, Fryer made the claim that “being transgender while actually voting can be dangerous,” while Yurcaba described the “danger” reported by a transgender voter.

“He said a lot of people around him were looking at him suspiciously because they saw that he had been flagged by poll workers. And he said it is incredibly dangerous for trans-people both due to the waves of anti-trans legislation that we’ve seen, but also in states like Tennessee where we have seen five anti-trans bills become law last year.

The combination of the two make that kind of thing at the polls dangerous for trans voters,” Yurcaba claimed.

Despite widespread support for voter ID laws, Democrats have tried to paint such measures as racist or pushing voter suppression.

Some of the more dramatic such as Joe Biden have attempted to compare voter ID laws to the post-Civil War Jim Crow laws.

That’s because voter ID laws make it much harder for Democrats to cheat. Why else would they be so much in favor of them?

Besides, many claims of voter suppression due to stricter voter ID laws have turned out being untrue.

Last year, a number of businesses boycotted the state of Georgia after it implemented stricter voter laws. In fact, Major League Baseball removed the All-Star Game from the state.

However in this election cycle, voter turnout in early voting has been record-breaking and has completely debunked lies being pushed by Democrats such as Biden, Stacey Abrams, and Kamala Harris.

Despite that, Biden’s inept press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently claimed that it is possible to have record voter turnout, as well as voter suppression. Don’t even try to figure that one out because it absurd on its face.

For the party that wants “free and fair elections,” they seem awfully invested in trying to subvert any and all voter integrity measures.

For example in 2020, Democrat operatives such as slip and fall attorney Marc Elias, worked in a number of key swing states to get election regulations changed or completely gutted in order to ensure Joe Biden’s election.

Democrats sought to codify how elections are run (in violation of Article II, Section I of the United States Constitution), which designates how elections are run to the individual states. Fortunately, they were not able to muster the votes to get the bill passed.

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