Op-Ed: Groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are trying to destroy America from the inside. It’s working.


SEATTLE, WA – For those of us who work in communities with people from different ethnic backgrounds and who find this experience to be both rewarding and a privilege, we are deeply frustrated and saddened to see the attack on Western civilization (and by extension, our Judeo-Christian heritage) by certain groups of the radical-left during recent and ongoing George Floyd protests.

It is important now that those of us who wish to hold on to liberal democracy speak up about the rise of the radical left and the spell that it has cast on liberal and religious intuitions and popular culture.

What is also worrying is the response of much of the media. It was difficult to find a media outlet which was willing to criticize the actions of those who perpetrated violence on police, emergency services, and the public after the initial protests.

The initial and ongoing protests have largely been peaceful, and this is to be welcomed.

However, under the guise of racism and identity politics, the actions of radical groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa have begun to destabilize Western society. This is not an over-statement. BLM has, it seems, a not insignificant amount of support among the public and the mainstream media. But do they deserve that support?

Who is BLM?

It is important to remember that not all BLM supporters hold radical left beliefs. And while there are some laudable aspects to BLM’s aims – for example, equality of opportunity – there is much that is concerning, also.

Its mission statement is laudable too: Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international human rights movement, originating from within the African American community, which campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people.

As a group, BLM has every right to make such statements as freedom of expression is something, we in the West hold dear.

Ironically, freedom of speech is one of the things which BLM clearly rails against because at its heart it is a communist organization and embraces one of the key tenets of Marxism: Group think.

But how many people realize how far left, as an organization, BLM is? If you do not consider BLM to be a radical left-wing group and, therefore, a threat to Western society, then look at its website. On it you will see how it supports the abolition of the nuclear family (as in the modern Western family), the abolition of capitalism, the abolition of state structures, and the abolition of the police.

And the virtue signaling and groveling which their movement has demanded is seeping its way into our culture at an alarming rate. Television shows across America and England, some years old, are being cancelled, erased from history.

Liberal institutions and the corporate world have been doing all they can to show how “woke” they are in their support of BLM. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has given the all clear for a “Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm,” which, sounds very Maoist, indeed.

This “commission” has been set up to allow for the systematic eradication of history, one, which will no doubt, satisfy the mob. This is the radical left tyranny of the now, where everything must conform to absolutely everything else. But it is important to remember that history is not like this.

We can, for example, look to both Gandhi and Mohammed: Gandhi was racist and Mohammed was a slave owner. But we do not usually castigate them for their beliefs because we accept that they were living in different times. We do, however, find their beliefs untenable today.

The communist principles of BLM go directly against the foundational principles of Western liberal democracy, two thousand years in the making. This is further evidence that BLM is a radical Marxist organization.

It wants to, and will continue to want, more than just equality of opportunity and an end to racism. It wishes to usher in a radically socialist new world order.

A new world order overseen by a one-party state.  And as we have recently seen, its actions directly threaten law and order, civility, and free speech here in the West.

According to Inaya Folarin Iman:

“Black lives matter [and Antifa] have created an over-arching narrative of universal black experience, which, according to them, is one of oppression and racism.

But, when you look at the empirical evidence and you speak to black people, it does not stack up to the reality of what these radical left activists are saying.”

Coming from a black female activist, this is telling. Therefore, a mythology of disproportion has been created by these radical movements and is supported wholeheartedly by the mainstream media and social media, both left leaning in their politics and sympathies.      

Law and order:

Radical left movements have a long history of undermining law and order. And what the recent BLM protests and riots have shown is that the police are in a difficult situation. If they respond with force, they are accused of brutality. If they “sit back,” as they did in many US cities, anarchy ensues.

The police as an “enemy of the people” was compounded by the mainstream media’s coverage of the riots from the perspective of the rioters. There was hardly any mention of the violence which was perpetrated on police by protesters.

But, according to left-wing academics, left-wing politicians, and left-wing celebrities, the looting, the damaging of property, and the injuring of police and the public is now legitimate. What is more, violence is not violence anymore.

It is called “effusive action.”

There is much in this life that aggrieves and greatly offends us, but, in liberal democracies one is not expected to go around committing violent acts to get what one wants.

What is more worrying in many ways is how language itself has been hijacked by the radical left, to the extent that words themselves can be violence. Even not using certain words is violence.

The virtue signaling on the left by politicians and celebrities and the over-used and much of the time nonsensical idea of “white privilege” is, frankly, becoming very counter-productive and may even incite further violence in our communities.

However, these concepts have captivated a large part of the establishment’s and public’s consciousness. The radical left, through the prism of identity politics, have been saying, “If we say it is, then it is. And you have to shut up.”

As alluded to above, not voicing an opinion is now a hate crime. This is one of the more sinister incarnations of intimidation from the radical left. Phrases such as “silence is violence” have become mantras. This is truly Orwellian – 1984 incarnate.    

While never wanting to incite racial tension, it is important to look at the facts and stand back from the emotion of the current situation with some objectivity.

The Bureau of Justice’s Statistics in America Interracial Victimizations Between Blacks and Whites (2018) makes for very interesting reading, particularly in the light of the current mass hysteria over the killing of Floyd.

Homicide excluded, there were a total of 593, 598 violent incidences between blacks and whites in 2018. Of this total, blacks committed approximately 90% (537,204) of the crimes while whites committed less than 10% (56, 394).

The beatification of George Floyd has now been endorsed by the mainstream media and has been encouraged by all that are woke. He is, arguably, the first saint of the Church of Identity Politics.

The tearing down of statues and the defacing of monuments which has come in the wake of his killing is very worrying. Some of these statues represent complex issues, but lawlessness is not the way to redress the past.

All around Europe and in America the press, politicians, legislators, celebrities, and many in between, have vilified the police and policing.

In England in recent years, a policy of “negotiation” was developed by police to deal with violent protesters. Subsequent policing at demonstrations and protests has turned into a farce with the police “negotiating” with thugs and aggressors.

Recently, police in England were forced to run away from violent BLM protestors in London. In doing so, many were kicked up the backside as they fled. This is very worrying for policing and law and order in England.

Police in England, America, and across Europe have been seen at Gay Pride parades wearing rainbow symbols and lanyards.

This is a mistake. Police should not make themselves part of any demonstration or celebration. They should not be seen to be political. Police present at demonstrations or celebrations are not there to have a “good time,” but to keep the public safe.       

Additionally, there is an element of hypocrisy in the BLM movement. If they are so concerned with black lives, then why do they not protest about the disproportionate number of killings by black people on other black people?

Why are they so fixated on killings of black people by white people and not vice versa?

Why does not BLM protest about modern day slavery? It is ironic to see many of their supporters wearing Nike and Adidas clothing, clothing which is made in the sweatshops of the world. No doubt Nike and Adidas will soon give their support to BLM.

Giving support to an organization that wishes to promote equality of opportunity and further social justice is noble. But, that must be promoted for all.

How do we stand up to the radical left?

Ever since the cultural and sexual revolution in the 1960’s, traditional western values have been under severe pressure.

The disintegration of the Western family because of divorce, the addiction to drugs and alcohol, the pressure of the welfare system (which is abused by many), and the relatively new phenomenon in the market place of competitive victimhood, has meant that the west is suffering an existential crisis.

This has been further enhanced by mass immigration from sub-Saharan Africa and the middle east.

Even the shock experienced by families and people from the draconian Covid 19 “lockdown,” with its looming culture of the “new normal” has greatly weakened the social, cultural, political and spiritual confidence of the western man and woman and family.

So, to fight against the tyranny which the radical left is imposing on the West, it might be helpful if we somehow reset ourselves and remind ourselves of the Judeo-Christian understanding of the individual.

According to Larry Siedentop, it is this understanding which “gave birth to the European individual.”

It gave birth to the “I” as part of the “we,” but separate from it, also.

This understanding says that the individual is sovereign in his and her own right: fully part of society, but fully apart also with the grace that comes from exercising one’s God-given free-will.

This is the complete opposite to the Marxist understanding of the individual in society. In Marxist society, the “we” takes precedence over the “I,” and destruction follows.  

Written by Alex McKillican

Alex McKillican is a GRACE Project Scholarship PhD student with Mary Immaculate College, Limerick City, Ireland. He holds a BA in History, Politics and Social Studies and an MA (Education) from the University of Limerick. His current research aims to integrate Christian anthropology with adult education. He teaches on various adult education programmes in his community.   

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