The real insurrection: In crime capital of US, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot issues “call to arms” against Supreme Court


The following editorial is written by a current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 


Donald Trump: “March peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol to make your voices heard.”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: “To my friends in the LGBTQ+ community—the Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms,” Lightfoot recently tweeted.

For the first statement, former president Trump was impeached. In the case of Lightfoot, at least she’s in the right city for a “call to arms, while Democrats fail to rebuke her for those remarks.

Lightfoot’s statement is so ignorant, so tone-deaf as to nearly be laughable. Here she is, the mayor of “shark city” as famously said in the movie “Jaws,” in this case shark city being the murder capital of the United States. So what was it that convinced Lightfoot to make such a statement? Abortion, of course.

Now in the case of Lightfoot, an avowed “L” in the LGBTQ+ vernacular, she has absolutely zero chance of being put in the position of needing an abortion. In fact, even if Lightfoot were straight, it is doubtful that Beetlejuice in female form would find someone who was willing to impregnate her…nobody is that desperate.

Leftist lunatics like Lightfoot who are completely unaware of how this whole United States Constitution works have their panties in a bunch over a leak from the Supreme Court indicated that the high court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Were that to happen, leftists would still be able to engage in murdering innocent children in the womb wherever they felt like it, with limited exceptions. In a state such as Illinois, run by unhinged leftists, abortion will remain unaffected, as it will in states from California to New York. However let us not let facts get in the way of riling up the nut jobs.

After being eviscerated for her comments, Lightfoot attempted to clarify her remarks in an interview with MSNBC, where she was asked to clarify what she meant by a “call to arms,” according to the New York Post.

“I think everybody who saw that draft opinion has gone through a range of emotions,” Lightfoot equivocated. “And that’s why I’m calling upon fellow elected officials across the country, and particularly my fellow mayors to join me in making a pledge that we made today, which is a justice for all pledge. And fundamentally, it reaffirms Chicago as a welcoming city, a city that doesn’t discriminate, and a city that’s going to stand with women.”

Her comment about Chicago not discriminating is 100% correct. The city’s crime and murder rate doesn’t discriminate whatsoever. Stand with women? Twenty-eight black women have been killed in Chicago in 2022 thus far, with 127 black men being killed over the same period. In fact, blacks have overwhelmingly been victims of murder in Lightfoot’s Chicago, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Lightfoot’s comments came as violent protests have broken out across the country. In Los Angeles, for example, protesters assaulted police officers, injuring one. In Madison, Wisconsin, a pro-life counseling clinic was firebombed by a lunatic or lunatics with Molotov cocktails.

More recently, radical leftists have taken to protesting outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices, in violation of federal law. Yet here you have Lightfoot, Kamala Harris, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and every high-profile Democrats failing to condemn such protests.

A number of people came out and slammed Lightfoot’s comments in light of the protests, some violent, across the nation.

“The Mayor of the most violent city in America is here to worry about woke nonsense instead of people literally dying in the streets here,” said one Twitter user.

Another accused Lightfoot of calling for an insurrection:

“If this isn’t a call to insurrection, what is?” asked Texas Scorecard publisher Michael Quinn Sullivan.

“#LeftistPrivilege means neither Twitter nor corporate media will do a damn thing about this blatant attempt to spark violent insurrection against a government body. They’ve impeached a president for far less,” wrote journalist JD Rucker.

Conservative commentator from the Daily Wire, Matt Walsh wrote, “Not satisfied with the murders just in her own city, Mayor Lightfoot calls for more violence across the country.”

Commentator Mark Dice:

How about a little more hypocrisy?

So while Lightfoot is worried about the right to murder babies (which fits right in with her city), Chicago has thus far reported 194 murders thus far in 2022, which unbelievably is an improvement over last year. However overall crime in the city has increased almost 35 percent.

For more on the incompetent Lightfoot and her abject hypocrisy, we invite you to:


This editorial is brought to you by a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

CHICAGO, IL – Ahhh. To be the king. Or queen. Or hard-left mayor of a major American city that is descending into criminal chaos while you enjoy your taxpayer-funded security detail of 91 police officers.

Yes, “progressive” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot does indeed enjoy sleeping peacefully at night in her mansion, safe in the knowledge that the city’s elite officers are protecting her and her wife.

The previously unknown Chicago Police Department Unit 544 has 65 officers along with five sergeants and a lieutenant assigned to protect the mayor — on top of her personal bodyguard detail of about 20 officers, the Chicago Sun-Times reported this week. That’s an awful lot of police presence for a Democrat who feels the pain of rioters and looters.

The unit, also called the Government Security Detail, told potential recruits that its “mission will be to provide physical security for City Hall, the mayor’s residence and the mayor’s detail command post,” the paper said. A recruitment memo reportedly stated:

“Through the coordination of intelligence and resources, officers will respond to all threats related to the mayor’s physical properties to ensure its protection.” 

The memo was sent in July 2020, the year that Lightfoot pushed to slash the police department’s budget by $80 million, axing hundreds of jobs, amid growing calls to defund the police during protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Chicago’s mayor has long been an open advocate for defunding the police and has criticized American policing as being rife with racism.


The proposed budget cuts were too radical for even Chicago Democrats, and the budget cut was reduced to $59 million.

But in 2020 alone, Lightfoot quietly cut 400 officers from the city’s police force in the name of defunding the police and racial justice. In 2021, 660 Chicago police officers elected to retire.

Critics said that the secretive police unit was hired at a time of rising complaints over the dwindling presence of patrol officers — ironically partly due to patrols keeping “defund the police” protesters away from Lightfoot’s house in Logan Square, the Sun-Times noted.

John Catanzara, president of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police, said:

“While murders are soaring, while districts are barebones for manpower, all that matters is protecting her castle.” 

Lightfoot confirmed the existence of Unit 544, insisting it was created to cover for the lack of a “unified command” for potential mayoral emergencies. She told the Sun-Times:

“And then obviously, in 2020 in particular, there were a significant amount of protests all over the city, and some of them targeted at my house. All the more reason why having a unified command to understand and share intelligence and be ready to respond if there was any kind of threat was very important.”

Lightfoot recruited officers primarily from Humboldt Park and Logan Square to stand guard outside her multi-million dollar home. Not coincidentally, Humboldt Park and Logan Square residents were outraged when they saw a decline in the police presence in their neighborhoods at the same time.

Chicago mayor upset about plans to hire armed security guards in neighborhood as crime explodes

December 25, 2021

CHICAGO, IL – Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has heard of the Bucktown neighborhood hiring armed security patrols in one of the many crime ridden areas in Chicago.

Lightfoot believes this is a bad idea and vows that no one other than Chicago Police Department will patrol the area.

The residents of the Bucktown neighborhood are fed up with the violence they are seeing on their streets daily and have decided to take steps to curb the carjacking and other violent crimes that have been occurring nightly.

The Bucktown Neighbors Association has been working with a private security firm to provide armed patrols of the neighborhood at night.

The belief is extra people on the streets watching will cause criminals to look for somewhere else to commit their crimes.

Lightfoot, who claims to understand that business owners and residents desire the need to feel safe, is disturbed at the thought of having armed security guards patrolling the streets. She said:

“I need to know more about what their [Bucktown] specific plan and scope is, but the patrolling the streets, responding to crime, that’s the job of the Chicago Police Department and they will do it effectively.

We are not going to start, because people can afford it, standing up a group of…well, I think I’ve said enough. There’s a slippery slope here and I am very concerned about that.”

While Lightfoot has expressed her disdain of having armed security patrols in one of her neighborhoods, she has yet to issue any type of plan to curb the violence throughout a city which is seeing significant spikes in violent crimes this year.

Because of her alleged lack of action or inability to deter crime, areas like Bucktown have tried to find ways to increase the safety of their residents and businesses that are outside the scope and control of Lightfoot.

According to the Block Club, Bucktown seemingly has already contracted with a private security firm, known as P4, to begin providing armed security services in the area as soon as December 15th.

The armed security guards will be patrolling the north end of the neighborhood.

The plan, according to the Block Club, is to have the armed security guards patrol the areas between Armitage Avenue to the north, Damen Avenue to the west, North Avenue to the south, and Paulina Street to the east.

The patrols would begin at some point in the evening hours and the shifts would last beyond midnight.

The move comes as the city has seen over 1,658 carjackings in 2021 which has increased from a total of 1,303 in 2020 and 544 during 2019.

Additionally, the Chicago Police Department 14th Police District which patrols Bucktown as well as other neighborhoods have reported 86 carjackings in the area which has increased from 53 from last year.

P4’s vice president of operations, Kevin Conway, released a statement that the people who his company employ are only off-duty police officers. He goes on to note:

“Only off-duty police officers are employed by P4 and will be handling patrols. Off-duty officers will be present to observe and report; they do not have arrest powers and if a crime is witnessed, they are directed to call 911 immediately.”

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