Tale of two shootings: Daunte Wright worshipped, Ashli Babbitt disparaged – here’s the real victim


SAN DIEGO, CA- One thing that was learned this past week…there are two tiers of justice. It just depends which side of the fence you’re on. That became clear with two decisions that came out of the criminal justice system this past week.

In one, a police officer in Minnesota was charged with manslaughter for accidentally shooting a man when she intended to use her Taser.

In the second, a still-unnamed law enforcement official from some agency got off without being charged for shooting Ashli Babbitt, a Trump-supporter who found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time on January 6.

Another fact which shows the difference in two tiers of justice is that within a day of the shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, the identity of the officer who shot him was all over the news and all over the internet.

Yet nearly 3-1/2 months after an unarmed white woman, Babbitt was killed at the U.S. Capitol, the name of the law enforcement officer who shot and killed her has still not been released. In an even more bizarre twist, that officer will not face criminal charges in her death, the Department of Justice announced this week.

Since Wright’s death, the mainstream media has shown pictures of him, painting him as an adoring father of a young child, a basic all-American kid while dismissing pictures showing him carrying a gun, flashing wads of money, and flashing gang signs.

Babbitt meanwhile, as a Trump supporter has been portrayed as a right-wing extremist who was hell-bent on committing an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, all of this despite the fact none of this is true.

The Biden Justice Department, which is expected to be heavily involved in criminal justice reform, apparently feels that a police officer (we believe, it could be Secret Service, or who knows?) was within his authority to shoot dead an unarmed woman who was posing no imminent threat to anyone.

In fact, there were a number of police officers in her immediate area, none of whom attempted to take her (or anyone else for that matter) into custody.

Of course in this case, that law enforcement official was acting at the behest of the political class, ostensibly to protect them from what has been called an insurrection, which if true is clearly the most bungled such incident in world history.

On that date, only one person was shot and that was Ashli Babbitt. Nobody who was arrested on the Capitol grounds on January 6 was in possession of a firearm.

Aside from the fact that the person who shot Ashli Babbitt remains a mystery, there has been zero transparency, no report and no interest apparently in who shot Babbitt. In fact, nobody in any official capacity in Washington has demanded to know what happened to Babbitt, and that includes Congressional Republicans, who should be demanding answers.

And what of the news media? The same. Aside from a few people, with Tucker Carlson of Fox News being the most prominent, nobody in the media is asking questions.

Oh, the mainstream media talking heads on MSNBC and CNN mention Ashli Babbitt’s name, but only to disparage her and basically infer that she got what was coming.

The Gateway Pundit published a depiction of who Ashli Babbitt was, and it is nothing like what is being portrayed in the mainstream media, compiled by Jamie Allman.

 In the interview, Ashli’s husband Aaron referred to her as a “beach girl,” someone who enjoyed the ocean and just feeling the sand between her toes. Moreover, she was an American girl.

Ashli’s mom, Michelle Witthoeft described her as “an amazing, amazing person…the quintessential American female; independent…strong willed…can do…will do attitude. And I love and miss her.”

Moreover, Ashli was an American patriot…an unabashed supporter of President Trump.

“I want people to know that my daughter was a true patriot, not an insurrectionist.”

Aaron said he visited the beach often, calling it “therapeutic in ways, sadly. She had to go this is where she’d want to be. I just never planned on being here longer than her.”

“I feel truly blessed to call her my daughter, Witthoeft said. “I’m overwhelmed with pride when I think of her. Her spirit surrounds me, which is the only way that I’m able to go on.”

Aaron said he and Ashli were inseparable. They owned a pool company, and every day, they drove in together in Aaron’s truck.

“Ashli’s the loud one, Aaron just sits there,” said Aaron, describing the couple’s dynamic. “Because I could never get a word in edgewise. I don’t know how she kept her voice honestly.”

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The couple both served in the military, Ashli serving 14 years in the Air Force while Aaron is a retired Marine.

Ashli grew up in a town called Lakeside, which is a million miles away from the beach area she grew to love. Aaron noted that the family had a pig that they kept and kept horses in front of the house.

He said Ashli and her friend used to ride horses down to the 7-Eleven.

Ashli gained a reputation as the Lakeside Legend at El Capitan High School. She would always take on to defend other people, getting involved in other people’s fights, so to speak. She became known as “the Enforcer” on her high school water polo team.

After high school, Ashli enlisted in the United States Air Force and was assigned to security forces. Shortly after Ashli and Aaron met, they ended up settling in San Diego, California.

They lived in a beachfront home and lived what was described as an idyllic lifestyle.

Since Ashli was shot to death on January 6, Aaron hasn’t touched much in their home. Her boots still sit by the door, and her cigarettes, which she only had occasionally sit behind the television. Their message board is exactly as it was left on that fateful day. The word of the day was “patriot.”

Ashli was a dog lover, and their dog has arthritis. Ashli would make it a point to take their dog to a place called Dog Beach at least 4-5 days a week to help the dog with his arthritic condition. The beach is a place where people are allowed to bring their dogs to swim in the ocean.

Ashli’s ashes are spread at the end of the pier on Dog Beach. Their German Shepherd died only a month after Ashli died, having been part of Ashli’s life for thirteen years. Only 3-4 days after Ashli’s ashes were spread, her beloved dog passed away.

Aaron told Allman he was happy to tell Ashli’s story and let people know who she was.

“I want to show people what Ashli lost that day. I lost…I lost my world. She lost everything. She had it stripped away. There’s no telling the places she would have gone. We had plans…we had aspirations. We don’t have them anymore.”

Speaking of Ashli’s trip to Washington, D.C. on January 6, Aaron said she only bought the ticket on January 1. Four days before she left, with no plan, he said.

Aaron said however that he had a bad feeling about the trip and didn’t want her to go. He said on January 5, he told her so. She said, “You’re worried about me, aren’t you,” to which Aaron said “I always worry about you.”

That was the last face-to-face conversation he had with his wife.

Ashli was an unabashed supporter of the country, and had thin blue lines on both sides of her vehicle. Aaron also said that Ashli was well aware of the use of force continuum and would have absolutely backed off had she known what was coming.

He also noted that the police officers in the stairwell actually backed off from the doors, basically as a tacit invitation for the crowd to go into that portion of the Capitol.

“It was an execution…it was an execution,” Aaron said.

Concerns expressed over the incident include the fact that the unidentified officer had his finger on the trigger the entire time.

In addition, Capitol police contaminated the crime scene, which ostensibly prevented a thorough investigation. Babbitt was carried down the stairs from the scene headfirst, despite suffering a mortal wound.

And, instead of securing the crime scene, it was cleaned up. In other words, something smells really bad.

Aaron was unable to get answers as to what happened and was exposed to seeing his wife murdered by the unidentified police officer over and over.

“I just collapsed in the kitchen,” Aaron said. “It’s all pretty black and hazy at that point.”

“She did everything with pride,” Ashli’s mom said. “This is something as a parent you never think will happen to you. Never.”

She also said she has not been able to get any answers since Ashli’s death.

She said Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) aide told her he was unaware who Ashli even was.

“He told me that even though it was unfortunate, that my daughter should not have stormed the Capitol building and threatened people. And that Dianne Feinstein would never have two minutes to talk to me. And my daughter did not storm the Capitol building.”

She continued, “Fourteen seconds before she was shot to death, she was talking to police officers.”

Witthoeft said that “by the time my daughter was killed, they were giving tours of the Capitol building. No Senators’ lives were in danger.”

To add insult to injury, none of Ashli’s belongings were released to the family, and the Pentagon refused to provide her with any military honors, including transportation of her body and funeral, despite her fourteen years of honorable service to the country.

After her death, Ashli was disparaged by the mainstream media, getting smeared by them who lied about her finances, a non-existent arrest record and basically attempted to dehumanize her.

Witthoeft sent an email to former President Trump in an attempt to draw attention to Ashli’s death, angry that he had not given Ashli a presidential pardon or addressed her death in any manner.

“We lost a great American…the world lost a great person. All we can do now is lift her name up,” Aaron said.

Here is a video of the interview:


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