A winding twisty road I drive, this life I hold so dear.

Where once sat thoughts of happiness are now consumed by fear.

Where this winding road will take me, no one seems to know, I take what God has given me and struggle as I go.

My Career is done, my stomach aches and legs no longer stand, these scars I wear are testament to an all but defeated man.

I cannot run, nor can I walk, and full of pain inside, and even if I found that place I have nowhere to hide.

So here I sit, my demons real, striking me as I go, my only choice is to soldier on, close to defeat I cannot show.

Whether I triumph or I fall, to you I cannot  foretell, all I can do is stand and fight and struggle through this hell.

The road is tough and winding more with impending doom, a prisoner tormented by many fears and locked up in an empty room.

I may no longer stand nor can I walk, but still I will be strong, I will shoulder the burden that I bare and fight to soldier on.