Black Portland police chief speaks the truth about the city’s violence, while Democrats refuse to (op-ed)


Portland, OR- On August 3rd, The New York Times published an op-ed piece in which Portland Police Department Chief Chuck Lovell describes the violent tactics used by “Black Lives Matter” protests, that have been destroying the city for 60+ days. 

The title of the op-ed is “I’m the Police Chief in Portland. Violence Isn’t the Answer,”, and the sub-headline is, “As a Black man and a public servant, I see that spectacle is drowning out the voices that need to be heard to make positive change.”

While Lovell did speak about non-violent protests, stating they are an “awesome expression of First Amendment rights,”, he also discussed the violent riots that are ravaging the city, and the fact that the federal officers are not the ones to blame. According to Lovell, the violence was already happening, and the federal officers just drew attention to it.  

Lovell writes:

“On one night, for example, individuals screwed the doors of our North Precinct station shut, barricaded other entrances and lit the station on fire with people inside.

Nearby businesses, owned by people of color, were damaged and looted.

On other nights, there were multiple attempts to breach the Justice Center. Other law enforcement facilities were targeted, including the union building, which was broken into and had fires set within.

“Violence and destruction have also been directed at the federal courthouse, which sits next to the Justice Center. The president sent additional federal agents to Portland, and our city became national news.

“During these events, our agency has responded to assaults, stabbing, shootings, people with guns and the stockpiling of explosives. Shooting off commercial-grade fireworks and mortars is not peaceful protest. We are fortunate that no one has been killed.

“The voices of victims are not heard as well. Because of the protests, officers have not been able to respond to 911 calls or have been delayed for hours. Investigators’ cases lie on their desks as they work nights to process arrests. We have seen an alarming increase in shootings and homicides. We need to redirect our focus to preventing and solving these crimes that are taking a hugely disproportionate number of minority lives.”

It seems at though Lovell is a minority when it comes to speaking up against the violence in Portland. Portland officials and Democrats have both deflected the blame for the riots. Some blame the federal officers, some blame President Trump, and others just refuse to comment. 

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Here is an article Law Enforcement Today brought you, showing how Democrats refuse to acknowledge the ANTIFA violence. 

WASHINGTON DC – Anyone who has taken a look at the 60+ days of riots across the country, knows that ANTIFA violence is unacceptable, and they should be held accountable for their actions. Anyone, except Democrats that is.

It was clear at August 4th’s Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearing, which was meant to bring the ANTIFA issue under scrutiny, that Democrats refuse to acknowledge the chaos ANTIFA is causing, and condemn them for it.

Senator Ted Cruz, the chairman of the hearing, gave Democrats multiple chances to condemn ANTIFA, and they refused.

This was taken to the extreme, when Senator Mazie Hirono chose to walk out the hearing rather than to stay and denounce the extremist group.

Fox News reported:

“The dustup occurred when Cruz, R-Texas, blasted Democrats for not condemning ANTIFA more directly for the violence and destruction that has taken hold in certain U.S. cities in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

“But Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, said Cruz just wasn’t listening during the more than three-hour hearing when Democrats said violence is not acceptable.”

Hirono told Cruz:

“Sometimes I don’t think you listen,” 

She continued:

“So, how many times have I had to say that we all should be denouncing violent extremists of every stripe.”

Cruz then asked:

“Does that include Antifa?”

Which prompted Hirono to say:

“I have the time,” 

She went on to say:

“…I hope this is the end of this hearing, Mr. Chairman, and that we don’t have to listen to any more of your rhetorical speeches,”

She concluded, before packing up and leaving:

“Thank you very much. I’m leaving.”

While she was packing up, Cruz pointed out that she was still unable to denounce the actions of ANTIFA:

“Well I appreciate the, as always, kind of uplifting words of Senator Hirono,

“And I would also note that throughout her remarks she still did not say a negative word about Antifa nor has any Democrat here.”

Finally, he blatantly called her out on her lack of response, saying:

 “You’re welcome to say something negative about Antifa right now,” 

At which time she replied, before exiting the room:

“I think that I’ve covered the subject quite well,” 

In a well said conclusion to the drama, Cruz said:

“Okay, she declined to speak, so that is the position of the Democratic Party,”

Even when directly asked to say something negative about ANTIFA, Democrats dodge the questions, and refuse to speak up.

It seems as though they are enjoying watching the officers get attacked, and watching the cities burn. More than likely, they presume that if the ANTIFA violence continues closer to Election Day, it will negatively impact Trumps chances at re-election.

What they are failing to realize, is most people, who actually vote, are getting really tired of the ANTIFA violence as well. 


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