The officers involved in Rayshard Brooks shooting are under attack. Here’s how we can all help (we’ve vetted it already).


ATLANTA, GA – By now you’re no doubt well aware of the Atlanta PD shooting of Rayshard Brooks, and of the fact that it’s a politically motivated circus.

District Attorney Paul Howard is merely trying to save face and ride the wave of anti-police sentiment to secure votes since he’s embroiled in his own controversy of mismanaging funds.

Law Enforcement Today has reported on the investigation against Howard, which you can read about HERE.

After a clear- cut case of legitimate use of force by OFC Rolfe, which you can read about HERE,  Howard swung the hands of justice to an absurd direction by charging OFC Rolfe with 12 charges, including felony murder.

He subsequently charged OFC Rolfe’s partner on scene, OFC Brosnan, with 4 charges, 3 Oath of Office violations and aggravated assault.

Chief of Operations for Georgia Law Enforcement Organization Josh Watson told LET:

“In regard to the Oath of Office violations, it appears those charges were a result of Brosnan attempting to control the arm of Mr. Brooks after the shooting, by placing his foot on his arm.”

DA Howard’s perversion of the justice system put two well-intended officers up against the wall and who’s futures remain uncertain- all in an effort to smokescreen his own criminal investigation.

LET was able to help former officer Rolfe raise the funds to cover the legal fees to give him the best chance of getting what is deserved- complete and total justice. The mere fact that he has to go through this political tug-of-war is ridiculous to begin with.

The organization, Georgia Law Enforcement Organization (GLEO) helped raise awareness to fund Officer Rolfe’s legal fees is now asking for additional funds to help OFC Rolfe’s partner, Officer Devin Brosnan.


LET has a private home for those who support emergency responders and veterans called LET Unity.  We reinvest the proceeds into sharing their untold stories. Click to check it out.

Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed


John Watson said:

“We believe Officer Brosnan acted appropriately for an Officer who was just involved in a fight for his life. It’s always difficult to try to ‘Monday morning quarterback’ a situation you were not involved in.”

The fundraising page clearly states that OFC Brosnan will not testify against OFC Rolfe.

Josh Watson said:

“The initial statement made by DA Paul Howard that Brosnan was planning to testify against Rolfe was an outright lie. Howard made that statement in an attempt to mislead the public in to believing that Rolfe had acted unethically or illegally.”

It sounds like DA Howard is playing chess with the legal system- the complete opposite of what America’s justice system is designed for. His gross abuse of the legal system seems to parallel his own investigation of misusing City of Atlanta funds for personal gain.

Officer Brosnan said in an interview that he would not have done anything differently that night. Rayshard Brooks’ death was a tragedy, but his actions dictated the outcome of the encounter.

At this point all we can do as law enforcement supporters of both the police and the system itself, is to get the word out and help support former officer Brosnan. He deserves to be pulled away from this ridiculous political tactic and get him back on the street.

Josh Watson said:

“Make no mistake, Paul Howard is waging war on the entire policing community, not just these two officers. It’s important that we stand united throughout this attack.”

Officers Rolfe and Brosnan’s bond hearing was already cancelled twice- no surprise there- and is set for another hearing this Tuesday, June 30th.

Let do what we do best, support these officers and get the word out and donate.

Let’s prove that an alleged corrupt DA is not stronger than the honest police force that keeps this country strong and safe, and the community that supports them.

To help and donate, click HERE.  Don’t forget to share this article and the donation link so we can get him all the help he needs!

About the writer: Eddie Molina is an OIF veteran and focuses on leadership. He voluntarily writes articles for the law enforcement, first responder and military community. He also supports the Law Enforcement Podcast, End of Watch with Bootsy and Sal- available on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Podcasts and more.

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