As a police officer, I have never helped anyone.
The times that I’ve changed a tire for a stranded motorist, carried groceries for an elderly lady, or helped a family push their wheelchair up a hill, yes……. But for the majority of my 20 years, no.
As an officer I have been called into several people’s’ lives. During that time I have offered advise, given temporary solutions, and kept the peace.
What happens on that scene and after is not my design, it’s theirs.
People choose to be good, be bad, or seek help for their issues.
Only when that one person or group of people decide that enough is enough will their lives truly change.
The police are a temporary fix to a problem that was there long before we arrived. We are simply the tip of the sword that breaks the bubble you surround yourself with; “everything is fine”, ” I don’t have a problem”, “we love each other”.

So yes, I have never helped anyone, but I will continue to try. If you accept the help or dismiss it I, we, will still be there, everyday, every night, forever.