Another day… another injustice to the members of the NYPD.


It started with the firing of an officer for going out and doing his job. An officer who did as he was ordered, as instructed by his frontline supervisor and ultimately precinct brass.

Then that very same front line supervisor nearly lost her job. The same supervisor who brass had reported previously “failed to do her job” in regards to the incident leading to the arrest of Garner, who was selling untaxed cigarettes (Felony classification under NYS tax law), was informed that she will keep her job.

Her only punishment is a 20-day hit, a meer loss of 20 vacation days and she is free and clear. No loss of pension, no loss of rank and no unemployment line for her after she “failed to do her job”.


He did his job. She didn’t. So why did she keep her position on the force? (Twitter)


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with the clowns at puzzle palace. I fully believe she did her job. As a matter of fact, I feel they all did their jobs that day, and did so in the best way they could when dealing with an agitated and aggressive suspect. The officers in question made the best they could with the ingredients given on that day… if an egg or two got broken, so be it.

Again, had Garner not broken the law, had he not resisted, he would most likely be alive.


Officer Pantaleo attempts to take Eric Garner to the ground. (Screenshot – YouTube)


The commissioner claimed that PO Pantaleo was doing his job. But then he claimed that a 4-second window existed in the video showing where he might have held the suspect’s neck. He said that because of this, the officer who performed his duties shouldn’t get to keep his job.

Seems kind of odd that one man did his job and lost it, but someone negligent in their duties keeps theirs. I wonder if the department will go after the then Special Ops Lt. for his lack of oversight. Or perhaps the Borough Commander, who issued the orders to stop this one-man crime syndicate.

Perhaps it’s more about finding a scapegoat.

Perhaps it’s about something deeper.

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Perhaps it’s time someone comes out and says it like it is, so let me do my best.

As a society we need to start calling things like they are. Stop watering everything down in an attempt not to hurt people’s feelings. Time people start to realize that officers are not employed for the purpose of being your friends; they are a vital city service charged with protecting the people and enforcing the laws – a violation of which will bring officers to your door as a penalty for your actions and by any means necessary they will hold you accountable for such.

While we will put our life on the line to save yours, it’s important to note that we will, in fact, use every ounce of what we have to bring you down when you force our hand. Too often do we see videos of people yelling that cops can’t touch people, strike people or full-out fight with people.

That is just the idiotic belief that leads to dead-end confrontations that will often result in a violent clash, and as a member of the thin blue line, we usually swing these odds into our favor pretty quick.


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