The New “Squad”: Veteran, cop, immigrant and southern mom are about to take over Congress


The mainstream media has made a public spectacle out of “The Squad” – four inexperienced Congressional rookies who are often outspoken against everything from law enforcement to the founding values of America.  

Their unending attacks on President Trump and seemingly of the Constitution have made them darlings of media outlets like CNN, who’ve dubbed them as having “carved an outsized profile for themselves due to their willingness to take on the Washington establishment”.

But for people who actually LOVE America, the four congresswomen represent not just a push to overthrow “the establishment”, but also an insult to the very foundation of our country.

Those women are Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts.

They spend more time race-baiting and attacking the president than they do trying to actually make America a better place.

And so today, I humbly present you with the soon to be brand NEW squad: a group of four patriots who love America and who are stepping up to make sure that we don’t lose our soul as a country.

Those four are immigrant Catalina Lauf, veteran and Military Police officer Daniel Merritt, business woman and southern mom Marjorie Taylor Greene and retired officer Sergeant Burton Brink.

Today, we’re proud to introduce you to the four who are standing up and fighting for the TRUE America.


Catalina Lauf

She’s a young Latina. She’s from Illinois.  She’s running for Congress.  And she’s the polar opposite of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

She’s conservative. She’s smart.  She’s gorgeous.  She supports law enforcement.  She actually loves America.  Her idol is Ronald Reagan.  And she’s not afraid to ruffle feathers.

Catalina Lauf

Her name is Catalina Lauf, and she’s 26-years-old.  Her goal is to steal a Democratic-held seat outside Chicago.

If she’s able to pull it off, she’d destroy Bronx-Queens representative’s record as the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.

She announced her bid for Illinois 14th Congressional District on Tuesday, taking on incumbent Democrat Lauren Underwood.

Lauf is a former Trump administration adviser and describes herself as “Latina by heart, American first”.

She was born to an American father and Guatemalan mother.  And she’s a huge supporter of law enforcement.

The New "Squad": Veteran, cop, immigrant and southern mom are about to take over Congress

“I have and always have been, a supporter of our First Responders,” Lauf told Law Enforcement Today. 

She says the deserve recognition and protection for a lifelong sacrifice.

“People forget that our men and women in uniform are human, they’ve pursued a career that puts their lives on the line for the safety of others. It pains me to see when they are blatantly disrespected, their work politicized when they are doing a job that they’ve been trained to do. And that’s to protect you and me.”

Lauf shared an announcement video, saying Ocasio-Cortez was among the “angry voices who seek to divide us.”

“I think people like AOC and that group are focusing on an agenda that is so detrimental to our country,” Lauf said.  “They are not being leaders. They are part of the problem.”

Catalina Lauf

She says it’s that same problem leading to attacks on law enforcement.

“It takes mental fortitude and strong character to do what these people do. Our men and women in uniform deserve the upmost respect and support by our communities. We should honor their duty, understand it’s a tough job, and recognize their safety is one we can’t live without,” she said.

Long before deciding she was going to run for office, she says she went on a ride-along with a friend of hers who is a police officer.  It changed everything for her.

“Just in one night, I witnessed a homicide, and another person who would have died by a drug overdose had there not been a team of cops there to save him. And this was all in the span of two hours,” she said.

It was an experience that stuck with her.

“For me, witnessing that was heavy. But imagine seeing and experiencing that everyday. Going to work, not knowing what the day is going to bring. Our men and women in uniform do that everyday, and they do it because they have a mission in life to serve and protect.”

And how are they thanked? She said it’s beyond disheartening.

“Now imagine just for doing your job and wearing that uniform, you’re criticized, thrown things at, yelled at, politicized by the same people you serve and protect? Completely not fair. And so un-American.”

She’s also infuriated with the idea that as a minority and a female – not to mention one of immigrant parents – that she should be anti-Trump.

“I’m the daughter of a legal immigrant,” she said. “We’re for legal immigration. That’s not racism. You should be a law-abiding citizen,” she said.

Her father was a small-business owner, and Lauf described herself as a proud capitalist who was inspired by her entrepreneurial father’s various businesses.

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The New "Squad": Veteran, cop, immigrant and southern mom are about to take over Congress

She then studied at Miami University of Ohio, where she became involved in the college Republican group before obtaining a bachelor of communications at the age of 20.

Catalina Lauf

After college, she worked for Uber in Chicago in community partnerships before becoming a special adviser to the Department of Commerce last year.

What was the straw that broke the camel’s back in her decision to run?  When earlier this month, Underwood called for the impeachment of Trump.

In the 2018 midterm election, Underwood narrowly won election with 52.5% of the vote in a mostly rural, traditionally Republican district.

Lauf plans on fixing that come 2020.

Daniel Merritt

Running a true grassroots campaign is tough. Even harder when your social media platform is against your conservative principles and shuts you down…

That’s the battle Daniel Merritt is facing after Twitter shut down his account for seemingly no reason.

Merritt boasts a large list of accomplishments and is now setting his sights on bringing his experience to the political playing field.

Merritt is a father of four, a combat veteran, has served with the Military Police and is 50% owner and co-founder of the patriotic clothing company, Nine Line Apparel. 

Next on his list of goals? Become a Congressman in Georgia’s first congressional district. 

But because of his conservative views, this hardworking American is finding his road to the race isn’t exactly paved in gold…. or even paved at all, for that matter.

Daniel Merritt signed up to fight for freedom. But since he set his sights on a political seat, someone is silencing him. (Daniel Merritt)


After announcing his intention to run for Congress, Merritt received a message from Twitter Legal, telling him that his @MerrittforGA account had been deactivated. 

He immediately appealed the decision. What he got back wasn’t much of an explanation. 

Here’s the message from the social media giant in all its vague glory.


We received your appeal regarding your account. Please reply to this message and confirm that you have access to this email address. Once we receive your confirmation, we’ll review the information you provided and will respond as soon as possible.

We typically suspend accounts for violations of the Twitter Rules ( or Terms of Service ( Additionally, repeat violations may result in permanent account suspension.


Twitter Support”

Just a few short hours later, Merritt received a followup, providing the reason for why his account had been deactivated.

Again, the communication was extremely vague.


Your account has been suspended and will not be restored because it was found to be violating the Twitter Terms of Service, specifically the Twitter Rules against managing multiple Twitter accounts for abusive purposes.

You can learn more about our rules around multiple accounts and against abusive behavior here:

Please note that creating new account(s) to evade this suspension is also against the Twitter Rules and will result in additional account suspension(s).



So what was going on? Did he break the rules? Or did Twitter just decide that they didn’t like the content he was putting out and took matters into their own hands?

The New "Squad": Veteran, cop, immigrant and southern mom are about to take over Congress


Merritt has his own theories as to why he’s being censored.

“When I started the account, it grew from 0 to 20K followers in 60 days,” Merritt said. “My loud and proud 2nd Amendment stance was not liked by Twitter. They would destroy my reach on anything involving 2A.”

He says as his base continued to grow, Twitter finally decided they’d had enough and deactivated the account.

“Killing the reach was no longer good enough, so they dreamed up a reason to kill my account indefinitely.”

Because of Twitter’s rules, it would essentially violate their terms if he created a new username and profile and alerted his followers to it. So in reality, the social media platform rendered him completely without a voice online.

Merritt felt betrayed by the very country he signed up to protect. 

“As a Military Police Officer (Major in the US ARMY Reserve) someone who has risked my life for our country I should have the right to speak my mind and run for office un-interrupted,” he said.

But with the support of another conservative news outlet getting his story out, he’s back online, having his Twitter account officially reinstated.

“If it were not for National Review & Fox News I would have been silenced forever and my campaign would be critically wounded,” Merritt said.

He’s a father of four. He’s served his country and his community. Now he’s running for Congress. (Daniel Merritt)


Now that he’s back in action, Merritt is encouraging others who feel as though they’ve been silenced to raise their voices along with him.

As a fellow member of the Thin Blue Line (MP), law enforcement is a brotherhood that is unmatched or unlike another,” Merritt said. “It is the sacrifice of our law enforcement officers and their family that keep this country safe. We are lucky to have a president who supports our Thin Blue Line and we need our elected officials to do the same. When I am elected to Congress we will have one of our own in office and I will support members of law enforcement above and beyond, just as they do for us.”

Anyone looking for some more info on the congressional candidate can visit his Twitter, back in its full glory.

“I would ask people who are listening who want a pro law enforcement, pro wall, pro Trump, pro life, combat veteran in Congress, consider going to and dropping some support in the till.”

Sergeant Burton Brink

Over the last 40 years, Sergeant Burton Brink has served the San Gabriel Valley, starting as a young 14-year-old as a police explorer with the Arcadia Police Department, serving all the way up through a position as a sergeant.

And now he’s setting his sights on leading his community through a seat in public office.

The New "Squad": Veteran, cop, immigrant and southern mom are about to take over Congress
Burton Brink is running for public office in California, aiming to use his experience in law enforcement to effect positive change. (Burton Brink)


Brink is setting his sights on a position within the California State’s Assembly. And in order to create real change, he’s starting by promoting a petition to remove the current governor from his seat.

“We need change here in California, on a large-scale level,” Brink told LET. “I have seen firsthand how the laws coming out of Sacramento have hurt my law enforcement partners, my neighbors and my community.”

Brink said his decision to challenge the current elected leaders came from years of sitting by as a member of law enforcement, repeatedly watching dangerous criminals being released back into the streets.

Gov. Gavin Newsom (Wikipedia)


And that’s the major reason he’s going after California Governor Gavin Newsom. 

“As a veteran law enforcement officer, I have been working in our community taking criminals to jail, only to have our legislature in Sacramento, let them back out, by tying the hands of law enforcement and judges. I have investigated numerous shootings, robberies, burglaries, drive-by shootings and criminal gang activity. I have the pulse of what is happening in our communities and with what our law enforcement officers must contend with. I have prioritized public safety as one of my focuses for keeping our communities safe!”

Essentially, Brink is sick of seeing resolutions put into place that puts his community in danger.

“There’s plenty that our government can cut, before compromising public safety and letting career criminals out of jail,” Brink said. “I fully support the three strikes law, and I oppose any form of early release that Propositions 47 and 57 and AB-109 have caused, making our communities less safe.”

The New "Squad": Veteran, cop, immigrant and southern mom are about to take over Congress
Burton Brink has won numerous awards during his career in law enforcement. (Burton Brink)


The veteran law enforcement officer, who retired after 40 years of service, says he’s the only candidate on the bill that knows the streets, knows the community and can steer it in the direction it needs to go.

“I’m the only candidate running who has the experience to make our neighborhoods safe again,” he said. “That’s why I earned the endorsement of the Professional Peace Officers’ Association (PPOA) and it’s over 8,700 members across Los Angeles County.”

Brink’s Facebook page dives in further to his efforts to remove Governor Newsom from power.

Brink began as a reserve police officer with the Monterey Park Police Department, then moved to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, eventually retiring as a sergeant after 29 years.

Burton Brink grew up in Arcadia. His family has lived in the California town since 1967.

The New "Squad": Veteran, cop, immigrant and southern mom are about to take over Congress
Brink’s wife Kim is also a retired sergeant. (Burton Brink)

He’s been awarded the “10851” pin for recovery of stolen vehicles in 1993, the “Legendary Lawman” award in 2003, the “In The Line Of Duty” award in 2016, and the “Distinguished Service Award” in 2017, all from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Burton has spent his entire life working and living in the community. He says his goal is to continue to fight for safety and progression of new laws to make the community safe again.

Want to see more on where Brink stands on current issues? Visit his campaign site to see his position on crime, public safety, jobs, immigration and more.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

We’re still a year away from the 2020 elections.  Yet it’s already shaping up to be a brutal battlefield.  Our team at Law Enforcement Today is keeping our eyes on the candidates who stand behind law enforcement… regardless of which side of the aisle they are on.

Three years ago, Atlanta’s northern suburbs were considered comfortable ground for the GOP.  But things shifted in 2017 in what became the most expensive House race in congressional history, when Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff faced off to succeed Tom Price. 

While Handel won that contest, she suffered a surprising defeat at the hands of Democratic gun control activist Lucy McBath a year later.  Now national are expected to pour millions into the district.

Handel wants a rematch against McBath… she’s facing a formidable opponent in one of the most pro-law enforcement candidates we’ve ever seen.

Enter: Marjorie Taylor Greene.

She’s known as being a loving mom and successful businesswoman.  With just enough of a southern accent to make you adore her right away.

She owns a commercial construction company called Taylor Commercial. 

“I bought my father’s construction company in 2002 and expanded our work to 11 different states. My company has created thousands of jobs over the past 17 years. I also opened and grew a thriving gym called CrossFit Passion in my district,” she said.

She’s pushing to slash government spending and pass legislation to replace federal personal and corporate income taxes with a national retail sales tax.

She’s a hardcore supporter of law enforcement… and is so passionate about giving a voice to those whose voices have been silenced that she’s reached deep into her own pockets to do so.

Earlier this year, she loaned herself $500,000 in seed money to run the campaign.

“As a proud contributor and partner with Law Enforcement Today, I am a huge supporter of all law enforcement not only in my community, but nationwide,” she said.

She believes we owe a debt of gratitude to our police.

“As a business owner in my district, and a Mom of three kids, I am very grateful to our police for keeping our community safe,”

She says we are facing a scary new time in America for those who serve and protect.

“In today’s climate of anti-American and anti-police sentiment coming from the left, we are seeing an unprecedented hate for our brave men and women who are called to the honorable line of duty which is law enforcement,” she said.

She argues that it’s lead to anti-police rhetoric from Democrats running for President – all of them.

“Worse than a lack of support some of them want true lawlessness in our country with their open borders, demands to defund and dismantle ICE, and constant calls that police are racist,” she said.

She argues it’s lead to a rise of groups like Black Lives Matter and terrorist organizations like Antifa.

“With destructive vocal influencers like Nike sponsored anti-flag failed NFL quarter back Colin Kaepernick, radical billionaire leftist George Soros Open Society subsidizing and stoking hatred for ICE and Border Patrol, and anti-American Communist House Rep Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who demonizes ICE, Homeland Security, and harasses Border Patrol, now more than ever we need elected leaders who will take a stand for our nation’s men and women in law enforcement,” she said.

Greene has actually written for Law Enforcement Today in the past.

“I have already been fighting against anti American elected leaders like Nancy Pelosi when I wrote a White House Petition in January to impeach Nancy Pelosi for crimes of Treason because as Democrat majority house leader, Pelosi forced a government shut down and refused to fund America’s border wall,” she said.

Why?  Because she believes it’s created a threat to law enforcement and to Americans.

“This hurt our law enforcement by continuing to put their lives in danger by the thousands of migrants who illegally enter our country every day and law enforcement agents like ICE and Border Patrol still had to protect our country during that time without a paycheck because of Nancy Pelosi’s actions. My White House Petitions garnered over 182,000 signatures in only 30 days,” she said.

She delivered that petition to Pelosi’s office on February 22 and then led an organized march and rally from the Capitol to the White House on February 23rd in support of President Trump and demanding Congress fund the wall. 

“I’m nobody special, I’m just an American and I’m a business owner, and I just I decided it’s time to stand up and speak out for the Angel Families, for our nation’s purity, and our veterans, and our law enforcement,” she told Breitbart News.

Many of her friends are police or married to a police officer in my community, she said.  And she’s seen the impact.

“I have friends who have been shot in the line of duty, suffer daily from PTSD from the emotional scars gained doing their job, and we all know the tragic statistic that more first responders die from suicide than in the line of duty each year,” she said.

“If my district elects me, I will be one of the most Pro Law Enforcement Representatives in the United States House of Representatives.”

Her opponent, Lucy McBath, is a national spokesperson for Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action – both Michael Bloomberg funded gun control groups. She became an anti-gun activist because tragically McBath lost her son during a shooting at a Florida gas station in an argument over loud music. 

Lucy McBath stood on the Capital steps recently when introducing her red flag gun confiscation bill, and said she wants a “gun free society.” 

“Lucy McBath’s main platform is gun control. That was the issue she ran for office on and still campaigns on,” she said.

Greene argues that Democrat Lucy McBath has a side by side voting record of 92% the same as AOC and Ilhan Omar.

“She promised small business owners like me here in our district that she would not vote for the $15 Living Wage because she said it would hurt small businesses. She lied to us and just recently voted to pass the $15 Living Wage,” she said.

We’ll make sure to keep introducing you to patriotic men and women running for office who actually support law enforcement, like these four.  Keep following for more!

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