Every time I turn on my TV or open up a social media page, I see more stories about people not standing for the anthem, burning flags and destroying historical monuments. When did this become acceptable and almost encouraged behavior?

These days, it has basically become a crime to be patriotic and have a love for your country and those who protect it.

Those, like myself, who are patriotic are being deemed “bigots”, “racists”, “deplorables” and lots of other colorful words the “tolerant” left has come up with.

When did it become a bad thing to love your country and what it stands for?  This is America, land of the free and home of the brave and that is the way it should stay. 

We should be proud of the freedoms that so many have risked their lives to protect.

Also, newsflash: destroying and tearing down historical monuments will not erase the history of this nation, nor will it change anything. Our history has made our country the great place it is today and as everyone knows, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

I would like to know an actual, justifiable reason for those who do not stand for our anthem and flag. I hear the poor excuse of “police brutality”, but please, enlighten me on how not standing for the anthem is taking a stand against law enforcement? What good is that doing?

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These players are kneeling for the anthem in a protest against the law enforcement officers that provide protection for them at the games they play!

If you think that there are so many “problems” in society today with law enforcement, then hey… go get an education and take on a career where you might be able to make a difference.

As of right now though, all I see are a bunch of over-paid, childish fools who are making a scene.  Of course these players have a dislike of cops… most of them have a criminal record!

But please, let’s allow them to disrespect our flag and nation, then praise them for it. That is the biggest problem right there – all of the attention and praise these people get for being so disrespectful.

This isn’t changing how law enforcement is carried out (that’s called following the law), this is only creating a chaotic, disrespectful movement against our nation and the generations of those who have fought to defend and protect it.

This brings me to the topic of the disrespect of our service members. I was discussing some of the packages I send overseas to the troops in Afghanistan and here was a response I got:

“They’re not in the poorhouse, I promise you so don’t feel even a little bad. Plus, it’s the service, a lot of military members get this big head like civilians owe them something.”

There have been very few times my blood pressure has gotten so high that I saw stars, but this was one of them.

Are there people that really have such a disrespect for our service members? Service members that risk their life for our freedoms? Seriously?!

You bet your ass we owe them something, it’s called respect and gratitude and that should not have to be explained to these morons.

Not once in my time of sending items over to the troops have I ever encountered a service member that was not appreciative of the items they receive. To them, it’s not what they receive, it’s the fact that people back home are thinking of them because that’s what matters.

These men and women need to know that they have the support of those back home that they are defending.

The only disrespect I’ve received so far from anyone was from that person making those comments about the military members. These men and women volunteer, give up their time with their loved ones, defend our freedoms and sacrifice their lives in the name of their country.

How dare anyone make such comments about our service members. If you want to see someone in uniform who thinks they are owed something and are ungrateful, turn on the beginning of a football game. 

There you will find your big-headed, unappreciative, trouble-making morons. Period.

Not only were those comments extremely disrespectful to our service members, but they are insulting to those of us who do our very best to show our support to them, as everyone should be doing. If you do nothing else today, please thank a service member.

I cringe when I think about the absolute disrespect and mayhem that is happening in our country with no justification whatsoever. Why is this being allowed to continue? Enough is enough.

I greatly encourage those of you with young children to please let them know this behavior is not acceptable. Please do not let these football players, the lunatics burning flags in the streets and people who do not respect our troops become influencers in our young generation’s lives.

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Brittany Judd is a millennial from St. Louis. She’s a sales coordinator for an electrical distribution company and a proud Whiskey Patriot. She supports our troops with care packages going overseas each week and started a foundation called “Legacy of Love” in honor of her grandpa, who passed away of cancer.