The future of government repression in the United States – what every American needs to know (op-ed)


Throughout history, the real purpose of most governments was to control the masses and reap benefits for the few. Using the military has always been messy and expensive, though.

However, in modern times, they have learned that people will buy into a different system without much resistance, as long as the right messaging is in place. For example, with the communists, the message was equality for all. Of course, we all know how that turned out for the Soviet Union and the people of China.

In America, our intended system was straightforward – government for the people, by the people. The plan was great for the people, but not so good for the few. To some extent, the few were able to turn that around by creating the two-party system, which allowed real power to become obscured.

Even so, more control was needed. Therefore, the international billionaires had legislation passed that allowed PACs to funnel virtually unlimited campaign contributions to key office-holders. Nobody could tell how much and to whom. Along with buying political power, they also bought up the media to control future messaging.

The few were worried that as jobs decreased with AI and automation, the unemployed would become disenfranchised and, at some point, take away their hard-earned fortunes. 

The answer fell into their laps during the Clinton Administration. Instead of trying to control a bunch of Republican individualists, they decided to take over the people’s party and pretend they were on the side of ordinary people, especially minorities. Now, almost all of the billionaires who matter are Democrats!

Historically, the international billionaires were opposed to communism and any form of government control. That began to change with China’s rise, where they had invested so much of their wealth. It became clear, any harm to China was harm to themselves. Besides, China’s system had great control of the masses. The answer was not to make China more like us, but to make us more like China. 

To get there, they harnessed the socialist movements already underway in the U.S. educational systems. These movements gained footholds after the Vietnam war era. That’s when many of the draft-dodgers became professors and movie producers so they could rewrite history and make themselves into national heroes.

Yet, to get to the point where people would volunteer their rights, they needed two things:

1) A good message, in this case – “something for nothing,” and

2) General dissatisfaction with the current system. The socialist message was perfect for the first, and Covid-19 an ideal process for the second.

Covid provided benefits on many levels. First, they were able to study how people behaved under lockdown. Next, they harnessed the pent-up frustrations of minorities, who were also the hardest hit by the disease. They exaggerated the injustices to their groups and called upon them to “revolt.”

Now that Trump has left office, things will move quickly. If things go as expected, society will begin fighting on many levels.

As those dangers become widespread, people will give up many freedoms to make the violence stop. One immediate goal is to create federal oversight of all police functions within the states. Ideally, protesting in the streets would become illegal altogether. 

Instead, people will stay home, receive their monthly stipends, smoke lots of marijuana, and watch TV. The so-called “resisters” who expected equality for all – will undergo social structure modifications using psychedelic experiences provided during legal sponsored forums. Later, those that can’t adapt to the government restrictions can be taken out and shot – because that is what communist governments do. 

What to do? First, educate the populace of the efforts underway to change our system of government.

Next, return the power of “one person – one vote” by eliminating secret campaign funding. This may require a Constitutional amendment. We also need to clean up the party system or, if necessary, do away with it altogether. That will ensure each representative stands on their own merits and ideas. 

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Report: Biden’s pick for National Security Adviser suggested U.S. should encourage China’s rise

November 28, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As Joe Biden forges ahead with his cabinet and staff choices, his proposed foreign policy and national security picks have raised red flags when it comes to dealings with China.  Jake Sullivan, Biden’s choice for National Security Adviser, has an especially concerning history.

In addition to Sullivan, other choices include:

– Anthony Blinken, for Secretary of State

– Linda Thomas-Greenfield, for U.N. Ambassador

– Alejandro Mayorkas, for Secretary of Homeland Security

– John Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

– Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence.

K.T. McFarland, author and former Deputy National Security Adviser for the Trump administration, warned Martha McCallum on Fox News that these picks have a history of foreign policy failures.

McFarland stated:

“The problem with all of them is that this is the group who, you know, initially failed to understand the crisis in the Middle East, they failed to understand the threat posed by the Islamic State, by ISIS, but most importantly, as they were focused on the Middle East, they took their eye off the ball on China.”

She added:

“This is globalism writ large, and the first thing that’s going to go out the window is… America First….

“These guys are going to get out the American checkbook, they’re going to rejoin all the international organizations which we underwrite and pay for, and the problem is that none of them are going to stand up to China, if the past is any indication of where we are going in the future.

McFarland went on to say:

“These are the people, Martha, who looked askance, and just didn’t think that China was a threat, as China started building a maritime trade route to challenge our own.  A land-based trade route to challenge our own.”

McFarland added that she believes this group will simply allow China to crown itself the dominant power in the world within a few years.

Regarding the question of potential diplomatic answers by this group to any posturing by China, McFarland noted that she expects the group to give up strength in diplomatic leverage in the areas of technology, economy, and energy.

As such, she stated,

“You’re not really negotiating.  You’re just begging.  You’re just pleading with some other country to do your bidding.”

Jake Sullivan, now Biden’s choice for National Security Adviser, has especially raised eyebrows when it comes to relations with China.

In 2017, Sullivan, former adviser to Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State, and former Biden advisor during the Obama administration, delivered a lecture for the Lowy Institute for International Policy.  In that lecture, he advocated a soft touch with communist China.

According to Fox News, Sullivan claimed that “leading foreign policy expert Owen Harries was ‘right’ to warn against ‘containment’ as a self-defeating policy, much like acquiescence.”

Sullivan went on to suggest supporting China’s rise, saying:

“We need to strike a middle course – one that encourages China’s rise in a manner consistent with an open, fair, rules-based, regional order.”

He continued:

“This will require care and prudence and strategic foresight, and maybe even more basically it will require sustained attention.

“It may not have escaped your notice that these are not in ample supply in Washington right now.”

Sullivan continued to double down on supporting China when he added that U.S. policy on China:

“needs to be about our ties to the region that create an environment more conducive to a peaceful and positive sum Chinese rise.”

However, it is not only Sullivan’s stance on China that has raised concerns.

Biden’s pick for National Security Adviser also has a history of past behavior that makes one wonder why he should be entrusted with advising any president on national security issues.

While Hillary Clinton was using a private email server and ignoring State Department guidance to use only government networks for emailing, Sullivan sent 215 emails to Clinton that the FBI determined to contain “top secret” classified material.

In addition, during Hillary Clinton’s 2016 failed Presidential campaign, Slate published a story alleging that there was a “secret server” that the Trump Organization, Trump’s real estate company, used to communicate with the Alfa Bank of Russia.

In a tweet shared by Clinton, Sullivan responded to the story by crowing:

“This could be the most direct link between Donald Trump and Moscow….

“This secret hotline may be key to unlocking the mystery of Trump’s ties to Russia.”

After Sullivan jumped the gun with this apparent victory dance, the Alfa Bank story was debunked as false.  An FBI investigation found no evidence of a covert server utilized by Alfa Bank and the Trump Organization.

A soft approach to China.  Careless disregard for sharing of highly classified information.  Jumping to conclusions without critical assessment or investigation. 

These are the characteristics of the man Biden would have in charge of our national security.

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