More and more violence is going to come from THE FLAG(S) … especially the Confederate Flag. Hopefully this will help in clarifying misconceptions, and also, bring more understanding. In Law Enforcement, especially in the upcoming weeks, you will have to deal with this subject. Tensions are building over the misuse of Police Authority. accountability, and also in regards to Southern Flags that are currently being used in the United States. National attention regarding the massacre of 9 people in a historic black church, in South Carolina, has heightened outrage. Protests, are occurring, both for and against, these flags. A great deal of hate is rising causing racial tensions. Police need to be aware and alert with hate crimes on the rise. Before you jump on any bandwagon, perhaps, take the time to understand the difference.

Discussed here are the State flags, Confederate Flag, and the Battle Flag. Each are symbolism’s for different things. Some are referred to as The Southern Cross and Confederacy symbol. If you read in Wikipedia it shows the difference. By looking at the State flags you can see why there are some people still harboring feelings of suppression, degradation, and segregation. Many people, especially African American, still harbor a great deal of hurt and pain because the symbols are somewhat linked with slavery.. (Confederate States being: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia. Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, and Kentucky)…/Flags_of_the_Confederate_States_…

Most boils down to if the Flag is predominantly white. The full white or mostly white flag DOES stand for white supremacy and IS degrading to the African American Community. This would be the second and third version of the National Flag of the Confederate states. The red flag with a blue x and white stars inside of it, is the ‘Battle Flag”. The Battle flag DOES have it’s place in history,however, other versions are still out there … and thriving. In the video (…/pro-confederate-flag-r…/29406303/…) I see these supremacy flags being used and they should be banned.

It is coming to a point of flags being removed. In South Carolina, The Battle Flag was removed from the State Capitol by a protester. The flags are not only being removed or banned from the capitols but also from stores. Many industries have ceased in production or selling of the flags. What I find especially upsetting, is possible removal from museums.

I, personally, think the white supremacy flags DO NOT belong up, but the Battle flag does have it’s place. The trouble? Too many don’t know the difference in the flags and what they each represent. Greater education is needed. Striping museums is removing history. A great deal of pain, pride and misunderstanding is surrounding these flags. Educate yourselves. Our future and future generations depend on it We all need to learn that this is the United States Of America. The MAIN word being “UNITED”. Let us not have history repeat itself.. Please, STAY SAFE EVERYONE, and respect each others heritage and boundaries.

Flags of the Confederate States of America – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There were three successive national flag designs that served as the official national flags of the Confederate States of America (the “Confederate States” or the “Confederacy”) during its existence from 1861 to 1865. Since the end of the American Civil War, private and official use of the Confedera…

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