The Blue Line Podcast

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The Blue Line Podcast talks about everything from discussing current conservative and law enforcement news mixed with critical issues impacting everyone across our beautiful nation. To gun safety and home invasion tips to everything else in between. They take pride in providing listeners with education and lifesaving training tactics that could one day save someone from a serious situation. With special commentary from guests such as Officer Tatum and Mike the Cop. The Blue Line Podcast will take you on one hell of a ride along with stories from the road to the concrete barbed wire walls. Giving listeners a real behind the scenes look at life beyond the badge.

About the hosts –

Dani has worked in radio production for the last 12 years while hosting a couple shows of her own. She is a LEO wife, Mother, Conservative and an American patriot. Growing up in Wisconsin she has come to love guns and our 2nd amendment rights. She fights daily in the right to keep and bear arms and educate those who are new to shooting. As an affiliate of USCCA she loves helping people become members of a wonderful organization.

Chris comes from a lengthy background in serving his community as a first responder from Firefighting / EMS to recently transferring into law enforcement as of 2016. Chris serves at one of the largest departments in the state of Wisconsin. He has a passion for teaching gun safety and is an advocate for protecting our gun rights. He is certified in Crisis Intervention, CERT officer, Recruiter for his agency and a Peer support member.

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