I think it was around 9 pm when I got the call that night
I could tell from her voice she was shaken, something wasn’t right.
Her husband was in the hospital, she said things didn’t look to good
I told her I was on my way and I’d be there, just as soon as I could.
Her husband and I were good friends, we’d known each other for years
When I arrived we met in the hallway, understandably she was in tears.
He’d been on the police force there in town, for 25 years or so
I asked her how he was and she told me, she really didn’t know.
He’d been in surgery for a while, about an hour and a half she thought
He walked in on a robbery in progress, and from behind he was shot!
The doctors did everything they could, but explained he didn’t have long
Why do these shootings keep happening, it’s just so damn wrong!
He opened his eyes and smiled at his wife, then he smiled at me
He told her not to fret, said it was meant to be.
I asked him why he did it, why did he ever take that oath
He motioned us over closer and said, “Okay, I’ll tell ya both.”
“We do it because we love you, all of us not just me,”
“We take that oath freely, to serve and protect you honorably.”
“Sweetheart it’ll be okay, you have family and friends around,”
“Just so you know I’d do it again, take that oath for you and this town.”
“I’m gonna go to sleep now, I love you and I’ll see ya again,”
Then he closed his eyes and passed away, wearing that little grin.

Photo By torbakhopper