Thanksgiving tragedy: Two teens shot and killed while unloading groceries (in city that keeps releasing criminals)


HOUSTON, TX – A family is grieving after losing two teenagers who were simply outside of their home and bringing groceries inside for their holiday dinner. The shooting happened outside of an apartment complex in the area of Southlake Drive.

Around midnight on Thanksgiving Day, officers with the Houston Police Department responded to a call reporting shots had been fired and two victims were down. Upon their arrival, they came into contact with an unidentified 17-year-old and his 18-year-old cousin, identified as President Wynn. Wynn was pronounced deceased at the scene while first responders rushed the younger cousin to the hospital where he sadly succumbed to his injuries.

Police reported the younger man was shot in the neck while Wynn was shot in the chest. They have not released what type of firearm they believe was used in the attack.

Detectives working the case have released very little information as to what may have led up to the shooting or if Wynn and his cousin were intended targets. Initial reports from the scene describe there had been some type of fight that had happened around the time Wynn and his cousin went to retrieve the groceries when shots were fired.

Houston Police believe there were four to five shots that were fired and at least two of those struck the victims in the case. As for now, detectives do have a description of at least one of the suspects, however, they reported it is not sufficient for a quick identification.

As for now, detectives are working on witness interviews, social media, and any nearby video surveillance which may have captured a portion of the entire event so they can determine who is responsible for the shooting. While detectives work the case, the victim’s family is grieving and trying to understand how and why something like this happened.

Wynn’s mother, Tasha Cooke, spoke to ABC13 about Wynn who reported her son had just graduated high school and would have been 19 years old on December 8th. She said:

“He [Wynn] would have been 19. He would have been 19 on December 8th. My baby was about to turn 19.”

Houston Police Detective C. Flora spoke to KHOU11 about the murder, saying it was “tragic.” Detective Flora said:

“Very sad and tragic, very young, just visiting their family, you know, hate to see that happen. But we’re gonna do everything we can, hopefully, get to the bottom of it.”

Local news reporter, Erica Simon, wrote on Twitter:

“While many are counting their blessings today, the family of 18 year-old President Wynn is mourning. He and his 17 year-old cousin were shot and killed at a complex in West Houston while bringing up Thanksgiving groceries from the car.”

KHOU11 also spoke to a person, Tim Wigley, who lives near where the shooting occurred who, sadly, noted that he was not the least bit surprised someone had been shot and killed in the neighborhood. He said:

“You grow up around violence and it’s all you know. You get used to it, eventually…I’m honestly numb to it. It’s an unfortunate reality of how we have to live these days…I’m so sorry to the family and the victims.”

As the Wynn family tries to come to grips with what appears to be a senseless tragedy, a family member, Lauren Cooke, has created a GoFundMe page to help the family with funeral expenses. In the post, she wrote:

“On 23 November 2022, eighteen-year-old President Wynn was gunned down in West Houston, Tx. As of this writing, no suspect or motive has been identified. President was the only son of Tasha Cooke, brother of Destini and Ivory, and the grandson of Carolyn Duren Cooke and the late LeRoy B. “Stretch” Cooke, Jr., all of Houston.

“We are all devastated by the senseless death of a young man by yet another act of gun violence. Please keep our family in your prayers. Any contributions toward President’s funeral expenses are greatly appreciated.”

As of this writing, the family has received just over $2,000 of their $15,000 goal. If you have the ability and willingness to donate, click on the link above to do so.

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