If you are one of 2.3 billion people on earth who identify with the basic tenets of the Christian faith, and in one way or another connected to law enforcement, you may find this appealing.

The book, Justice Revealed, was published August 22, 2016. After publication, the author received support from friends and family allowing the network to distribute it to more than 1400 random peace officers on the beat in 20 different states.

Volunteers wanted to say “thank you” to officers by “giving” them the book so they would know God is in “pursuit” of their life. We called the outreach, Thanksgiving Pursuit.

This was not a marketing campaign, as all royalties were waived, but simply an outreach to American law enforcement. There was no money made by the author while many hours of labor contributed to this ambition.

Through Thanksgiving weekend, we will continue to reach out. If you’d like to purchase copies of the book at the author discount rate of 50% off retail to randomly give them away to police officers, please email Jim McNeff to place your order. The cost is $8 per book plus shipping. Payment may be made by check, credit card, or Square cash transfer.

Occasionally, we hear from someone who was given a book. Recently we received the message below from a deputy whose name was intentionally withheld:

Hi! I am a patrol deputy for —— County, Texas. I was about to refuel in —— when a gentleman pulled off of Hwy 281 and asked if he could give me something. … lol … I said “sure” then, “it depends.” He gave me a copy of your book (Justice Revealed) along with a card. I went to where no one would flag me down and I read the entire book. INSPIRING! Great book! I am proudly a Christian and have always said and truly believe I don’t know how anyone can do this job without the Lord! I’ve been a cop for 20 years and I never had one day that I didn’t rely upon Him to guide me. Thank you for writing the book and I have plenty of officers/deputies to pass it along. 

This message, along with others, has reinforced our aspiration. If you buy police officers a meal, you feed them for a day. If you nourish their soul with a copy of Justice Revealed, you may help them through the next crisis in life.