Thanks to ‘bail reform’, this suspect keeps being released. Now a woman says he tried to rape her.


NEW YORK CITY- While New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has admitted that “some” areas of bail reform legislation enacted this year “could be” changed, he’s done nothing to make that happen.

“Changing the system,” Cuomo said last month, “which we started to do, is complicated, and then has a number of ramifications.  There’s no doubt this is still a work in progress. And there are other changes that have to be made.”

Meanwhile, violent criminals are still getting released from jail without bond, and then going on to victimize even more people.

Arjun Tyler, 20 years old, is the most recent example (of many). 

Tyler was released from jail in December, when judges were getting a head start on releasing inmates pending the January 1 new bail reform laws.  Tyler was in jail that time for a residential burglary in 2018.  He was on Rikers Island, where he was unable to pay the $20,000 bond, until his release December 19.

Tyler had also been arrested around a dozen times previously, notably for forcible touching in early 2018.

Literally the second he was released, Tyler was met by police who snatched him up for a separate burglary from 2018.  Unfortunately, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office declined to prosecute pending further evidence. 

This allowed Tyler to maintain his freedom. 

Since his release, Tyler has committed several petty thefts.

Additionally, he is alleged to have beaten and sexually assaulted a 31-year old woman in a Brooklyn train station. 

While the charges of theft stand, Tyler was not yet officially charged with the sexual assault due to prosecutors being unable to contact the victim for an interview.

This is despite the fact that Tyler was identified from security footage as well as a wanted poster by a police officer who had arrested him in the past. 

A spokesman from the DA’s office said:

“The attempted rape is still under investigation.”

Translation: Tyler will be out of jail by Friday.

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Tyler was wearing all black, including a black ski mask during the assault last week. 

He followed a woman into the bathroom at the train station at 10am.  Once there, he punched her repeatedly in the face. 

He then choked her while pulling down her pants.  The victim screamed so loudly that a homeless man came to her rescue, banging on the door and scaring Tyler away.  Before he left, Tyler had taken off his mask and was caught on surveillance camera. 

Last Friday night, Tyler was attempting to steal cash from a laundromat, and at that point he was again arrested by police.  Tyler was initially charged by police for the sexual assault, a 2018 robbery he had never been charged for, the laundromat theft, another cash theft of $1,100 from a restaurant, possession of stolen property, and trespassing.

At the time of this writing, Tyler had still not been charged by prosecutors for the sexual assault. 

Of course, the Legal Aid Society is already coming to Tyler’s assistance, hoping to help him to commit more crimes.  They released a statement saying:

“Bail reform has already worked to free thousands of New Yorkers, many of whom could not afford to buy their freedom, from pretrial detention back to their families, communities, and essential services.

Mr. Tyler- who has no criminal record- is presumed innocent, and these charges are merely allegations. Counsel has yet to receive any discovery on this case. 

We urge the public not to draw any conclusions based on a narrative being peddled by law enforcement in an attempt to undermine the new pretrial reforms.”

Maybe the organization looked up the criminal history for the wrong “Mr. Tyler,” because this guy clearly is a frequent flyer in New York jails.

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis spoke out against bail reforms as well as this assault.  She said:

“This dangerous law passed in Albany is creating an environment that tells criminals New York is no longer a law-and-order state. It’s very problematic because there is an environment of lawlessness that has been created by these recent law changes.

This attempted rape was 100 percent preventable. 

This perpetrator was held on other charges, but because of this bail law and the governor’s decision to review pending cases and release individuals being held prior to this law taking effect, he was back on the streets, enabling him to prey on this woman.

This heinous crime was 100 percent preventable and 100 percent correlated with the new bail law and no one can dispute that.”

Disgustingly, Legal Aid Society’s Decarceration Project supervising attorney Marie Ndiaye is more concerned about a criminal actually facing the consequences of his crimes rather than the safety and wellbeing of the public and a sexual assault victim. 

Ndiaye said in a statement:

“What happened to Mr. Tyler over the weekend is shameful.  In a desperate attempt to fear-monger over the new bail laws, the NYPD arrested our young client and threw him to the wolves without first investigating the alleged incident.

Mr. Tyler was detained for 40 hours, paraded out of a precinct and walked in front of press which led to him being erroneously accused by two local tabloids of a serious crime.

After a careful review of documentation provided to us by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office and based on NYPD paperwork, Mr. Tyler was not arrested on, and has not been charged with, any sex offense. Period.

  This is a new low for the New York City Police Department, which seems to be more concerned with leaking cases to the press to malign the new bail reforms than with getting basic case facts correct.”

Ms. Ndiaye, the NYPD does not have time to parade criminals in front of the press just to send a political message.

They’re too busy catching the same criminals for the same types of crimes, again, and again, and again.

Tyler is currently being held on $75,000 bail, and is set to see a judge on Thursday, February 6th.

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