‘Thank A Cop’ billboard vandalized to read ‘Kill A Cop’ in the City of Brotherly Love


PHILADELPHIA, PA — The National Police Association started a national billboard campaign asking people to support the police by thanking a cop, but some have returned the favor by vandalizing them instead with cruel messages of hate that promote killing police.

The initial cities to receive billboards included Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

The billboards simply state:

“Support The Police

“Thank A Cop


Those same cities also have a notorious reputation for elected officials failing to support police and some residents committing violence against officers.

For example, the National Police Association noted:

“In Chicago, after 400 police positions were cut, two police officers in line to get something to eat were recently shot just because of the uniforms they wear.

“In Houston, a deputy constable was shot and killed during a traffic stop when the illegal immigrant driver got out and immediately fired repeatedly at the deputy’s patrol car. The deputy was shot multiple times and died at the scene in what investigators classified as an ambush attack.

“In Los Angeles, which cut the police budget by 150 million dollars, an off-duty LAPD officer was killed in a gunfight. The gang members accused of his murder had to be charged in federal court, because the Los Angeles DA, a ‘progressive prosecutor,’ has policies against charging gang enhancements or seeking the death penalty for cop killers.

“In Philadelphia, after having the department budget slashed by 14 million dollars, the police union had to file a lawsuit against the city for passing a local law banning traffic stops that would uncover illegal drugs and weapons, resulting in emboldened criminals and reduced safety for citizens and officers alike.

“In San Francisco, after having the department budget slashed by 6 million dollars, the Chief of Police had to terminate a cooperation agreement with the District Attorney, a ‘progressive prosecutor,’ when the DA’s office was caught withholding evidence in a criminal charge they brought against a police officer for defending himself from an attacker.”

"I'm being treated unfairly": Accused cop-killer complains that defense lawyers keep dropping his case

Spokesperson for the National Police Association, Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith (Ret.), stated:

“Police morale in these and the other cities in which we will provide billboards is at an all-time low.

“The interests of professional police critics and criminals have overlapped and have combined to destabilize public safety, spike crime, and harm police officers.

“We can turn public safety and the effectiveness of law enforcement around one citizen at a time.

“If you want to support this initiative, go out of your way to thank a cop. And remember that when your local politician wants to handcuff cops instead of criminals.”

However, in Philadelphia, which proudly calls itself the City of Brotherly Love, an ungrateful and hateful person spray painted over one of the billboards earlier this month.

The person covered the word “thank” and painted “kill” over it and added other graffiti.

Spokesperson Smith noted:

“On March 14, it was discovered that the National Police Association billboard reading ‘Support The Police, Thank a Cop,’ on Brill Street in Northeast Philadelphia was graffitied.

“This type of vandalism only incites violent acts against law enforcement not only in Philadelphia but around the country.

“The National Police Association condemns the defamatory and repugnant slander used by those aiming to negate the inherent heroism of the profession. The billboard was quickly restored.”

The billboard was cleaned of the derogatory language.

Smith also pointed out that the nature of the crime was terrible because law enforcement officers wake up every day and make a conscious decision to serve and protect others in their local communities:

“To undermine and threaten officers is despicable and feeds into a narrative that fuels hatred and violence.”

Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Bill McSwain acknowledged his support for law enforcement and suggested that progressive ideas and politicians are creating a culture of lawlessness:

“In Pennsylvania and across the nation, failed progressive policies and soft-on-crime career politicians are creating a culture of lawlessness that celebrates violent crime, abandons personal responsibility, vilifies our nation’s law enforcement officers, and encourages reprehensible acts like the vandalization of the Brill Street billboard.

“Our law enforcement heroes deserve better. As Governor, I will empower the police to restore law and order, prosecute those who threaten the police force, and aggressively pursue the death penalty for anyone convicted of killing a law enforcement officer.

“I am proud to join Sergeant Betsy Brantner Smith and the National Police Association to call for the support of police officers across the nation who put their lives on the line to protect our communities and neighborhoods – it is time to return to a culture of law and order.”

The war against law enforcement also extends outside our immediate borders.

We recently reported how a suspected cartel member in Mexico aimed his AK-47 at a Texas DPS helicopter that was patrolling the border. Here is that report:

STARR COUNTY, TX — The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) released footage of a gunman in Mexico aiming a weapon at one of its helicopters that was patrolling the southern border.

The footage shows a suspected member of a Mexican drug cartel standing by a red vehicle. The gunman then looks directly up and aims what appears to be an AK-47 at the DPS helicopter in the area of the Rio Grande Valley section of Starr County.

The pilot of the helicopter then quickly moves away to avoid getting shot.

FOX News reported:

“The Mexican government said its military responded and approached a suspected cartel compound in the area, Texas DPS told Fox News. A gunfight ensued and five suspected cartel members were killed. 

“Another four were arrested and several rifles and a red car were recovered. 

“The area where the footage was taken has been the site of a number of shooting incidents in recent months when American personnel have been targeted.

“Heavily-armed cartel members have become a more common sight along the Texas-Mexico border in recent months as U.S. border officials deal with a surge of migrants.”

According to the same FOX News report, Mexican cartel members have allegedly been responsible for shooting at Border Patrol agents and members of the U.S. National Guard:

“In February, Border Patrol agents with the Border Patrol Tactical Operations (BORTAC) were fired upon from Mexico. The agents returned fire but no one was hit. 

“Moments earlier, the Mexican military had engaged in a shootout with cartel members and a man tried crossing into the United States. When a Border Patrol agent jumped in a river to rescue him, the agent was fired upon, authorities said.

“In January, members of the National Guard were shot at by possible cartel members in the area. No one was hurt. 

“In January, members of the National Guard were shot at by possible cartel members in the area. No one was hurt.

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