Report: Middle school counselor confirms that teachers were told to “hide students’ pronouns” from their parents


AUSTIN, TX- Back in January, the Daily Caller reported that a teacher training at a Walsh Middle School in Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD) allegedly instructed teachers to not tell parents if a student asks to be called by a preferred name or what the student’s pronouns are.

Now, nearly six months later, the Post Millennial has reported that a Texas school counselor has been able to confirm that teachers were in fact told to hide information about a student’s pronouns from the child’s parents.  At the teacher professional development training, one of the documents shared said:

“DO NOT contact their parents and out them to their families.”

The training also provided teachers with advice if they “misgender someone,” advising them to “correct students” if they use the wrong pronouns. One of the slides presented at the training said that strangers, including school counselors can be “dangerous” to a student who is figuring out their identity. The slide said:

“They can ruin your life, get you kicked out of your home by your parents, or make other teachers treat you awfully and make your school experience miserable. They can even get you killed by outing you without your permission, which they are usually expected to do.”

The district reportedly responded to parents concerns by stating it includes parents in child training. At what appears to be a school board meeting, a district counselor said that the district, however, failed to reveal that teachers were advised to withhold personal information about their students.

The unnamed counselor said in a statement:

“We were actually advised not to tell parents about their child’s preferred names and pronouns if the child asked us not to.”

The counselor added that teachers were told they could encourage students to tell their parents about their pronouns, but that the teachers were not obligated to tell parents themselves unless directly asked so “that we weren’t lying.”

At the time of the training, the school district reportedly told the Daily Caller that the presentation had not been reviewed or approved by the district or campus administration. Jenny LaCoste-Caputo, RRISD’s chief of public affairs and communications, said in a statement:

“It was a peer-to-peer training session with about 15 teachers. There is information in this presentation that is counter to Round Rock ISD’s practice of partnering with parents in their child’s education. We are reviewing this incident and ensuring protocols are in place that such presentations are reviewed and approved in advance.”

At the time of the training, one RRISD teacher, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Daily Caller that they did not agree with the training and felt uncomfortable keeping parents out of the loop when it comes to their child. She said in a statement:

“The first time I was asked by a student to refer to themselves by a different gender, a different name and different pronouns, I went to my principal and counselor for help. I have never received an email like that. I asked if I could contact the parents first to make sure they were aware of this because I would want to know as a parent.”

She added:

“They told me no, that the child could get beat and maybe not be accepted by their family. I was to accept and comply. I cried in my classroom. I cried all the way home. That was two years ago.”

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Report: Two inmates in New Jersey women’s prison are pregnant after dozens of transgender inmates allowed in

April 14th, 2022

UNION TOWNSHIP, NJ- According to a report from Fox News, two inmates at New Jersey’s only women’s prison are pregnant after allegedly having consensual sex with a transgender inmate.

Dan Sperrazza, the Department of Correction’s external affairs executive director, said that it appears the women became pregnant from “consensual sexual relations with another incarcerated person.”

However, the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003, prohibits correctional facilities from allowing “consensual” sex between inmates. Edna Mahan Correctional Facility in Clinton houses more than 800 inmates.

NFT graphic

In 2021, following a lawsuit brought forth by a transgender inmate who lived in a men’s prison for 18 months and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), it began housing transgender women.

Reportedly, there are 27 inmates currently housed in this prison that identify as transgender and according to New Jersey’s housing policy, a transgender women is not required to undergo gender-reassignment surgery in order to be held in the all female facility.

The Daily Mail reported that it is unclear if the women had sex with the same transgender inmate or if it was two different inmates. It is also unclear how far along the two inmates are and whether they plan to continue with their respective pregnancies.

The facility has faced a long string of sex assault scandals in the past and in 2021, Governor Phil Murphy announced plans to close the facility. Sperrazza said that the women had engaged in intercourse, willingly, adding:

“While DOC cannot comment on any specific disciplinary or housing decisions that may be considered in light of these events, the Department always reserves all options to ensure the health and safety of the individuals in its custody.”

Reportedly, in 2021, two Edna Mahan inmates filed a lawsuit seeking for the gender identity policy to be revoked, after they were allegedly harassed by transgender inmates.

Those same women also claimed that the transgender inmates were engaging in sexual activity with cisgender inmates. Even so, ACLU legal director Jeanne LoCicero defended the policy allowing transgender inmates in a women’s prison as one that protects the rights of transgender women. She said:

“[It’s] in line with New Jersey’s strong anti-discrimination laws that prevent discrimination and harassment on the basis of gender identity.”

In a separate statement about the incident, the union representing correctional officers at the facility said:

“We opposed this policy change believing it would be detrimental to the general population of female inmates being housed at Edna Mahan and also bring added stress to our correctional police officers assigned to this institution.”

The policy reportedly offers greater protections for transgender, intersex, and nonbinary people in state prisons. It allows them to be housed based on the gender they identify with rather than by their sex assigned at birth.

According to a report by the Blaze, shortly before midnight on January 11, 2021, correctional officers executed a cell extraction and allegedly “used excessive force, resulting in serious physical injuries to multiple inmates.”

One inmate alleged to have been sexually assaulted by an officer during the cell extraction. According to a lawsuit filed in the State Superior Court, correctional officers allegedly punched and kicked a transgender woman during the cell extraction.

The same transgender inmate claimed that the correctional officers beat her so severely a month later that she had to be hospitalized. Reportedly, nearly 30 correctional officers and supervisors at Edna Mahan were put on administrative leave while a criminal investigation was launched.

And in April 2020, the U.S. Department of Justice released a report accusing the prison and its staff of failing to stop rampant sexual abuse. WNBC reported:

“Five guards and one civilian worker at the prison pleaded guilty or were convicted of sexually abusing more than 10 women from 2016 to 2019.”

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Report: Democrat governor of NJ releases nearly 40% of inmates and threatens to fire 60% of its prison staff

February 28th, 2022

TRENTON, NJ- According to reports, New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy and his administration has released nearly 40 percent if its inmates and is now threatening to cut 60 percent of its correctional staff over a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

After releasing over 2,000 convicted offenders under his emergency pandemic release program, the governor plans to make even more cuts to the state’s prison system.

As if that isn’t enough, on Wednesday, Murphy stated that he is going to make good on his promise to terminate prison staff who refuse to get vaccinated.

In response, Senator Joe Pennacchio is challenging Murphy and his administration’s policy of terminating unvaccinated prison staff. He said in a statement:

“It is obvious the Governor is applying social science to his COVID policies as it relates to prisons, prisoners, and correction officers, as opposed to medical science. Decisions reflect political agents, not public health.”

Reportedly, almost 60 percent of probation officers have not complied with the Governor’s mandates to be vaccinated.

The administration has threatened unvaccinated officers with termination and the deadline for receiving the first shot has passed.

Pennacchio questioned the policy on a number of levels, saying:

“If the intent of the policy is to prevent the spread of the virus, the administration should accept natural immunity.

The antibodies present in people who have recovered from COVID are at least as effective – if not more – at controlling viral transmission. Forcing vaccination on correction officers and firing those who resist is unnecessary and overkill.”

He continued:

“The vaccine passport requirements at the State House have been eased. The same courtesy should be extended to our dedicated correction officers.

The Governor’s regular COVID press briefings have been discounted, the Legislators refused to codify Murphy’s emergency powers, and parents are demanding their children be able to have in-person, unmasked learning.”

He finished by saying:

“It seems the nation is recognizing that arbitrary and unscientific rules must end. When will the administration catch on?”

On Thursday, February 24th, New Jersey corrections spokeswoman Liz Velez stated that just 43 percent of prison staff members have been vaccinated.

According to state budget documents, the department has a staff, including uniformed officers and civilians, of more than 7,500. Based off what Velez said, that would mean more than 4,000 employees are not fully vaccinated.

When asked how many corrections employees are not fully vaccinated, Velez said:

“Our HR team is still aggregating the data.”

Back on January 19th, Murphy issued an executive order requiring workers in health care and congregate living settings, including prisons, to be vaccinated.

For prison staff, the deadline to have received at least a first dose or request a medical or religious exemption, was February 16th. They need to have received a second dose or booster by March 30th.

The executive order also required employers to draft a disciplinary process for noncompliance with the order that could include termination, which the correction department has done. Velez said in a statement:

“Barring an approved exemption, staff who are not timely vaccinated will be given notice of noncompliance with three days from the date of the notice to comply.

Staff who have still not complied will be issued removal (termination) charges and then suspended without pay after a Loudermill hearing, pending termination proceedings.”

Prior to Murphy’s January 19th order, the state was allowing its workers to be tested weekly or twice a week for COVID-19 in place of proof of vaccination.

Reportedly, the state had spent nearly $9.5 million to test state workers from October 18, 2021 through early February.

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Lawsuit: Democrat Oregon governor unlawfully commuting prison sentences, freeing nearly 1,000 inmates

January 22nd, 2022

PORTLAND, OR – Two Oregon district attorneys and the relatives of three homicide victims have filed a lawsuit accusing Gov. Kate Brown (D) of unlawfully freeing nearly 1,000 prisoners by granting clemency.

Gov. Brown stands accused of ignoring victim rights while granting clemency to inmates, Lane County District Attorney Patty Perlow and others argued in a legal petition filed Wednesday in Marion County Circuit Court.

The lawsuit primarily seeks to stop the early release of more than 70 people who committed crimes as juveniles, including murder, and are now eligible for parole under an executive order, and to force the Governor to follow clemency rules.

The lawsuit argues:

“Convicted criminals must initiate the process to seek forgiveness and state their case by demonstrating remorse, rehabilitation, and a desire and capability to reasonably re-enter society.”

Throughout the pandemic, the Department of Corrections provided Brown with lists of inmates who had less than six months on their sentence and met other conditions for early release.

The lists, according to the governor’s office, were designed to identify medically vulnerable inmates and move them out of congregate facilities where COVID-19 has frequently spread.

Perlow, along with Linn County DA Douglas Marteeny and four surviving victims, are asking the court to compel Brown, the Oregon Department of Corrections, the Oregon Youth Authority, and the state’s parole board to “comply with the law.”

The suit claims that the Democratic Governor failed to provide victim notification of the prisoner releases as required by clemency procedures. Monique DeSpain, a lawyer for the Kevin L. Mannix Salem-based law firm, which filed the case with Common Sense for Oregon on behalf of the plaintiffs, said:

“We are asking that the court compel the governor to follow the laws that are already in place.”

He argued that the pace of the clemencies demonstrated a disregard for sentencing laws in place:

“When they’re granted to the rate of nearly 1,000 commutations, then really it becomes a rewriting of sentencing laws.

“That is a lot of commutations that have been handed down.”

Report: Middle school counselor confirms that teachers were told to "hide students' pronouns" from their parents

Kevin Mannix, a former chair of the Oregon Republican Party, leads both the law firm and Common Sense.

The lawsuit accuses the Governor of breaking rules requiring individual commutation applications and unlawfully delegated her responsibilities to state agencies. DA Martenny said the legal action was not personal:

“This lawsuit is not personal on my . I believe our laws put limits on (Brown’s) actions. I am working to enforce those limits.”

Gov. Brown commuted the sentences of 912 people in custody who were deemed at heightened risk of contracting COVID-19, according to a June 2021 letter she sent to state lawmakers.

Those freed were medically vulnerable, had completed at least half their sentences, and were not serving time for crimes against people.

Brown also commuted the sentences of 41 people who fought the Labor Day 2020 wildfires that scorched the state in 2020., according to the June letter, which is cited in the lawsuit.

Those released did not “present an unacceptable safety, security, or compliance risk to the community,” the letter claimed.

Aliza Kaplan, a Lewis & Clark Law School professor involved in clemency applications, said the Governor’s actions were proper:

“The law is very clear on the governor’s power to grant clemency. She’s using it in the exact way it was intended by our founders,” Kaplan said. “There’s precedent for granting group clemency. It’s unfortunate that we have to all waste our time talking about this lawsuit.

“She’s using it in the exact way it should be used. These people have been punished significantly, and even in a place like prison, they have managed to rehabilitate themselves, and the governor is offering them mercy.”

The lawsuit also addresses concerns over offenders now made eligible for commutation for violent crimes they committed as juveniles.

In 2019, Oregon passed a law eliminating life sentences without parole for youth offenders. It also allowed them another hearing to review their case after serving half their sentences.

Following the law’s passage, the Governor signed an executive order allowing it to apply retroactively to juveniles convicted between 1988 and 2019.

The move has been criticized by multiple Oregon district attorneys, who called the move dangerous and traumatizing to the victims of their crimes.

The Governor’s Office declined to comment on the pending legislation.

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LET Unity Documents reveal Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has long-standing ties to Chinese Communist groups

August 27, 2021

SALEM, OR- Among governors in the United States, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is among the most inept.

This was proven this past week when in spite of all medical evidence to the contrary, Brown mandated masks be worn inside and outside in Oregon. Now we’re finding out that Brown has direct and longstanding ties to the Chinese Communist Party, according to National Pulse.

The outlet reports that Brown “has participated in events sponsored by Chinese Communist Party propaganda groups flagged by the U.S. State Department for ‘directly and malignly influenc[ing]’ American officials.”

Brown has deep ties to the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), which has been dubbed the “public face” of the United Front, as well as “avowedly an arm of the party-state.”

Recently uncovered documents show that Oregon Democrats have called for the cancellation of an upcoming event which features two of The National Pulse’s writers, Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters because the outlet allegedly promotes “China-centric conspiracy theories” and “toxic beliefs.”

The Pulse reports that while the Oregon Democratic party attempts to silence reportage which focuses on the CCP, its most prominent member in the state—Brown—“recently established links with one of the regime’s chief influence groups abroad.”

This is, the outlet reports not really a new development. Brown has, it reports, “a long history of collaboration with groups tied to Beijing’s United Front Work Department.

What exactly is that?

The billion dollar group aims “to co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party,” as well as to “influence foreign governments to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies,” the federal U.S.-China Security and Economic Review Commission writes.

Not only that but also United Front groups such as the China United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF) have also utilized tactics such as free trips to China in order to gain “favorable coverage” from mainstream media outlets, according to filings made under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA).

Despite Oregon Democrats claims of a “China-centric conspiracy theory” by The National Pulse, that hardly seems to be the case.

In the case of Brown, in 2015 she attended the CPAFFC’s China-U.S. Governors Forum, which has been flagged by the State Department as having a “subversive influence” on U.S. politics:

“CPAFFC’s actions have undermined the Governors Forums’ original well-intentioned purpose.”

At the time, the CPAFFC was told by Brown that “Oregon hopes to enhance cooperation with China” at the event, where Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping was the featured speaker.

After the forum, Brown, along with five other governors, agreed to a deal with China to collaborate on “clean technology and economic development.

During a private meeting with CPAFFC Vice President Lin Yi in the months after the forum, Brown called Xi’s remarks “encouraging,” and pushed to “strengthen pragmatic cooperation with China in education, science, and technology, health tourism and sports.”

Governor Brown said it was her great honor to attend the Governor’s Forum held in Seattle last month. President Xi’s remarks were encouraging, and the Forum helped provide great opportunities for U.S.-China cooperation.

The State of Oregon regards China as the most important international partner and has willingness to strengthen pragmatic cooperation with China in education, science and technology, health, tourism and sports, etc.” 



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