Head scratcher: Texas man kidnaps woman, then takes her to his job interview at county jail


EL PASO, TX – A Texas man who had been seeking a job at the Otero County Jail in New Mexico instead found himself inside of it after he had been accused of kidnapping a woman and taking her on his job interview.

The suspect in the case, identified as Matthew Joseph Contreras, allegedly encountered a woman on March 14th at her home on Ava Leigh Avenue east of El Paso, Texas. Contreras allegedly held the woman at gunpoint and ordered her to go with him to a job interview that he had at the jail across the New Mexico state line in Otero County.

The 23-year-old victim, who has not been identified, was able to get the attention of a detention guard in the parking lot of the jail and was rescued. Court documents show that the victim had been in some type of previous relationship with Contreras.

When police questioned the victim, she reported waking up in her residence on March 13th to Contreras going through her phone. When she asked him what he was doing, he allegedly accused her of cheating on him and then punched and kicked her before pointing a gun at her.

The victim went further, stating that during the incident Contreras allegedly threw bleach on her and cut her hair. He also allegedly utilized a kitchen knife and threatened her with it.

During the argument, the victim claimed that Contreras allegedly shoved a gun in her mouth while she denied cheating on him. She allegedly told detectives that the abuse got so bad that morning that she told him:

“Just kill me already.”

Since Otero law enforcement learned that the alleged kidnapping occurred in El Paso, they contacted the El Paso Police Department, which assumed the investigation. The Crimes Against Persons Unit worked the case and obtained an arrest warrant for Contreras, who was taken into custody March 15th.

Contreras was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was held on a $100,000 bond, which he was able to post, and was released later the same day. However, the day after his release, the Federal Bureau of Investigation moved in and arrested Contreras on March 16th, charging him with possession of a weapon or ammunition by a prohibited person.


DA’s office royally screws up, could mean man accused of kidnapping, raping woman can walk free

GWINNETT COUNTY, GA – Family and friends of a woman who had been kidnapped and raped are furious after learning her alleged attacker may go free because of an error by the prosecution.

The prosecutor’s office has admitted they failed to act on a transfer and speedy trial request.


Family and friends of Jokisha Brown have voiced their anger and concerns after learning Brown’s alleged attacker, Alfredo Capote may walk free after the prosecutor’s office failed to act in time to requests made by the defense.

The requests the defense made were to transfer Capote to Georgia and to conduct a speedy trial.

Because prosecutors failed to act in time, that means that all criminal charges against Capote, in this case, may well be dropped. That means that the man who terrorized Brown may never face the consequences of kidnapping and raping her.


This case stems from an incident reported in April 2016 when Brown was allegedly being held captive by her ex-boyfriend, Capote.

While she was allegedly being held against her will, Brown allegedly had brutally raped her several times before she was able to jump out of a moving vehicle and escape.

Brown was able to report the incident to police and Capote was indicted on several felony charges, including kidnapping, rape and armed robbery. Capote fled the area and was able to elude capture after his indictment.

In July 2016, Brown was shot and killed while she was outside a salon in the northeast area of Atlanta.

While there has been no confirmation as to who the suspected shooter in the case is, police did label Capote as a “person of interest” in the crime.

Capote remained on the run until he was captured roughly a year later in Louisiana.

There, he was federally charged and convicted of several unrelated financial crimes and sentenced to prison. He is scheduled to be released in June of this year.

Since Capote has never been charged with Brown’s murder, he may be able to walk free of any criminal charges, thanks to the Gwinnett County Prosecutor’s Office dropping the ball in terms of answering his legal requests in time. Something that angers an unidentified close family friend, who spoke to Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach:

“They’re [Brown’s family] is devastated and haven’t been able to heal from losing her…she was so beautiful, loved by everybody, she was so giving…Gwinnett dropped the ball all the way around. We just wanted that day in court to seek justice for Kisha and Gwinnett County was the next step.”

Gwinnett County District Attorney Patsy Austin-Gatson claimed she had no prior knowledge of the case when contacted. She did email a statement to Channel 2 which said:

“The paperwork [from Capote’s defense attorney] cannot be located, and we deeply regret and apologize to the family of the victim.”

Capote’s attorney made the request for his transfer and speedy trial in July  2021, which by law had to be answered within 180 days. That deadline passed at the end of January 2022. Austin-Gatson noted:

“The failure to act upon the Interstate Detainer places our ability to prosecute the case in Gwinnett in jeopardy for the victims.

The family deserves justice, and this unfortunate situation does not properly reflect our commitment to pursue and prosecute cases as we are charged. This administration takes responsibility and we have put in place safeguards to prevent such an occurrence in the future.”

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