ODESSA, Texas – A Texas man was arrested Monday for reportedly gluing an infant’s mouth and eyes shut at a motel—using super glue.

Johnnie Lee Carter, 29, is accused of choking a 14-month-old baby and punching her in the head and rib cage, before using a Crazy Glue stick to cover the child’s mouth and eyes, the Dallas News reported.

super glue

Johnnie Lee Carter, 29, was arrested for allegedly gluing an infant’s mouth and eyes shut at a motel in Odessa, Texas. (Odessa Police Department)

By the time Carter’s wife reported his actions to police, he fled the scene.

Police reportedly found a glue stick on the motel room’s desk, and also found a 2-month-old child buried in the bed under pillows and blankets, the news outlet reported, citing an affidavit.

Carter allegedly put the 2-month-old underneath bedding, before allegedly gluing the toddler, because the infant was crying, his wife said.

The Odessa Police Department asked for the public’s help in finding Carter in a news release on Sept. 18. An updated news release indicates Carter was arrested Sept. 24 in El Paso, roughly 230 miles west of Odessa.

Carter was wanted for injury to a child causing serious bodily injury, which police said is a first-degree felony.

He has previously served time for domestic violence and was convicted for violating a protective order.