MIDLOTHIAN, TEXAS – Almost six months had passed since the fitness trainer Missy Bevers was found murdered in a Midlothian, Texas church and no arrests have been made even after more than 1,200 leads have poured in, FoxNews reported.

Out of the numerous leads in this mysterious and high-profile case, the biggest clue is the surveillance video of the suspect, with a distinctive walk and wearing police gear inside Creekside Church of Christ the morning of April 18.

Bevers, a 45-year-old mother was setting up for class when she was murdered and found with puncture wounds to her head and chest.

Homicide detectives from Dallas and Fort Worth police departments revisited the evidence in July to determine if they have overlooked anything, but they discovered nothing new.

On Wednesday, a police spokesperson said that he’s “absolutely surprised” they have not been able to track down the killer despite the long search and numerous leads. Conventional methods like using a hypnotist have been tried after innumerable man hours have been spent chasing the leads but still, there’s no positive outcome.

Nevertheless, investigators continue to re-interview witnesses and re-analyze electronic data.