Texas sheriff explains how his department was forced to put together a makeshift morgue for all the illegal immigrant deaths


TEXAS – Thanks to President Biden and his administration’s open border policies, hundreds of United States citizens and Mexican citizens have been killed as immigrants continue to illegally cross the southern border.

Immigration experts have stated that Biden and Department Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas are the ones largely to blame for the current immigration crisis. Matthew Tragesser with the Federation for American Immigration Reform said in a statement:

“Mayorkas has eviscerated our interior immigration enforcement apparatus, meaning that once an illegal alien enters our country they become virtually impossible to remove.”

A sheriff in Brook County, Texas detailed how Biden’s reckless immigration policies have forced his department to create a makeshift morgue due to the deaths at the border. According to reports, the number of deaths at the border has reached a record high.

Statistics compiled by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) show that at least 782 illegal immigrants have died while crossing the southern border in fiscal year 2022, surpassing 2021’s record by over 240.

In an interview with Real America’s Voice reporter Ben Bergquam, a Texas sheriff detailed how law enforcement officials coordinate with Border Patrol agents to identify the bodies of the dead immigrants. Bergquam said:

“We are in Brooke County, Texas. The sheriff just brought me over to the morgue they’ve set up. This is in response to the number of bodies, dead bodies, illegal aliens, that have died in the country that they are doing their best to try to identify. This is what open borders look like.”


In the video, the sheriff is seen in the video unzipping a body bag that contains an illegal immigrant’s skeletal remains. The sheriff explains that with the migrant’s body disintegrated, uncovering the fingerprints from the corpse is essential to identifying the body. The sheriff said:

“We are trying to identify the remains. We look at different things, I mean, one of the things we look at are the hands. What I’m always looking for is to see if I can find a viable fingerprint.

These are weathered kind of leathery. I’ll have to do a two-step process, which is putting the hand – soaking it, trying to rehydrate the hands to be able to get the fingers to pump up so that we are able to get a print.”

He added:

“Then from there, we won’t be able to print traditionally by rolling it. So, we do what’s called microphotography. We use a specialized lens … that brings up the ridges and everything else off the fingerprint.

We take those, submit the pictures to border patrol so they can submit … to put into their database to have their analysts look at the fingerprints to see if they can find an identification.”

Bergquam explained:

“This is the reality if open borders. Everyone that says open borders are ‘compassion,’ that is what you’re creating. That is what open borders look like. I can’t express to you the smell. It’s terrible.

That’s what these guys have to deal with every single day. That’s what you are inviting, more death, more destruction. The destruction of our country and the death of thousands.”

Despite this information and the data, the Biden administration maintains that the “border is secure.”

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‘We’ve gotten no help from the president’: Texas border sheriff has had enough, pushing for zero tolerance policy on immigration

October 17th, 2022

EAGLE PASS, TX – Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber has had enough, and he is not being quiet about it.

He recently spoke with Fox News regarding the border crisis that the White House says is secure and under control.

“I don’t think the federal government is helping anybody here,” he said. “Maybe the vice president, president will come over here so that people will know that they are aware of what’s going on.”

“People don’t feel safe because they see these immigrant groups coming in and see those groups in their areas in their community,” Sheriff Schmerber said. “It’s like there’s no control, borders are open. Catch them and deport them right away, and it’d stop the problem.”

Maverick County is in the Del Rio sector. That sector has seen nearly 500,000 migrants cross the border in the last year. That number does not include “gotaways.”

Of those migrants coming into his county, Schmerber said:

“The majority want to be caught. They’re hoping that the Border Patrol agents or somebody would apprehend them so they can take them through there to the processing centers.”

HIs department patrols 74 miles of the Rio Grande River, which divides the border between the US and Mexico. While CBP agents do cover the area, Schmerber says that they are often tied up processing apprehended migrants and transporting them to the sector’s processing centers.

“They’re taking advantage,” he continued. “They’re using us.” 

How would the sheriff handle the situation?

“So, the solution to me would be zero tolerance,” Schmerber said. 

The sheriff is speaking to anyone and everyone who will listen, knowing that the White House will do absolutely nothing to address the issue and stem the tide of illegal border crossings.

When Texas governor, Greg Abbott, sent National Guardsmen and Department of Public Safety troopers, Schmerber said that it created an immediate impact.

“The troopers are helping 100%.”

But beyond the illegal immigrants themselves, the open border created by this administration’s refusal to combat this problem has a lasting impact on the counties along that border.

Schmerber says that his deputies are unable to answer calls across their county because they are dealing with the problems inherent with the number of individuals traveling through his county illegally.

“It’s taking time from us to just do our main job, which is supposed to be just the law enforcement on criminals,” he said. 

Citing as an example, a rancher called due to escaped cattle. The fence had been cut by migrants.

“Ranchers were not very happy because their cattle were going onto the highway. It’s a liability, you know.”

The MCSO has also been dealing with almost daily discoveries of bodies along the banks of the Rio Grande. Migrants are drowning as they attempt to cross the river.

In a single day, they discovered 8 deceased migrants.

As this article is being written, Fox News is broadcasting live coverage of Texas DPS troopers and CBP agents in Eagle Pass who made a traffic stop and busted multiple Mexican nationals attempting to smuggle drugs into the country. It is unknown exactly what the drugs were, or the quantity involved.

Fortunately, Americans, especially those along the southern border, can rest easy knowing that President Biden “visited” the border in 2008. He is fully aware of what things look like. And his immigration czar, VP Kamala Harris, also made a stop in El Paso. So, they are on top of it.

Meanwhile, we have had more than 2 million illegal border crossings during FY 2022. If something doesn’t change and the numbers continue to rise, FY 2023, which began 5 days ago, could see more than 3 million cross our southern border.

And among those entering our nation are some intent on committing acts of violence on Americans.


Report: Illegal immigrant arrested in the killing of Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Hartwick was previously deported

PINELLAS COUNTY, FL – Law Enforcement Today previously reported on the tragic, untimely death of Pinellas Country Sheriff’s Office Deputy Michael Hartwick and how the man responsible for his death was living in the country illegally.

Thanks to President Joe Biden and his lack of border control along with an employer who seemingly did not do their due diligence when hiring the suspect as a construction worker, this one deported illegal immigrant killed a 19-year-veteran.

According to authorities, the suspect, identified as 32-year-old Juan Ariel Molina-Salles, plowed down Hartwick, then fled the scene and was able to get another construction worker, who is also an illegal immigrant, to help him escape the scene of the crime.

During a press conference, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said that immigration authorities deported Molina-Salles after he allegedly jumped the southern border back in October of 2021, but then crossed illegally again and began working in the Tampa Bay area.

According to reports, Molina-Salles initially provided law enforcement with the fake name “Victor Vazquez,” which Gualtieri called “a bunch of nonsense.” The sheriff said:

“He came back in through the Texas border, he is here illegally, and he’s been here in the Tampa Bay area since about March of this year.”

Molina-Salles has been charged with leaving the scene of an incident involving death, a first-degree felony, and is being held on a $500,000 bond. Gualtieri said in a statement:

“If he were to try and bond on the state charges, the immigration detainer would kick in. If he doesn’t bond, it will sit. He will go through the process in state court.”

Hartwick was working a construction detail on I-275 near Tampa and arrived at the construction site around 10:40 p.m. Shortly after arriving, a large front-loader traveling northbound that was allegedly operated by Molina-Salles, struck and killed the deputy.

The sheriff asserted that the illegal immigrant continued to drive and made a frantic phone call to another construction worker while sobbing before finally pulling off the road. He allegedly then gave his hard hat and vest to another illegal immigrant that was working at the construction site.

That man also initially gave a fake name to authorities, but was later identified as Elieser Aurelio Gomez-Zelaya. According the sheriff, Molina-Salles fled northbound and Gomez-Zelaya allegedly hid the hard and vest in the woods.

Gomez-Zelaya has been charged with being an accessory after the fact and providing a false name or identity. He is being held on a $100,135 bond.

Gualtieri said that the search for Molina-Salles took nine hours mostly in part because a number of illegal immigrants working on the construction site were uncooperative. He said:

“The majority of them were giving false names, they were hindering the investigation, not giving us answers to the questions that we needed, and importantly they were all giving us fake names, like these guys, they were all giving us fake names.”

He added:

“All of these people are working for Archer Western which is a contractor apparently doing work for the Florida Department of Transportation out of Tampa and this company’s employing all of these illegals, and they’re all out there lying, giving us fake names, fake ID’s; a lot of fake ID’s out of North Carolina.”

The sheriff said of Molina-Salles:

“He doesn’t have a driver’s license; he’s got nothing. You know, he shouldn’t have been here to begin with, and he shouldn’t have been driving, and he shouldn’t have been working.”

According to police, while the manhunt for Molina-Salles was ongoing, he allegedly phoned his roommate in Tampa, who is also in the country illegally. Gualtieri said:

“He came over and tried to pick him up. He actually saw all of the law enforcement activity, called him back and said ‘I’m not getting involved in this,’ and he turned around and went back to Tampa.”

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Suspect arrested in fatal hit-and-run of sheriff’s deputy was allegedly drinking and driving, and is in the country illegally

September 20th, 2022

WELD COUNTY, CO – A Colorado sheriff’s deputy, who was just one week away from celebrating her 24th birthday, was fatally killed in a hit-and-run car accident.

On Monday, September 19th, just one day after the accident, the primary suspect was arrested. According to Fox News, the sheriff’s office said that the suspect was taken into custody by the sheriff’s office Strike Team, Colorado State Patrol, and the Fort Collins police shortly after 10 p.m.

The suspect has been identified as Octavio Gonzalez-Garcia, who is said to be in his late 30s and resides in the United States illegally.

The young victim, Alexis Hein-Nutz, was a Weld County Sheriff’s Office Deputy and she was pronounced dead at the scene. She was reportedly on her way into work at the county jail when she was hit by Gonzalez-Garcia.

In a statement on Facebook, Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams wrote:

“Alexis was hired in November 2018 and assigned to the Weld County Jail where she served as a detentions deputy. She joined our ranks at the age of 21. Alexis was born in Bismarck, N.D. It was a childhood dream to someday serve others as a peace officer.”

He added:

“Alexis was a hard worker, a caring deputy and a positive force for our agency. I share in my deputies’ grief and in their anger over her senseless and tragic passing. But we are a family and we will get through this painful event together.”

The sheriff’s office said that Hein-Nutz was riding her motorcycle while on her way to work when she collided with a white van. The driver of that van has been identified as Gonzalez-Garcia. Reams said in a statement:

“Gonzalez-Garcia made no attempt to provide Alexis aid despite her obvious injuries. Instead, he ran away like a coward and hid in a nearby cornfield.”

Hein-Nutz was traveling southbound when the suspect drove from a stop sign at the intersection into the deputy’s path. She collided with the front passenger side of Gonzalez-Garcia’s vehicle and her motorcycle caught fire.

Colorado State Patrols’ Joshua Lewis said in a statement:

“We do believe the driver of the van was under the influence at the time. There is evidence to support that.”

Police said they also found evidence to support that Gonzalez-Garcia was living in the country illegally when they discovered what appears to be a falsified Green Card and fake Social Security Card in his car.

Following a statewide manhunt, the sheriff’s office was able to locate the suspect in Fort Collins. The sheriff”s office said:

“The man was tracked to Fort Collins thanks to numerous tips we received from the public about the case.”

The Weld County Sheriff’s Office is accepting donations to help Hein-Nutz’s family through its nonprofit charitable foundation, the Weld County Sheriff’s Office Posse.

One month after graduating from Weld County’s Jail Academy, she posted the message below to her Facebook wall:

“After many years of dreaming of being in law enforcement, I can finally say I am officially following my dreams. This is only the first stepping-stone to a brighter future. Here is to a better life and doing what I was meant to do.”


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