SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. – A Tennessee police officer is in serious condition and the suspect is dead after gunfire erupted during a welfare check on Saturday morning, officials say.

Fox News reports that Sullivan County deputies were dispatched to 3606 Highway 11W after a welfare check was requested for 44-year-old Jackie Scott Pendergrass, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) said in a statement.

Once at Pendergrass’ residence, officials say, he opened fire, getting off at least one shot.

TBI said the deputies retreated and attempted to communicate with the suspect. However, the man would not negotiate and opened fire again. Consequently, officers returned fire but Deputy Steve Hinkle was struck during the exchange.

As a result, he was taken to a hospital, where officials say he is in serious condition.

Tennessee police officer

Deputy Steve Hinkle of the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office was struck by gunfire on Saturday while conducting a welfare check. (Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office)

As the standoff continued, Pendergrass barricaded himself in his home, where officers made repeated attempts to communicate with him.

TBI said after several hours, officers entered the home, where they found the suspect deceased.

The TBI said an investigation is ongoing.