ARLINGTON, Tenn. – A Tennessee man was arrested Tuesday for reportedly trying to rape his friend’s mother in the middle of the night during a sleepover, Fox 13 reported.

Jordan Corter, 18, was invited on Sunday evening to spend the night at his friend’s house in Arlington, Tenn., the report said.

The mom brought all of the family’s alcohol into her room and locked the door.

At around 2:30 a.m., he knocked on his buddy’s mother’s bedroom door. When she opened it, he forced his way in, police said.

He reportedly forced her onto the bed and shoved his hand into her pajama shorts, Fox 13 reported. The woman fought back. In doing so, she kneed her attacker in the groin, the report said.

During the struggle, she somehow grabbed a handgun and pointed it at his head. She told him to get out, the report said.

woman kills armed home intruder

The woman later told police that Corter had not penetrated her, the report said.

He was arrested at his home Tuesday afternoon and cried during his arrest.

WREG reported that Corter told police he, “forced the victim to do the things she didn’t want to do.” He then began crying and said he, “should not be forgiven.”

At Corter’s Bartlett home on Tuesday, Corter’s step-grandfather defended him, and said, “He’s a good kid. He just graduated high school.”

But others know it’s a tough lesson.

“You have to watch who you let in your house, I guess. You can’t be too careful these days,” a resident said.

Tennessee man

Jordan Corter, 18, was arrested Tuesday on attempted rape and sexual battery charges, according to county jail documents. (Shelby County Sheriff’s Office)

An unpublished Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study confirms Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck’s findings of more than two million defensive handgun uses (DGUs) per year. This would apparently fall into that category!

Corter is currently being held in Shelby County Jail where he faces charges of attempted rape and sexual battery. His bond has been set at $30,000.