A young Tennessee boy surprised the local law enforcement with a pizza treat that he paid for from his own allowance. He’s being praised for his selfless act Labor Day weekend.

FoxNews.com reported that Sean Douglas arrived at the station with his parent on Sept 3 around 3 p.m., according to Chief Tim Phillips.

“Most kids his age, they’re saving their allowance to buy video games or something to play with. But for him to save up to buy snacks and pizza for us, that was just really awesome,” Phillips says.

“It was related to me that he [Douglas] wanted to let the officers know how much he appreciates everything they do for the community,” says the chief who was not on duty when Douglas stopped by.

The officers posted on Roane County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page saying: Meet Sean Douglas. This young man saved his allowance money and then bought 5 pizzas, bags of crazy bread, two 2 liters of soda, a container of cookies, plates, and napkins for the Deputies of the Roane County Sheriff’s Office.

Thanks Sean!

The Facebook post was flooded with praises for the young boy’s unselfish act.

The police department has been receiving a lot of support from the community, especially in the recent weeks when they have received snacks, while tension escalates on the news and social media over issues concerning police use of force.

Sean, being the youngest visitor to the police station in recent months, was really impressed and happy to just make a difference in his community.

Says Philips, “Folks have been coming by weekly but this is the first time we had a kid come through and it sure means a lot.”

Photo Courtesy of the Roane County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page