Tell a Police Officer Thank You !Today is “National Tell a Police Officer ‘Thank You’ Day.”  People remembered to say thank you in the aftermath of 9/11.  Citizens would line up on New York City streets to applaud the hardworking first responders as they ended their shifts after physically and emotionally exhausting days sifting through the rubble of Ground Zero.  That awareness has ebbed away gradually over the ensuing years.

If a cop has touched your life, please take the time to show your appreciation today.  Policing can be a thankless task.  Police work breaks your heart, no matter how detached you try to be. Officers risk their lives for others for relatively low pay.  Many citizens are incredibly negative toward LEOs.  However, the LET family supports police officers.  We see you pour out your love and concern for fallen officers and their families.

Just for today, tell an officer who is still standing a heartfelt thank you.  Forward this post along to all of your contacts, so they can do so, too.

For all the officers reading this today, LET salutes you, prays for you, honors you, and appreciates the contributions each of you makes every day, in every jurisdiction, as you protect and serve.  Thank you, you make the world a better place.