TOLEDO, Ohio – Police say a 14-year-old Ohio girl told them she fatally shot her 15-year-old brother after they fought over a video game system and he repeatedly hit her in the face.

A Lucas County Juvenile Court judge on Wednesday found sufficient probable cause to charge the girl with murder in the December shooting death of her brother.

Jeff Clark, a detective with the Toledo Police Department, testified the girl told him that her brother hit her in the face so many times before the shooting that it felt like she was being hit with a baseball bat, reported Fox News.

Prosecutors have filed a motion to transfer the case to adult court. A hearing in March will be held to determine whether the girl should be tried as an adult.

Just a few days ago LET published a report regarding the correlation between violent video games and death. While the video game did not kill the victim, it clearly factored into his demise.

It is unknown what game(s) were being fought over at the time of this incident.