NEW YORK CITY- A thirteen-year-old suspect is in custody after the stabbing death of an 18-year-old Bernard College student this week.

Now some are saying it all stems down to what liberal politicians are doing with the reversal of anti-crime policies that were put in place by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Earlier this week police reported the stabbing death of 18 – year- old Barnard College freshman Tessa Majors in Morningside Park, Wednesday evening. Police say that the student was attacked by as many as three assailants at the time of the struggle.

“During the struggle, one of the individuals pulled out a knife and stabbed her several times,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said.

His comments were made Thursday in a News Conference.

“She staggered her way up the street. One of the security guards saw her and called 911.”

Majors later died from her injuries at nearby Mount Sinai St. Luke’s hospital.

Sian Leah Beilock, Barnard President, sent a notice to students after learning of Majors passing which stated:

“With broken hearts, we share tragic news about the death of one of our students, this is an unthinkable tragedy that has shaken us to our core.”

Barnard an all-women college for liberal arts is part of Columbia University.

Initial reports from several news outlets indicated that two juveniles had been questioned but were later released, and that a knife had been found in the area of the incident, but sources were unsure if it was a related item.

When Majors parents were notified by authorities, they informed officers they would be traveling up to New York from their home in Charlottesville, Virginia. New sources report that Majors father is Inman Majors, who is “the author of six novels and an English professor at James Madison University.”

The family released a statement to media that explained:

“We lost a very special, very talented, and very well-loved young woman. Tess shone bright in this world, and our hearts will never be the same.”

On Friday new reports broke that a 13-year-old male suspect was taken into custody after police say he was seen by officers on the campus Thursday wearing clothing that matched the description of one of Majors attackers.

When authorities brought, the teen in for questioning, sources say he confessed to attacking Majors with two other individuals.

Police have also confirmed that there are two teens that are still wanted in connection with Majors murder. Names have yet to be released of any of the suspects involved.

Multiple news sources report that the teenage suspect is being charged with murder, robbery and weapons possession.

According to the New York Daily news, there has been a dramatic rise in violent incidents in the same park where Majors was attacked noting:

“Eleven robberies have been recorded inside the park this year through Sept. 30, more than double the five robberies reported in the same period of 2018. One assault has been reported in the park each year, statistics show.”


Now some top brass in law enforcement are blaming the reversal by liberal politicians of crime policy initiates that started in the early 1990’s for the rise in crime rates and the death of the teenager.

Bernard Kerik who was the NYPD Police Commissioner at the time of the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York in 2001 came out figuratively swinging at left-wing liberal politician on Thursday tweeting,

“The Murder of Barnard freshman Tessa Majors is the fault of everyone of the city’s socialist leftist corrupt politicians that’s been part of the reversal @RudyGiuliani’s crime reduction initiatives started in 1994,” Kerik wrote.


Guliani, who is now in the spotlight for being the personal attorney to President Donald Trump, was previously best known for being Mayor of New York City and his response to crime in his city and the 2001 terrorist attacks.

As reported by Fox News:

“Even before 9/11 earned Giuliani the nickname “America’s Mayor,” for the way he held the city together during the initial, uncertain days after hijackers killed some 3,000 people, the former federal prosecutor was credited for bringing a sharp reduction in crime to the Big Apple, reversing a safety decline that had plagued the city in the 1970s and 1980s.”

Guliani and former Police Commissioner Bill Bratton had (at the time) been credited with a tough stance on crime in the city by creating and implementing the “Broken Widows” which allowed police officers in the NYPD the ability to enforce the laws on minor offenses.

As explained by;

“Broken windows theory had an enormous impact on police policy throughout the 1990s and remained influential into the 21st century. Perhaps the most notable application of the theory was in New York City under the direction of Police Commissioner William Bratton.

He and others were convinced that the aggressive order-maintenance practices of the New York City Police Department were responsible for the dramatic decrease in crime rates within the city during the 1990s.

Bratton began translating the theory into practice as the chief of New York City’s transit police from 1990 to 1992. Squads of plainclothes officers were assigned to catch turnstile jumpers, and, as arrests for misdemeanors increased, subway crimes of all kinds decreased dramatically.

In 1994, when he became New York City police commissioner, Bratton introduced his broken windows-based “quality of life initiative.”

This initiative cracked down on panhandling, disorderly behaviour, public drinking, street prostitution, and unsolicited windshield washing or other such attempts to obtain cash from drivers stopped in traffic.

When Bratton resigned in 1996, felonies were down almost 40 percent in New York, and the homicide rate had been halved.”

Since Guliani’s time in office New York City has seen two other Mayors reverse both the “Broken Windows” approach to policing, and the reduction of “Stop and Frisk” initiatives. Claiming that both are unconstitutional and violate civil rights.

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Teen stabbed and killed at college in NYC. Are NY politicians to blame?

Michael Bloomberg, who served as Mayor of the city from January 2002 to December 2013, originally ran as a Republican and won the seat under that party.

While in office, he switched to be an Independent Party member, and later ended his career as a member of the Democratic Party member. Recently Bloomberg announced a bid for President in the already crowded field for the 2020 primary elections.

Although Bloomberg put the “Stop and Frisk” policy into place at the start of his career as Mayor of New York, he is now back peddling and apologizing to liberal voters for his actions in that initiatives implementation. At a campaign event recently held at the Christian Cultural Center of Brooklyn in East New York Bloomberg stated;

“Over time I’ve come to understand something that I’ve long struggled to admit to myself. I got something important wrong. I got something important really wrong.”

Which many critics on Bloomberg state is just a weak ploy at attempting to win over Democratic voters which he will need support from in order to may a real run for the presidency this late in the game.

Current Mayor Bill de Blasio, who recently dropped out of his own bid for the presidency, took the New York mayoral office Jan. 1, 2014. Took credit for bringing back Bratton as the Police Commissioner under his Mayoral office, stated that the two have been working since he took office in 2014 to reduce Stop and Frisk.

“When commissioner Bratton and I came in, we drove down the unconstitutional stop-and-frisk deeply,” de Blasio was recorded saying in a radio station interview with WNYC back in 2016.

In an email that was released by de Blasio at a later date he writes, “Not many people know precisely how much we have reduced the use of stop-and-frisk in New York City. I promised to fix it and we have.” The mayor has been quoted as giving a number of 97 percent in other interviews. explains the “Stop and Frisk” initiative as:

“…New York Police Department’s so-called “stop-and-frisk” practice, which allowed police officers to detain, question, and search suspected individuals without probable cause.”

Critics like former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik point to the reduction of these important policies a reason that the crime rates and violent attacks in the city have been on the rise now for years.

Many others have criticized how Mayor de Blasio handles every situation in the city, and question whether he should still hold the office of Mayor at all.

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