Teenager on probation for 3 robberies committed as a juvenile charged with armed carjacking


CHICAGO, IL – An 18-year-old finds himself in hot water after police in Illinois arrested him for allegedly being one of three people who committed an armed carjacking in the south Albany area.

The young adult was already on probation for three separate robberies.

On December 11th, a man called 911 after he had been carjacked by three people armed with guns.

The victim told the dispatcher that the three suspects held guns to his head and took his phone and vehicle before fleeing in the 7900 block of South Albany.

An Illinois State Trooper who was in the area saw the stolen vehicle pass by them and crash shortly after he observed the vehicle.

The Illinois State Trooper and other members of local law enforcement moved in as three males got out of the car and took off on foot.

The trooper was able to capture the driver, identified as 18-year-old Larry Grant, while other officers were able to catch one of the passengers, who was reportedly a juvenile.

There is no information regarding the third suspect in the case that would determine if he was captured or is still on the run.

Officers allege that when they caught up with the juvenile in a nearby laundromat, they found him armed with two different firearms.

The juvenile, whose age and name were not released, allegedly had a .22 caliber rifle hanging from his chest and a .9-millimeter handgun somewhere on the front of him.

Police detained both individuals until a show-up could be conducted by the victim in the case.

A show-up is when law enforcement picks up the victim and transports them to wherever the suspect has been located for the purposes of identification.

When the victim arrived with the police, he positively identified Grant as being one of the three who had held him at gunpoint while the group stole his vehicle.

There is no indication as to whether the victim was able to identify the juvenile that was arrested in the case.

When police researched Grant, they learned that he was on active juvenile probation for three different robberies which he had committed before becoming an adult.

Police noted that two of Grant’s prior robbery convictions were considered aggravated while one was listed as just a robbery.

Instead of spending any time in a juvenile confinement center for the three violent convictions, he was sentenced to only two years worth of juvenile probation.

Police have not reported if Grant was in a possession of a firearm when he was taken into custody for his alleged involvement in the carjacking.

They did, however, note that Grant had an active warrant for domestic violence battery out of DeKalb County.

Grant was arrested and charged with aggravated vehicular hijacking with a firearm, possessing a stolen vehicle, and aggravated fleeing and eluding. Grant appeared in front of Judge Charles Beach who assigned a bond of $350,000.

Violent crime in the area of Chicago is making everyone, including business owners, concerned with their safety and ability to thrive in the area.

People like Jack Lavin, the president and CEO of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, noted that people are beginning to demand the political leaders in the city to step up and do something to deter crime. Lavin spoke to the Chicago Sun-Times and said:

“Our businesses – and it’s not just retail as you hear on the Mag Mile. It’s restaurants, offices, returning to work, banks. They want to know how are we gonna solve the violence and the public safety problem this week. This weekend. Tomorrow.”

While Lavin notes that he is in support of Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s plan on filling 1,000 Chicago Police vacancies as well as putting stimulus dollars to work, the business community wants something more.

They need to know there is a plan in place to stop the violence. He said:

“[We need a] strategy for the short and medium-term for how we’re gonna reduce retail theft, carjackings, shootings and who is prosecuted.”

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop

“Magnificent Mile” smash and grabs in police-defunded Chicago nets criminals $2M in luxury watches

CHICAGO, IL – There is a new mindset amongst criminals in cities across the country. We can do whatever we want, whenever we want, however we want, because even if the police arrest us…we will be out in a matter of hours and realistically never see the inside of a courtroom. 

There are a few things those cities all have in common. The police have been defunded. The city leadership is liberal. They all have DA’s and judges who are willing to turn criminals loose and not prosecute them for practically anything. 

Hence, the criminal mindset. Nothing displays it better than what happened last weekend in Chicago.

In broad daylight, while a high-end car dealer was open for business, customers walking around in the store, two armed males entered the dealership, smashed the cases and made off with an estimated $2M in watches. 

Now, not only are violent crimes on the rise, but petty crimes are rising as well.  Sadly, these smaller infractions that “really don’t hurt anyone” are getting more severe with each passing day. And liberals couldn’t be happier. 

But hey, that’s why all of these retail stores have insurance, right? 

The dealership, Gold Coast Exotic Motor Cars, has roughly 10 customers inside, including a few with their children. 

“This happened in broad daylight on Saturday. And they have people come and break into your store while there are customers shopping and there are children in there,” said owner Joe Perillo

The thieves made their way into the store. One stood watch with a gun while the other committed the type of smash and grab we have seen all too often on the nightly news.  

One of the owners of Gold Coast spoke to Fox News about the criminals:  

“He was smart enough not to raise the gun, because my people had guns,” said Joe Perillo. “If he raised that gun, he would have been shot, we’d probably be in court defending ourselves.”

Perillo was alluding to the fact that in Chicago, if a criminal does not point their gun at you, you cannot legally shoot them.

“We’re here to run a legitimate business, not be a western shootout,” Perillo later said.

Several employees pursued the crooks but were unable to catch up to them. 

“We ran after them on Chestnut, all the way to State Street, and then they split up,” said co-owner Joe Abbas.

The stolen watches are Richard Mille brand. Said to be racing machines on the wrist, the timepieces go for several hundred thousand dollars to well over a $1M each. 

"Magnificent Mile" smash and grabs in police-defunded Chicago nets criminals M in luxury watches
Pictured: Automatic winding Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail RM 40-01. Photo courtesy of www.richardmille.com

The McLaren-inspired piece pictured above is currently listed at $1.022M. 

The thieves had to know the watches were there…given that the average car dealership doesn’t also sell watches, even the ones that sell Lamborghinis and Bentleys. 

Meanwhile, these types of smash and grab robberies are becoming more common place, and Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot is casting the blame on business owners (keep reading for more on the lunacy coming from the mayor’s office). For victims like Perillo, they have had enough of politician’s words. They want to see action.

“A city that I love, and everybody loves to come to is going to be a desert if they don’t stop this. We’re going to have people moving out of this city, they’re moving out now, that want to just be safe.”

According to Fox News, Perillo voted for Lightfoot, but said he will not support her going forward. 

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