“Can’t you just die already, hurry up”: Teen faces 15 charges after teacher strangled, sexually assaulted in classroom


LAS VEGAS, NV –  “Can’t you just die already, hurry up.”

That’s what a 16-year-old student told a teacher after he raped her and attempted to kill her in her own classroom while trying to help the young man, police said.

The 11th grader at Eldorado High School in Las Vegas is accused of trying to kill his teacher April 7 after he strangled and beat the young woman several times and sexually assaulted her, police said.

Jonathan Martinez Garcia, 16, is being charged as an adult due to the nature of the crimes. He faces 15 charges including attempted murder, sexual assault and kidnapping. Nine additional charges were added April 11.

A judge has ordered that the teen undergo mental evaluations by at least two doctors to determine his competency before any further court proceedings. Garcia is being held on a $500,000 bond.

The teacher told police Martinez Garcia had come to her classroom “to see what assignments he might be missing in her class,” officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department wrote in a report.

The teacher said Martinez Garcia and she moved to her desk and were talking about his grades and assignments that he was missing when she felt like she was being choked, police said. Police believe the high school student used a computer cord to strangle her, according to the report.

At some point, Martinez Garcia reportedly grabbed the back of the teacher’s head by the hair and hit her head against an object, forcing her to pass out, police said.

The teacher told police she remembers waking up alone in the room. Martinez Garcia then reportedly came back into the room and punched her in the face, police said.

The teacher “asked Jonathan repeatedly why he was ‘doing this’ to her,” police said. The student replied that even though he really liked this specific teacher, he “didn’t like teachers” and was “getting revenge” police wrote in the report.

The teacher then lost consciousness again as Martinez Garcia allegedly held his hands on her neck.

When the teacher woke up, her pants and underwear had been pulled down, police said.

Martinez Garcia then tried to conceal the teacher with a cabinet, laying it on top of her, police said.

Martinez Garcia also called a parent during the incident, she said. The teacher also told police he said:

“Can’t you just die already, hurry up.”

The teacher said she pretended to be dead so that Martinez Garcia would leave, police said. A school staff member later found the teacher under the cabinet.

When speaking to detectives, Martinez Garcia said he had received scratches on his arm from a cat, police said.

He reportedly told police he had tried to sexually assault her, “but ‘stopped’ himself.” He also told the police that he had masterbated in front of the teacher in trying to explain why his semen would be found on her.

Highly aggressive, violent acts committed by minors are becoming more common, Brigid Duffy, Director of the Juvenile Division at Clark County District Attorney’s office, recently told Fox 5 KVVU -TV. Duffy said:

“The intensity of those violent acts has increased. Like the aggression is way more intense than we’ve seen it in the past. You can see that anger, that lack of empathy, like everything just coming out. And it’s different than what we’ve seen in the past.”


Two students, both 16 years old, arrested for ‘killing high school teacher’ and hiding her body

November 8, 2021

FAIRFIELD, IA – Two teenagers have been arrested in connection with the murder of a Fairfield High School teacher. The teacher’s body was found at a local park.

Police in Fairfield reported that the body of a High School Spanish teacher was found hidden at the Chautauqua Park. The victim, 66-year-old Nohema Graber, had been reported missing on November 2nd.

The two teenagers in the case, Willard Noble Chaiden Miller and Jeremy Everett Goodale, both 16 years old, were students at the same school where Graber worked. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office announced that both were arrested and charged with first-degree homicide and conspiracy to commit first-degree homicide.

Both Miller and Goodale are being tried as adults in the murder case due to the nature of the crime as well as their ages. Bond has been set at $1 million for each of the suspects who do not appear to have legal representation at this time.

Magistrate Stephan Small has ordered that a public defender be assigned to represent Goodale in future court proceedings. Even though Goodale has a public defender, there did not appear to be any such request from Miller and there has been no one named to represent him as of yet.

Court filings in the case reveal that Graber was found with apparent trauma to her head, which could be related to her cause of death. Police also found her hidden underneath a tarp, wheelbarrow, and several road ties in an area she used to walk often in the afternoons.

Police became suspicious that Graber may have been murdered when a tip came in stating that Goodale had posted details about killing her and a possible motive on social media. None of the accounts of the case so far have mentioned what the possible motive may have entailed.

As police began investigating, they were able to meet with a person described as a witness who placed both suspects at the park on or about the day that they believe Graber was killed. Detectives were able to develop probable cause for a search warrant and executed one at both Goodale’s and Miller’s residences.

Upon searching the residence, police allege that they located items that were connected to the homicide. Some of the items were clothing that appeared to have human blood on them.

Detectives spoke to Miller who, according to the criminal complaint:

“[A]dmitted to being in Chautauqua City Park as the murder was taking place…providing materials utilized in committing the murder, and aiding in actions taken to conceal the murder.”

Both of the suspects were taken into custody without incident. Both are currently being held in the county jail awaiting their next court appearance.

Graber, who immigrated to the United States from Xalapa, Mexico, has been a Spanish teacher at Fairfield High since 2012.

Before that, she had been a teacher at the Ottumwa Community School District. Police have not released any information as to how Miller and Goodale knew Graber or if she had even had them at students at some point.

Mike Bernaek, the President of the Iowa State Education Association, released a statement that read:

“An act like this is unspeakable, and we are torn that one of our education family is a victim to such a senseless act. Every day educators work tirelessly to protect the students in their care. With full hearts and deep commitment, educators have been the backbone of our state and our nation during this unprecedented time. We cannot understand this or any violence aimed at such guardians.”

Laurie Noll, the superintendent for Fairfield, released a statement regarding Grabber’s homicide. She said:

“We extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and loved ones of Mrs. Graber. At this time our students’ and staffs’ wellbeing is our top priority. As a community, we will remain united in this time of tragedy.”

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