Teen accused of stabbing Florida girl 114 times, says to police ‘how is that my problem?’


TAMPA, FL – A St. Johns County teen accused of stabbing a 13-year-old classmate 114 times killing her reportedly asked police investigators, “How is that my problem?”

Reports detailed the chilling words coming from Aiden Fucci as he was being interrogated for the brutal slaying of 13-year-old St. Johns County cheerleader Tristyn Bailey.

According to reports, St, John’s investigators brought Fucci in to be interrogated and was told of Bailey’s death. Investigators told Fucci that he was the last person to be seen with her. Fucci then replied, “How is that my problem.”

The police also found bloody clothing inside Fucci’s bedroom, along with an illustration that “depicted a Satanic element to them, to include a pentagram.”

During the interrogation, Fucci reportedly told investigators that he had tried to kiss Bailey and when she reacted by grabbing him, he pushed her down and she hit her head. He said that he then walked away.

The young girl was reported missing on Mother’s Day and was the subject of a statewide missing child alert.

According to deputies, a resident who went out to help search for the girl found her body later that evening in the woods.

 Police said surveillance video helped lead to Fucci being a suspect.

7th Judicial Circuit State Attorney R.J. Larizza announced in late May that Fucci would be charged with premeditated murder in the killing and would be charged as an adult:

“This is my job to make these decisions along with the executive team and while we’re sad and we certainly don’t take no pleasure in it, this is our duty and we looked at the facts. We looked at the law, and I got to tell you, and the circumstances of his offense, there was no other alternative.

“The juvenile system is geared for kids maybe with drug issues or that commit non-violent crime… the adult system is where this case belongs.”

The St. John County Sheriff’s Office announced that a medical examiner had determined that the cause of death for Bailey was “sharp force trauma by stabbing.” The manner of death was ruled a homicide.

Larizza characterized the events leading up to the murder:

“It started out as just a few kids getting together and hanging out, but it didn’t end that way.”

Following Larizza’s press conference announcing the charges, Bailey’s family released a joint statement:

“With the press conference sharing details of this heinous crime, the caring and love shown from the people and businesses to raise up the memory of Tristyn and the resolve of our community serve as a beacon of light in the darkness…

“As we move forward, we will seek to keep Tristyn’s memory alive and the spirit of the


In June, police announced the arrest of Fucci’s mother, 35-year-old Crystal Lane Smith, for trying to tamper with evidence in the investigation.

Police allege Smith tried to wash blood off Fucci’s jeans. Surveillance video inside the home showed Smith go into the suspect’s bedroom, retrieve the jeans, scrub them, and return them to the room.

Smith was arrested on a charge of tampering with evidence and booked into the St. Johns County jail. She was being held on a $25,000 bond.

In new documents released Wednesday, police provided details of the timeline leading up to Bailey’s murder.

On Friday, May 8, Bailey was seen with classmates at a Durbin Crossing Food Truck Friday event.

On Saturday, May 8 at 10:51 p.m., Bailey sent a text message to a 407-area code number, the last time she used her cell phone.

On Sunday, May 9, at approximately 12 a.m., Bailey’s sister saw her speaking to an unknown white male wearing a backward baseball cap on a video chat in the garage.

At 12:25 a.m., Bailey received an incoming call from Aiden Fucci’s phone according to AT&T records.

At 13:30 a.m., Doffis “Tre” Absher III says Tristyn arrived at his house.

At 1 a.m., Tre says Tristyn and Fucci left his house after hanging out late Saturday night.

At 1:24 a.m., surveillance video from the Durbin Crossing North Amenities Center shows two subjects walking past the main entrance along the sidewalk.

At 1:45 a.m., surveillance video obtained by detectives from a neighborhood resident, Dr. Larry Schoenberg, shows two subjects walking east on the sidewalk of Saddlestone Drive toward a pond. Police believe the subjects were Bailey and Fucci.

At 3:27 a.m., surveillance video from Schoenberg shows one subject walking west, away from the area of the pond.

At 9:40 a.m., Bailey’s family discovered she was not in bed.

At 10 a.m., Bailey was reported missing by her frantic mother.

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Police: Florida teen to be tried as adult in murder case after stabbing 13-year-old girl 114 times

May 31, 2021


JACKSONVILLE, FL – The 14-year-old suspect charged with the fatal stabbing of a 13-year-old girl is reportedly going to be tried as an adult, according to reports. The teen suspect is facing life in prison after authorities say he stabbed the victim 114 times.

On May 9th, the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office reportedly discovered the body of 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey, a young cheerleader at Patriot Oaks Academy in St. Johns, at approximately 6:00 p.m. in a wooded area within the Jacksonville suburb.

During the course of the investigation, authorities uncovered surveillance footage from approximately 1:15 a.m. on May 9th where Bailey can be seen walking in a residential area. The same surveillance footage also showcased the suspect, 14-year-old Aiden Fucci.

Fucci was initially treated as a witness while Bailey was first considered missing, which Fucci reportedly took a selfie from the back of a police vehicle while being brought in for questioning prior to the young girl’s body being discovered.

In the selfie, Fucci is making a peace sign and captioned the selfie with:

“Hey guys has inybody (sic) seen Tristyn lately.”

Authorities later announced the arrest of Fucci on May 10th, noting that both he and the victim attended school together.

An arrest report noted that “several items of evidentiary value were located within the defendant’s bedroom which were consistent with clothing observed in the aforementioned video surveillance.” Among those pieces of evidence were “items” that “yielded a presumptive positive test result for the presence of blood.”

On May 27th, 7th Judicial Circuit State Attorney R.J. Larizza confirmed that Fucci will be tried as an adult for the murder of Bailey:

“It brings me no pleasure to be charging a 14-year-old as an adult with first-degree murder. But I can tell you also the executive team and I reviewed all the facts, all the circumstances, the applicable law and it was not a difficult decision to make, that he should be charged as an adult. It’s a sad decision and a sad state of affairs.”

Larizza stated that the term “horrific” was an “understatement” to describe what Bailey endured when she was killed:

“To say that it was horrific could arguably be made as an understatement… Bottom line, premeditation can be inferred certainly from just the sheer number of stab wounds that Tristyn Bailey had to suffer.”

Officials say that Bailey was stabbed 114 times, which 49 of those stab wounds appeared to be “defensive wounds” along the victim’s arms, hands and head while she tried to ward off her attacker.

Larizza explained that every time the suspect brought the edged weapon down, it was another sign of “premeditation”:

“Every time that arm went back and every time that arm went down, that was premeditation.”

Larizza also noted that Fucci had allegedly told his friends that he sought to kill someone, in a very similar fashion as Bailey was killed, without noting who he intended to murder:

“He didn’t say who that was, but he indicated to witnesses that he was going to kill someone by taking them in the woods and stabbing them, which are certainly the facts of this case.”

Authorities say that fatal stabbing of the young girl was so brutal that the tip of the knife had broken off in the young girl’s head.

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office commander Howard “Skip” Cole noted the unsettling nature of the details of this murder, while voicing support of Fucci being tried as an adult:

“It’s difficult to hear all that… We fully support the grand jury indictment.”

Since Fucci is under the age of 18, he cannot be subject to the death penalty if convicted. However, Fucci does face life in prison for the offense. 




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