Ted Cruz calls out Nancy Pelosi, suggests corruption: She’s ‘just shoveling money to her friends’.


Washington D.C– As the $600 unemployment increase, that was given to help people during the coronavirus shut downs is ending, Congress is in a rush to push more funds out the door. 

Texas Senator Ted Cruz spoke up about this on an interview with Face the Nation. Cruz accused Nancy Pelosi, and house Democrats of “shoveling cash at the problem and shutting America down.”.

Cruz said:

“Her objectives are shoveling cash at the problem and shutting America down,” 

He went on to say:

“And in particular, you look at the $3 trillion bill she’s trying to push, it’s just shoveling money to her friends and not actually solving the problem. Our objective should be Americans want to get back to work. They want to be able to provide for their family.”

As the enhanced unemployment benefits began running out this weekend, Democrats and Republicans can not seem to come to an agreement on what should happen next. 

While Democrats want the “phase four” coronavirus package to keep the $600 boost to the benefits, Republicans are saying it should not continue, because Americans make more from unemployment than they did in wages, which is resulting in people not wanting to return to work.

According to Cruz, he has spoken to small businesses in Texas on the matter, and claims many of them are having trouble finding employees, because they would make less than they currently do on unemployment. 

Cruz said:

“Of course, they won’t come back because the federal government is paying them, in some instances, twice as much money to stay home,”

He continued:

“A recovery bill would suspend the payroll tax, which would give it a pay raise to everyone in America who’s working. That actually gets people back to work,”

Donald Trump has been outspoken on this support of a payroll tax cut, however, not surprisingly, it was ill-received by Democrats. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement, that a payroll tax cut will not be part of the phase four stimulus package. 

You can read the full transcript on the interview here.

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LET Unity

This is not the first time Cruz has made claims in regards to the coronavirus. Back in April, we brought you the story of Cruz accusing national media of rooting for the coronavirus in order to cast blame on President Trump.

In an appearance on Fox News on Monday night, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) ripped the national media, accusing “journalists” of “rooting” for the coronavirus pandemic to get much worse.

The outbreak has already claimed over 12,000 lives in the United States. The thought is of course that as the virus gets worse, the more the media and their handlers the Democratic Party can blame President Trump.

“You see the media, much of the mainstream media, trying to root for disaster. They are rooting for this pandemic to be worse and worse. And you saw, you know, the Washington Post’s self-proclaimed fact-checker was cheering about a line from the State of the Union where the president said we had the lowest unemployment in 50 years,” Cruz said.

“And the Washington Post was saying, ‘Well gosh, that didn’t stand up well to the test of time.’”

Cruz pulled no punches in going after the so-called “fact-checker” in question, Glenn Kessler:

“Well, no, you moron. We had the lowest level of African American and Hispanic unemployment ever recorded until a global pandemic that originated in Wuhan, in China, came and ended up causing absolute chaos and catastrophe.”

Sen. Cruz had also gone after Kessler over the weekend on Twitter, accusing him of trying to intentionally make the president look bad.

“We should be coming together to root for America, to root for defeating this pandemic, and to root for jobs coming back,” Cruz said. “And I think too many partisan Democrats want to just use this catastrophe to attack Trump rather than come together and fight for our country.”

Cruz is far from alone in his criticism of major media outlets. Other Republicans also have been sharply critical of the media, accusing them of trying to cause fear among the public or try to somehow blame President Trump for the outbreak, which has hit virtually every country worldwide, and which originated in Wuhan, China.

Marco Rubio (R-FL) tweeted: 

“Some in our media can’t contain their glee & delight in reporting that the U.S. has more #CoronaVirus cases than #China,” he said. “Beyond being grotesque, it’s bad journalism.”

Some journalists got their panties in a bunch over Rubio’s tweet.

“Glee and delight?” shrieked Molly Knight of the New York Times. “Every journalist I know is terrified of being laid off right now. People are dying. You had a chance to remove Trump from office in January and looked the other way even though you know he’s corrupt and incompetent. Now look where we are.”

This is an unbiased journalist, mind you. As if, had Trump been impeached this whole coronavirus thing could have been avoided. Knight doesn’t address the fact that had the Senate granted the Democrats their wish for witnesses, the impeachment sham would have dragged out through February and probably March, just when this whole coronavirus thing was escalating.

For his part, Sen. Cruz was correct. In the beginning, Democrats downplayed the virus, more concerned about Congress booting Trump out of office. Some journalists, as Red State has said, openly hoped that this pandemic would be President Trump’s “Hurricane Katrina,” which hung over the presidency of George W. Bush after it was deemed he inadequately responded to the disaster.

Red State is also correct when they say that left-leaning media types acted with hypocrisy when they acted all offended when President Trump and other conservatives rightly called the virus the Wuhan, China virus, despite the fact that they had repeatedly characterized it the same way.

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