Ted Cruz attacks New York Times: You’re ‘Attacking Walter Reed Because the President Didn’t Die’


WASHINGTON, DC – A New York Times Opinion writer recently wrote a piece in which she claims that the reputation for the Walter Reed Hospital is now in “tatters” after the President was released from treatment. 

Republican Senator Ted Cruz (TX) took immediate issue with that, believing that the columnist would have rather the President died in the hospital.

The columnist, Maureen Dowd, wrote:

“When Trump walked through the doors, Walter Reed had a stellar reputation.  As he walks out 72 hours later, its reputation is in tatters.  There’s nothing Trump can’t ruin.”

 After seeing the article, Cruz tweeted:

“NYT, attacking Walter Reed because the President didn’t die.  Your hate has destroyed you.”

Now, to be fair, there is no context as to what Dowd wrote.  She could mean exactly what Cruz stated, that she had hoped that the hospital would have allowed President Trump to die.  Or, she could have been upset that they allowed him out of the hospital as soon as they did.  Regardless of her true meaning, her words are certainly suspect. 

Others who read the article were also concerned about Dowd’s comments regarding the situation. 

Gerry Callahan tweeted:

“Nothing ruins the reputation of a hospital like discharging a healthy patient.  They may never recover.”

Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist and a Fox News contributor, tweeted:

“Imagine thinking a wonderful hospital lost its reputation because you and your peers lost their ever living minds and have a 4-year long temper tantrum.”

Liberals have all taken to whatever manner they can to report on the President being released from the hospital, after testing negative for the virus, and alluding that he is somehow endangering more lives in the process.  They also have attacked him for removing his mask, while outside and socially distanced from people, while trying to calm the nerves of the American people.

The President, speaking from a place of experience since he did battle the COVID-19 virus, tried to express what he went through in a way to calm the masses. 

He tweeted:

“I will be leaving the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M.  Feeling really good!  Don’t be afraid of Covid. 

 “Don’t let it dominate your life.  We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge.  I feel better than I did 20 years ago!”

 The President then went on to tweet:

“Flu season is coming up!  Many people die every year, sometimes over 100,000, and despite the Vaccine, die from the Flu.  Are we going to close down the Country?  No, we have learned to live with it, just like we are learning to live with Covid, in most populations far less lethal!!!”

Of course, now that post has been banned by the Twitter police in a claim that it was misleading.  

Whether or not you like President Trump and/or his policies, simply wishing or, at a minimum, giving the allusion that you did not want him to recover as quickly as he did, is a head scratcher.  How can any human being wish someone ill simply because you do not like or agree with his policies? 

There are many people in Republican circles that do not like former President Barack Obama and current Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden.  But, can anyone bring up one instance where a reporter, celebrity, or any other famous person openly hoped and wished for their demise? 

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LET Unity


As haters attack President Trump, prayer vigils for him and the First Lady are spreading across America

WASHINGTON, D.C. – At a prayer vigil for President Trump outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Saturday, Breitbart offered exclusive video coverage of Trump supporters with an environment and messaging rarely, if ever, shared by mainstream media.

Breitbart’s 90-plus-minute coverage showed an estimated 75-100 supporters attending a “Get Well Soon Mr. President” prayer vigil, characterized by flags, friendly honks, waves, and cheering.  Prayers were offered for Trump’s recovery, as well as for his healthcare team, and for the safety of attendees and law enforcement.

Chants of “USA” can be heard, as well as the singing of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.”

Notably absent were fires, destruction, obscenities, and violence so commonly found in leftist gatherings of late.

Notably present was an environment of positivity and inclusivity.

One gentleman who identified himself as Heath can be seen declaring before his interview:

“LGBT for Trump! Gays for Trump! 

“Don’t listen to the mainstream media!  There’s thousands of us gay men and women that support Trump!”

Heath told Breitbart News that:

“it was harder coming out of the closet as a Republican and conservative than it ever was as a gay man.”

Pointing toward the hospital, he added:

“This man here [President Trump] has done more for the gay community, and the black community, and all minorities than any president we’ve had in history. 

“The man has done so much for our community, but the mainstream media twists it so much, and they will not give him credit for anything he’s done.” 

Adding more specific examples, Heath said:

“I mean, he’s called out world leaders who has [sic] persecutions of gays and lesbians in their, in their country. 

“He’s the first president ever went into his first term supporting gay marriage already. 

“He called out the gay and lesbian community at a … Republican National Committee in 2016.  That’s unheard of.”

In a statement on Trump’s inclusivity, Heath went on to say:

“The man that’s lying over there in that hospital bed does not care what your sexuality is.  He does not care what your gender is.  He doesn’t care what your race is.  If you are a good person, that’s what he cares about.”

Speaking more on inclusivity and diversity, Heath added that he had recently witnessed those very aspects among Trump supporters at an earlier WalkAway rally.

He said of the WalkAway event:

“[T]hat really opened my eyes, because of all the diversity.  I never thought I’d go to a Republican event where I saw a transgendered woman speaking on stage, I saw several gay men speaking on stage, I saw several African Amer- I don’t say African Americans, I say Americans, we’re all Americans, but I saw several black Americans speaking…. 

“I never thought I’d see the day when I can be a gay man and be my true self, and still support the party, because what my sexuality is doesn’t determine who I vote for and what my beliefs are.”

Echoing Heath’s statements on diversity and inclusivity was Sarah, from Miami.

Sporting a “Keep America Great” hat, she, too, was attending the prayer vigil after a previous Trump rally during the day.

She stated:

“We have seen people of every race, every nationality, every religion, every creed, come together and spread a message of unity, of positivity, of hope, of proudness in our country and in our values.”

In a pointed comment directed at leftist tactics, she added:

“And we’re here because we’re so sick of the left dividing us, and always just spreading this message of division, and we’re happy to stand with people of all colors, sexual orientations, and everything.  Just standing together for the rights that make this country beautiful.”

Sarah went on to say:

“I think it’s a clear, clear, clear, very clear division, the people that stand for unity and inclusion versus the people that propagate hate….It’s very clear. 

“Who discludes [sic] the people, who cuts people out, and who says, ‘Welcome, come to us, we all believe in freedom, we all believe in, you know, the Constitution’… it’s clear.”

In agreement was Megan, from Maryland, who had also attended the WalkAway rally earlier Saturday. 

She spoke of being an “ex-lib” and how liberals were “filled with hate.”

Megan also told of how she had been under the impression that Trump and his supporters were “racist,” but that after watching a Trump rally on television and noting the discrepancies between what Trump said and what the mainstream news reported, she realized that what the news said “just wasn’t true about Trump at all.”

She added:

“He’s always condemned racism, he’s always condemned white supremacy and stands completely against hate.”

Breitbart also interviewed Trump supporters of diverse nationalities at the prayer vigil.

Chris, from Miami, described himself as “of Cuban descent.”

He spoke of how he wanted President Trump in office to secure a future for his daughter, as he did not “see a Democrat being able to provide that for her.”

He described Cuban support for Trump, saying:

“Cubans and … conservatives in general are blended very very closely, especially down in Miami.    

“The Cuban population, a lot of them fled socialism.  They fled the… dictatorship of the Castro regime, and they don’t want that.  They don’t want that here, so they’re gonna vote accordingly….

“For the most part Cubans are all conservative and they’re all for Trump.”

Felix and his mother, both from Peru, have lived in the U.S. for eight years. 

With his mother calling, “Latina for Trump!  Latina from Peru!” Chris noted that he had seen the “economy [start] to rise” under Trump, and pointed out that in Peru, the country is still under lockdown, whereas Trump “opened up the economy.”

In so doing, he added, President Trump is “fighting for the people.”

Peaceful gathering.  Prayerful reflection.  Positivity.  Inclusivity.  Diversity.

All characteristics of the right.  All characteristic of Trump supporters.

And rarely, if ever, reported by mainstream media.

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