Teary Eyed Moments as a Police Wife

I stared at him and then bam the tears welled up in my eyes … we were just supposed to be watching TV and while he actually was, I was watching him.

Watching expressions on his face, mannerisms, chuckles, the way he talked and my favorite of all, watching that chest of his move from breathing. It’s times like this that stop me in my tracks; this particular night where my teary eyes as a police wife end up being tears flowing down my cheeks as I’m moved with gratitude in my heart. He’s HERE, he’s right here and he’s ALIVE. He didn’t become a statistic or a news story that comes and goes today.

It’s moments like this that I believe all police wives can relate too because we know that on the other side of our PROUD hearts there’s EVIL waiting. Evil exists, it truly does, and we’d be naïve to think it doesn’t. It exists in the eyes of those angrily yelling, “F*** the police!” … something I observe as I sit in the front seat of a patrol car on a ride along. Moreover, it exists in those murderers who assassinate our men in uniform just because they don’t like police officers.

Teary eyes turn into tears flowing down our cheeks when we have to hold him and pray for him after he’s experienced an OIS, death of a child or someone dying in his arms on scene, an accident that keeps him up at night and so forth. It breaks our hearts as wives when we know that our heroes are out there trying to do good only to go out and sometimes not come back the same mentally . . . or let alone at all. We can’t protect them from everything but we can most definitely cover them in prayer.

heavy heart

The most sorrowful tears that flow, in this life as police wives, are those that we shed when attending a local officers funeral, whether it be in person or now with technology via video stream.

Little Black Band

(Photo courtesy Marjorie Greene)

But I believe the most agonizing, excruciating and tortuous tears come from those wives whose husbands paid the ultimate price while living out their callings as peace makers and go to be with the ultimate Peace Maker for all of eternity.

“He will swallow up death for all time,
And the Lord God will wipe tears away from all faces,
And He will remove the reproach of His people from all the earth;
For the Lord has spoken” (Isaiah 25:8).

 Let this Scripture be something to cling to, that one sweet day the Lord will wipe away our tears and vindicate all that was lost, in Jesus’ name.

– Mariah Pizano