Internet destroys head of teachers union who issued whiny letter filled with spelling, grammar errors


VIRGINIA — A poorly written letter that was sent by the president of a Virginia teachers union was critiqued by a parent who whipped out her pen and used proofreader marks to show how error-laden it was.

The Dec. 30 letter was written by Arlington Education Association (AEA) President Ingrid Gant and addressed to Dr. Francisco Durán, the superintendent of the Arlington Public Schools (APS) and offered as an immediate press release.

Gant’s letter was focused on coronavirus spreading and the need for a delayed resumption of in-person learning. She wrote that “mitigations” needed to be “in place resembling our neighbors”:

“The AEA calls on APS to provide testing to every student and staff member prior to returning to the classroom and/or remain virtual until January 18, ensuring mitigations are in place resembling our neighbors in the DMV area.”

The union head suggested that indoor lunches are a “super-spreader event” inside schools, writing:

“While lunch mitigation plans may have worked in fall weather, APS is embarking on a system wide super-spreader event during the first cold and/or rainy days upon return.

“Indoor lunch, even among asymptomatic students and staff are significant risks (and one risk too many).”

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According to Gant’s letter, thousands of airline flights have been cancelled in part due to “increase staff”:

“Evidence has shown what the omicron variant can do to large swaths of populations. The airline industry continues to cancel thousands of flights due to increase staff and Covid related illness.”

Gant also suggested local firefighters were typical examples of those involved in “domino outbreaks”:

“The fire departments in are [our] region are exemplifying domino outbreaks as well.

“APS employees are no different or above this trend, yet leadership prepares to send educators into situations that will make them sick.”

Gant was displeased with the CDC’s latest guidance, which has shortened quarantines from 10 to five days. She wrote:

“Meanwhile it is critically important for the public to know that CDC guidance for shortened quarantines (from 10 days to 5 days), refer to asymptomatic infection.

“APS must be clear and resolute that asymptomatic truly means asymptomatic.

“AEA is concerned that, in a rush to return employees and students to a classroom, symptoms will be explained away, and more students will be infected.”

Gant seemed worried that Biden’s declaration of a “winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated” would fall upon the school district. She wrote:

“The next few weeks are going to be very challenging and without the testing capacity and necessary mitigations, it will be dangerous.”

Gant also wrote that parents must accept the “consequences” as teachers continue to make the “ultimate sacrifice,” suggesting some educators may be dying:

“As employees get sick (and unfortunately, the data shows they will), the community must be willing to live with the consequences of classrooms that cannot be staffed, buses that cannot be driven, lunches that cannot be served and extended day services that will not support before and after school care.

“It is apparent that only our educators continue making the ultimate sacrifice, while being reminded ‘We are all in this together!’”

One parent, @ellenfgallery, thought Gant’s letter needed a communication boost and tweeted an edited version of it to the Arlington Education Association, asking:

“Hey @VEA4Kids, are you going to send out more of these grammar worksheets over break? My kids and I had a great time spotting errors! Did we find them all?”

It did not take long for fans of good grammar to comment on the travesty of an error-filled letter that was supposed to be a voice for educators of children.

@Clambert54 wrote:

“There were so many grammatical errors in this letter that I could not get through any paragraph with a complete thought of what it was suppose to convey.

I just wish the Mom would have marked it up in red ink and assigned a big fat ‘F’ to it in the upper right corner.”

@CelloChocolate preferred the green ink that was used to mark up the letter:

“A well edited letter is a joy forever. Grammar, spelling, & punctuation are important at any age. I like your use of green ink. My Ed profs taught us to shun red ink, when grading, in favor of purple.

But now I think green stands out better, is friendlier, and hearkens to nature.”

Grammar police on Twitter broke out into factions while discussing the AEA letter.

@delgado_tico pointed out an error that @ellenfgallery missed:

“You missed an error of noun/verb agreement in the last paragraph of page one. The singular ‘CDC guidance’ is the predicate nominative, not the plural ‘quarantines.’ Therefore, the verb should be 3rd person singular: ‘refers.’”

@drmicheleryan chimed in:

“I came here to add that correction too!”

@ForrestinTX tried to offer an easy tip for those who struggle with writing — use an online grammar checker:

“Grammerly is free, someone should tell them.”

@chrissieclarke was not about to let another online faux pas go unnoticed, replying:

“It’s Grammarly. Seems like they aren’t the only ones who need to be told.”

On Twitter, some believe perfect grammar and spelling are essential, while others say posts do not need to be perfect.

However, many subscribe to the unwritten rule that if one criticizes language errors in a post, then the person calling out the error needs to make sure his or her own tweet does not contain ANY mistakes.

The usual penalty is brutal online roasting of an offender who failed to see his or her own spelling or grammar mistake.

Some tweeters might also earn the dubious distinction of being labeled a Twitter Karen for their overly enthusiastic policing of language infractions.

Ironically, during a September press conference, Gant had called for “drastic and immediate” improvements to the school system’s new remote learning program and lamented about a “poor state of communications.”

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LET Unity

According to a report by ARL Now, Gant said:

“Every day our educators are being forced to go above and beyond the call of duty.

“We, the members of AEA insist the School Board members take action regarding the poor state of communications, staffing and support across APS, particularly in Virtual Learning Program.”

Are poor communication abilities a reflection of a flawed education system in the United States?

The answer might be “yes.”

Ella Kietlinska and Joshua Philipp, reporters for The Epoch Times, interviewed investigative journalist Alex Newman.

According to Newman, there is a purposeful dumbing down of education in America. The purpose is to dismantle the U.S. economically, intellectually and militarily:

“[This will] allow other nations to be built up, other governments, especially the Communist Chinese government, to grow in prestige and influence in economic prowess for the purpose of really drastically reshaping the world order into this, what they call the multipolar order, where Russia and China and the so-called BRICS [five countries] like Brazil and India will be kind of on an equal standing with the United States.

“But America, at least the ideas and the essence of what America is, has stood as an obstacle to that agenda. So if you want to make this agenda possible, … you’re going to have to undermine the principles that the United States was founded on.”

Newman suggested that promoting radical ideas in schools only serves to divide the country’s society. For example, he noted that Marxists are promoting critical race theory (CRT) at many schools.

According to Newman, CRT is a way that Marxists can create conflict and divide people into easier-to-manage groups:

“Typically Marxists will instigate—as a vehicle to bring about a revolution; to bring about the discontent that will finally result in the overthrow of the old system.

“When Mao took over China, … [he] divided people up into the red classes and the black classes.

“The black classes, of course, were the evil classes: the business owners, the Christians, the counter-revolutionaries, the landowners, etc. Whereas the red classes, those were the oppressed; the victims—and they were the workers, the landless peasants, and so on.”

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