“Teacher” says people should shoot Trump supporters


Ahh yes, the party of love and tolerance has once again graced us with a message of peace and hope. 

Oh, wait. Just kidding. It’s actually just another hate-filled message directed toward anyone who disagrees with their point of view. 

This time the disturbing call for violence comes from a teacher in Tennessee, identified as David Mosley from Byrns Darden Elementary School in Clarksville.

Mosley reportedly said that liberals should “shoot” anyone who supports the president.

The controversy first began when Mosley came to the defense of a teenager who on Halloween night had allegedly punched a man standing with his family at a haunted house because he was dressed up like Donald Trump. 

The teen was arrested and brought up on charges.

“She should have shot him,” Mosley commented about the story.

Real nice, David.

"Teacher" says people should shoot Trump supporters
David Mosley, a teacher from Tennessee is apparently rooting for violence against anyone who supports the president. (Facebook)


The school didn’t exactly punish the faculty member for his offhanded comments, either. Instead, they simply acknowledged that people engage in online communication and reminded them that they should try to maintain professional decorum. 

“Employees should be aware of the public and widespread nature of such media and again refrain from any comment that could be deemed unprofessional,” the school said in a statement. 

The teacher is now supposedly under investigation for the comments, but in today’s society he’ll probably be allowed to keep his job.

But he isn’t the only person shaping the minds of our youth that has overstepped bounds and trashed people they don’t agree with. Especially when it comes to police.

First and foremost, we have Jeff Klinzman, a Kirkwood College adjunct English professor who just went on record to confirm that he is Antifa. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Antifa, let’s get you up to speed. Antifa is a group of people who claim to be anti-violence while deploying violence.

They claim to support freedom of speech while violently shutting down the speech of those with whom they disagree. These individuals will agitate and instigate in hopes of throwing punches, swinging bats, hammers and crowbars.

ANTIFA Threatens acid attacks


The FBI has monitored the group and President Trump is considering designating it as a domestic terrorist organization.

Klinzman, told a local TV station’s investigative team, “I affirm that I am ‘antifa.’”

A tweet from President Trump called the group, “Radical Left Wack Jobs who go around hitting… people over the heads with baseball bats”. The professor wrote in response, “Yeah, I know who I’d clock with a bat…”

The Secret Service says that they are aware of the posts but would not confirm if they are investigating it as a threat to the President.

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"Teacher" says people should shoot Trump supporters


A search through Klinzman’s Facebook page shows over the years that he has also made statements expressing his desire to “stop evangelical Christians” where he included a poem that said:

“Kill them all and bury them deep in the ground”.

Wonder what he’s teaching in school…

A look at Rate My Professor may actually answer that question.

“Way too opinionated and grades fluctuate based on your ideology. Very little consistency, and he’s often having to struggle to regain his composure after being challenged. He will not admit he made an error and will punish you for showing him it. Most of the assignment topics were taken from other college website curriculum.”

“Whatever you do, don’t interrupt him when he’s telling stories about his glory days of protesting, and how much of a rebel he thinks he still is. He’s mean, he’s a bigot, and he’s sexist as heck. He treats the female students who aren’t hairy-pitted feminists like they are garbage. He’s arrogant and condescending. Just really a bad instructor.”

Then we have now former professor Michael Isaacson. 

Professor, Antifa activist who said "it's a privilege to teach future dead cops" gets fired
Professor, Antifa activist who said “it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops” gets fired


You might remember him from his statements about how it’s a “pleasure to teach future dead cops.”

Up until about a month ago, Isaacson had taught at John Jay College in New York.

Now he’s found himself back in the unemployment line.

Let’s look at some of the lovely qualities of a man shaping the future minds of America. 

When did academia become a protected class of people that can say whatever they want and continue to indoctrinate impressionable children and young adults with anti-country, anti-police and anti-God ideology, and there are no legitimate repercussions for their actions?

His most notorious…

“Some of y’all might think it sucks being an anti-fascist teacher at John Jay College but I think it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops.”

We’re glad to see John Jay College finally took it upon themselves to get rid of him.

Then you’ve got another California university who felt the need to apologize and offer counseling to student’s they triggered after career services emailed them about job opportunities with CBP.

Apparently Border Patrol was too sensitive a topic… so the university quickly freaked out and threw law enforcement under the bus, apologizing and offering counseling services to any affected students.

“The Career Center sincerely apologizes for the email sent to students on Monday, August 5, 2019, regarding the employment webinars offered by the U.S. Border Patrol. We recognize that some recipients experienced distress due to the contents of the message, and we acknowledge the validity of your concerns. Please know that the Career Center is committed to informing students about employment opportunities while also considering the safety and well-being of all members of the campus community.

Give us a break…

Or how about the University of California professor who said that cops “need to be killed.”

Professor Joshua Clover is known for his unbelievable statements.  But arguably the worst was in 2015 to SF Weekly in an interview.

He was asked:

“What’s wrong with society today?”

His two-sentence response in the published interview:

“People think that cops need to be reformed. They need to be killed.”

Other media reports quoted Clover stating on Twitter he was was “thankful that every living cop will one day be dead, some by their own hand, some by others, too many of old age #letsnotmakemore.”

UC Davis professor Joshua Clover, whose work focuses on critical theory, political theory, political economy, poetry, poetics and Marxism, has been reprimanded for saying that cops “need to be killed.” (UCDavis Department of English)


Then there was his tweet that reportedly said:

“I mean, it’s easier to shoot cops when their backs are turned, no?”

Clover’s interests include “social movements, social reproduction theory, crisis theory and the end of capitalism.”

In 2016, he published a book called “Riot. Strike. Riot: The New Era of Uprisings”.

Of course it’s the college environment we’re talking about… and so nobody batted an eye.


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