Teacher in America on student visa arrested for sex crimes against a child


A Georgia middle school teacher who was in the US on a student Visa was arrested last week for sex crimes against a child.

The teacher, a female, is 24-years-old and was teaching physical science (I’ll bet she was!) and social science at Hephzibah Middle School in Richmond County.

Rumah Byrapaka was arrested last Thursday after a parent of a 13-year-old boy at the middle school brought some inappropriate text messages to the school’s attention on Wednesday. 

Teacher in America on student visa arrested for sex crimes against a child
Teacher faces deportation for alleged sex with a minor


The texts included sexually suggestive and explicit messages, saying the two could “tongue-kiss” and that he could touch her “feminine parts.”  The parent also said Byrapaka sent her son nude photos.  Inappropriate messages were also sent to the boy from Instagram.

It’s unknown how the parent found out about the misconduct.

The investigation so far has revealed that the teacher brought the child into a “small room” of the school, alone, and the two engaged in kissing and “inappropriate touching.”

Byrapaka was arrested for one count of child molestation and one count of enticing a child for indecent purposes.  The Richmond County District Attorney’s office said more charges would likely follow.


Byrapaka is on paid leave from the school, which is typical until the case is either dismissed or the suspect is convicted.  While there hasn’t been an update to her employment status since the arrest, her staff profile page on the school’s website has been taken down.

A judge has granted bond to Byrapaka- a total of $27,700 for the two charges.

Judge Scott Allen set several conditions in granting the bond, including no contact with the boy or his family, no contact with people under 18, no teaching at any school, notifying the court if she is released from federal custody, residing with her family in Columbia County and surrendering her passport to the district attorney’s office.

While prosecutors didn’t oppose the bond, the child’s parents sure did.  The young boy claims to be in love with his teacher, and his parents say he was “known to sneak out” to meet her.

Their concerns are quite valid.  However, even if Byrapaka posts bail and is released from the Charles B. Webster Detention Center, she will be immediately handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement due to her non-resident status.  Because Byrapaka was only in the country on a student visa, she faces deportation if convicted.

It has not been reported where Byrapaka is originally from, and it’s not been said to where she would be deported.  Her last name is of Indian origin.

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Teacher in America on student visa arrested for sex crimes against a child


Comments on social media vary drastically in content.  Some users are angry that the woman is on paid leave, saying that a man charged with the same crimes would be instantly fired.  Other users say that young teachers should only teach young students, allowed to move up in grade level as they age in order to gain maturity. 

I saw some students coming to her rescue on several news outlets Facebook posts, saying she’s a good teacher and wouldn’t do something so horrid.

Then, of course, there’s my favorite comment which adds so much to the conversation: One person commented, “I’d f*ck her.”

According to Psychiatric Times, “educator sexual misconduct” means “behavior by an educator that is directed at a student and intended to sexually arouse or titillate the educator or the child.”  An analysis by Charol Shakeshaft in 2004 revealed that 9.6% of high school students “have experienced some form of educator sexual misconduct during their school career.” 

The majority of offenders were men, although with male victims, women accounted for 4-43% of incidents, depending on which study Shakeshaft focused on.  Female teachers abused female students in 13% of incidents.  The average age of an offender is 28.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) issues detainers to aliens who are arrested by law enforcement agencies if ICE believes said alien should be deported once released.  If a detainer is issued, ICE asks that the law enforcement agency notify them a reasonable amount of time prior to the alien’s release so as to give ICE time to respond and take custody of the prisoner.

The intent of detainers is, obviously, to keep criminal aliens out of our communities and our country, and to keep our legal and law-abiding citizens safe.

Detainers have zero effect, however, if law enforcement agencies fail to act on them.

Which is why illegal immigrant Luis Analberto Pineda-Anchecta was given multiple chances to terrorize, abuse, and attempt to murder his ex-girlfriend.

Teacher in America on student visa arrested for sex crimes against a child
Luis Analberto Pineda-Anchecta


ICE has been engaged in an ongoing battle with the Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Sheriff’s Office, where Anchecta illegally resides.

ICE has said that Mecklenburg County and its Sheriff, Garry McFadden, abide by “sanctuary policies,” which threatens public safety according to ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations Executive Associate Director Tim Robbins. 

“It is safer for all if we work with the jails,” Robbins said in September.

Robbins has been proved correct, at the expense of a petrified, injured, and mentally scarred woman.

On May 15, 2019, the 37-year-old Honduran native, Anchecta, was arrested by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police CMP) for charges of Assault of a Female (apparently a different crime than Assault of a Male?), Communicating Threats, Injury to Personal Property Over $200, Larceny of Property or Goods with a Value Over $1,000, and Simple Assault.  The victim of these crimes was known in reports only as F.M.

The following day, ICE placed a detainer on Anchecta.

The day after that (May 17), the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office gave ICE the middle finger and allowed Anchecta to pay his bond and be released without notifying the federal agency.

I’m sure you can guess that the story didn’t end there.

On May 21, just six days after Anchecta’s first arrest, victim F.M. was walking to her car in the parking lot of her apartment complex when she was approached by two masked men.  F.M. recognized one of the men as Anchecta despite his disguise. 

Anchecta grabbed F.M. by the arm and shoved a cloth in her mouth.  To keep the cloth in place, he tied a plastic rope around her head.

Anchecta and his crony shoved F.M. against her will into the passenger seat of a Ford Fusion.  Once in the car, the second masked man left the scene, and Anchecta told F.M. in Spanish, “I love you and I’m going to kill you.”

Anchecta started to drive the vehicle, all the while holding tightly onto the plastic rope around F.M.’s face.  Anchecta drove for a short time before pulling over on the side of the road near a wooded area, at which point he dragged F.M. out of the vehicle by pulling on the plastic rope. 

Teacher in America on student visa arrested for sex crimes against a child


F.M. struggled against Anchecta as he attempted to rape her, and the victim was able to escape his grasp when he tripped and fell over the plastic rope.  She ran to the highway and flagged down help.  Several cars pulled over to help the woman.

Anchecta locked his car (safety first) and fled on foot. 

CMPD officers obtained a search warrant and searched Anchecta’s vehicle, where they recovered a spool of the plastic rope as well as F.M.’s cellphone. 

May 23, two days later, CMPD attempted to arrest Anchecta, who engaged the officers in a SWAT standoff lasting nine hours.  Anchecta was eventually taken into custody.

This time his charges amounted to Assault on a Female, Communicating Threats, Assault on a Person by Strangulation and Inflicting Physical Injury, Violation of a Domestic Violence Order, and First-Degree Kidnapping of a Person Over 16.

The next day, May 24, ICE again issued a detainer on Anchecta.

June 1, Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office again ignored ICE’s request and released Anchecta after he paid the required bail. 

On June 2, ICE decided to take matters into their own hands and arrest Anchecta before he had another chance to try and kill F.M.  ICE’s Charlotte-based Fugitive Operations Team and special agents from the Charlotte Homeland Security Investigations office located Anchecta in his vehicle and arrested him.


Also arrested in the same vehicle was 34-year-old Honduran native Rudy Aroldo Aguillar-Arevallo, who was believed to have been the second masked man involved in F.M.’s kidnapping.

The two were arrested on immigration violations. 

In the vehicle with the men were loaded firearms and extra ammunition.

It’s not hard to figure out what Anchecta planned to do with that firearm had ICE not stepped in and taken him into custody.  

Both Anchecta and Arevallo are currently in custody and face an illegal reentry charge, which comes with a maximum prison term of two years as well as a $250,000 fine.  They both also face a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm by an alien, which adds a maximum term of 10 years in prison and another $250,000 fine.

Anchecta was sentenced to seven months in prison on January 7 for the aforementioned illegal reentry charge.  He was scheduled to appear in court again today for the new charges and is said to be facing life in prison related to the federal kidnapping charge.


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